19.08 – 12.09.2015


An Exhibition of paintings by Craig Actually Smith.


Craig Smith’s paintings are the diary of an explorer, from the landscapes of popular media and strangers’ faces to the inner realm of personal memory. His works are an intuitive exploration of surface, medium, shape and colour. It is difficult to tell whether form or texture comes first in the artist’s process. For Smith, painting is a process of being lost in the moment. His intuitive, frank and direct approach to image making is central to the works’ appeal. Contact the gallery for more information.

19.09 – 10.10.2015


Autumn-Park-mixed media on paper_1500x1600mm-senyol2015_LR

Autumn Park / mixed media on paper / 1500x1600mm / Paul Senyol 2015

A solo exhibition by Paul Senyol at Gallery 2 in Johannesburg (In association with Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection). See www.gallery2.co.za for more details.

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