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02.08 – 27.08.2016

Works on paper by Hanno van Zyl.

Hanno van Zyl’s lifelong interest in illustration, comic art and graphic design drew him to study Visual Communication Design at the University of Stellenbosch. There he began to explore various roles as a commercial graphic designer, illustrator and artist. After graduating Hanno established himself as an independent creative operating from his collaborative space in Woodstock called “Only Today”. Informed by his experience as a commercial designer and illustrator he developed his practice as a fine artist.

His work explores the underbelly of everyday South-African life, by examining scenes and details often forgotten by dominant cultural narratives and popular discourse. His starkly rendered line drawings aestheticise the banal, thereby highlighting themes of social stratification, fear, economic disparity and violence.






Limited edition Zine by Hanno van Zyl and Salon Ninety One featuring an essay on PAY DIRT by Natasha Norman, images of works from the show, as well as a signed and numbered artwork. Available to buy from Salon91.

pay dirt

Limited edition Zine by Hanno van Zyl PDF Catalogue

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A solo photographic exhibition by Naima Sebe presented by SALON NINETY ONE in association with Field Office.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born to a Venda father and a German mother, my name is Naima Maleika Sebe. I entered life in the heart of Berlin, yet learnt about it in Woodstock, studied at the University of Cape Town and in NYC at Barnard College of Columbia University. A few years ago I discovered my father’s forgotten Olympus OM camera in the attic and immediately fell in love with this slow form of photography. Since then my analog camera has accompanied me on many trips around the world. I have found myself being more engaged in the present moment as I catch sight of all beautiful images around me and have gained more confidence about which of these frames in life I would like to immortalise.

“The Secret Lies Within” is based on my explorations through Turkey in 2015 which lead to many unexpected discoveries. A special thanks to Fadime Erdem for accompanying me on my trip through Turkey and showing me many places I would not have been able to see without her.