04.07 – 04.08.2018

A solo exhibition by Kirsten Beets

Dreamland is Kirsten Beets’ fourth solo exhibition at Salon Ninety One. Her ongoing investigation into human relationships with spaces of leisure imaginatively comments on the distancing between people and the wildness of the natural world. She playfully depicts tigers and deer in images of parks and topiaries and inserts a wry humour into her scenes of swimmers and sunbathers on flat picture planes of blue, pink and green.

Throughout her series, Beets delights in constructing safe moments of viewing and dreaming. The works are characterised by the overall feeling of a summer lethargy, which she uses to enable the sense of ‘dreamy versions of a real place.’ What Beets seems to suggest by way of her imaginative Dreamland is the possibility that a taming of place, plant and species in human leisure spaces has done little to suppress the wildness in human nature. It is in the daydreams of the artist that we are able to entertain this idea.

Included for the first time on exhibition are watercolour monotypes and ceramic sculptures. Prescribed by a playful and loose approach to the medium these works further the narrative of dreamland by being moments of intuitive creation that mirror the act of surrendering to dreaming. Her monotypes succeed in disrupting the photorealism of her oil paintings with a dream-like use of a Technicolor palette and loose marks. Her ceramic works populate the gallery like the imaginative elements in her paintings. While the majority of her oil paintings continue to play with the figure verses ground relationship, her watercolour monotypes realise a hazy sense of a reality seen through a sleep-laden memory of place.

Dreamland surprises and delights the viewer with imaginative interjections into ordinary life making the everyday a little more remarkable. Beets’ choice of subjects, medium and use of colour provokes a playful comment on spaces of leisure and an amusing look at the assumption of tameness within contemporary society.









ART TIMES |  June Edition 2018. P40 – 47


“In Conversation KIRSTEN BEETS Dreamland”




12.07 – 15.07.2018

Booth Number GH13 | Turbine Hall | Johannesburg

Salon Ninety One is a Cape Town based gallery, presenting works by emerging and established contemporary artists of all disciplines, passionate about developing a new brand of local talent. The gallery specializes in accessible contemporary South African Art, Design and illustration. Founded during 2008 by Monique du Preez, (Married name, Foord), curator and director to the space and its highly energized exhibition program. The gallery presents a selection of contemporary work ranging from painting, textile, print, drawing, and to a smaller degree photography and sculpture, with a special emphasis on collaborative projects and bridging the traditional divide between disciplines.Salon91 offers international and local collectors, as well as first-time buyers unique investment opportunities into the emerging South African art market.

Salon Ninety One will be exhibiting at the Turbine Art Fair at the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the fifth consecutive year. Visitors to the gallery’s booth, number GH13 at The RMB Turbine Art Fair 2018, can enjoy works by their regular Salon Ninety One TAF favourites such as Amber Moir, Andrew Sutherland, Black Koki, Bruce Mackay, Cathy Layzell, Georgina Berens, Kirsten Beets, Kirsten Sims, Mareli Esterhuizen, Paul Senyol, Heidi Fourie, and Zarah Cassim, to mention only a few, as well as exciting newcomers to the fair, including Chloe Townsend, Berry Meyer, Katrine Claassens, Lili Probart, Matthew Prins, NEBNIKRO, Renée Rossouw, Sarah Pratt, Tara Deacon & more. Expect to see collage, painting, photography, ceramics, monotypes, reverse glass works, and drawings, executed in a rich winter’s palette, articulated with cool midnight hues, and bursts of warm jewel colours. The space will feature large and medium sized works by the various exhibiting artists, as well as two group projects, including a collection of diminutive works. Look out for Jenna Barbe’s sculptural installation located in one of the Turbines at the fair, proudly presented by Salon Ninety One.




17.08 – 15.09.2018

A solo exhibition by Kirsten Sims

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