Ben Johnston

Canadian-born Ben Johnston is a 26-year old self-taught designer who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. After a brief stint in industrial design, Ben started focusing on traditional graphic design, with a preference for creating typographic illustrations from scratch. His industrial design experience gives him the ability to break the confines of 2D and 3D, enabling him to bring his designs to life. With five years’ experience in the creative industry, Ben’s portfolio includes a prolific selection of completed projects for renowned ad agencies, South African businesses and major overseas clients – being featured on various creative websites (he was recently included in 10and5’s BEST OF GRAPHIC DESIGN 2012 list) while his online presence boasts with thousands of hits on each project he uploads. His immediate future plans includes moving overseas in pursuit of exploring the creative industry abroad and exhibiting in galleries all over the world, but certainly still continuing to showcase his work back home in SA.

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