Tess Metcalf

Tess Metcalf is a Cape Town born printmaker who recently graduated with a BAFA from the Michaelis school of Fine Art. On graduating she received the Simon Gerson Award and a number of her works form a part of the permanent UCT collection as well as the Katrine Harries Print Cabinet. Working predominantly within the medium of print and drawing on the historical significance of printmaking and the role of images in the construction of knowledge, Tess Metcalf uses her work as a means of understanding her own position within an ineffably vast and uncontrollable universe. Since graduating her work has been shown on The Greatest Hits 2013: Industrial Harvest at the AVA, and she has also collaborated with Sarah Pratt on her window installation for her recent solo exhibition, Away, at Salon91 (January 2014). Infatuated by all things print Tess Metcalf currently resides and works in Cape Town as an artist, filling her spare time with the restoration of an 1880s stone lithography printing press and producing a range of her own hand printed and bound sketchbooks.


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