Frederick Clarke

Born 1986, he moved from Pretoria to Joburg to study Fine Arts at Wits, graduating in 2005. Thereafter he began his journey as a full time artist. Clarke currently lives, works, and exhibits from Arts on Main, in the Maboneng precinct in Joburg CBD. His space – Math Room, is a multi-creative space for living, studio work, and exhibiting (including collaborative and curated shows). Choosing to exhibit independently from big galleries, Math Room is where Clarke’s work can be seen in Joburg, and at Salon91 in Cape Town. His mixed media work includes drawing, printmaking, painting, scultpure, film, as well as music composition and production.

Although thematically and stylistically in flux, the common thread with most of the work is an engagement with allegory, metaphysics, human evolution, and universal inquisition. Much of the imagery is inspired by ancient knowledge, mathematics, and the balance of opposites. Clarke intends to remain in South Africa, continually expanding his creative output and understanding of life in general.

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