Chris Auret

Chris Auret was born in Gauteng, South Africa, during 1988. Auret moved to Cape Town with his family at the age of 11, where he has lived for most of his life. After working in the advertising industry for a short period of 2 years as an Art Director, Chris Auret decided to pursue his creative passion as an artist. His style varies from medium to medium; from paintings to photography and more. Chris enjoys mixing the media that surrounded him as Art Director and Graphic Designer, as well as, as an Artist. Pens, markers, pencil, silver and gold ink, luminous colour, as well as the usual acrylic paints, all form part of his art materials. The artist believes that a strong, simple idea can outweigh a precise execution; which means the idea also drives the medium – and ideas are ultimately what he is passionate about. In terms of his style as a painter, Auret’s focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing and striking images, using colours and brushwork that often do not make naturalistic sense to the viewer, with the aim to engage the viewer’s imagination, allowing them to piece together the painting in their mind at first glance, and then upon further inspection, to get lost in the smaller details. Chris is currently based in Palma, Spain.

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