23.01 -23.02.2019

A solo exhibition by Sarah Pratt.

Sarah Pratt’s latest solo exhibition continues to explore themes that were introduced in Migration last year. In Night and Day, nocturnal animals hang out with diurnal animals in unlikely friendships. Her titles hint at the possible gossiping that might ensue between the animal characters in Autumnor At Midnight. The series makes a stronger reference to wallpapers of the eighteenth century than her last exhibition, with a striking use of flat colour backgrounds and Art Nouveau-style decorative foliage design.

Pratt’s artistic world relishes the unlikely meeting of birds, mammals and plants separated by habit, biology and habitat. She encourages an imaginative viewing and light-hearted musings on the comical potential of her characters meeting in a two-dimensional space. In a Noah’s ark-like confrontation of personalities, one might be reminded of the meeting of early morning office commuters on the same train as nightclubbers returning home. Habitually worlds apart, such confrontations in a contained space mark a humorous crossover of incongruent realities facilitated by human-made environments.

Sarah Pratt is a Zimbabwean born artist who currently lives between Wales in the United Kingdom and Kamieskroon in South Africa’s Northern Cape. Her works communicate her own personal struggles with space and place, the loss of a beloved pet or humanity’s tenuous link with the natural world.


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