Donna Solovei

Donna Solovei’s playful and experimental approach to art making is also the foundation of her process of image making. Her works evoke a sense of natural spaces that is derived from real experiences in Cape Town’s natural landscape which are then translated onto surfaces back in the studio or print room. Working in multiple layers allows colour to break through forms, each aspect carefully considered to allow a harmony of vision. Her materials include paper, cloth, silk and monotype print. Surface, form and texture are evocative of the contradictory fragility and strength of natural forms be they jellyfish, lacy seaweed, sandstone boulders or the lights across a bay at sunset. Her pallete shifts according to the seasons. Solovei trained in the UK at the Chelsea College of Art and Camberwell College of Art, returning to South Africa eight years ago. She has worked in painting, drawing, three-dimensional objects and printmaking. She is currently based in Cape Town as a freelance illustrator and artist. Her interest in everyday objects, patterns and small details have led her to work with various brands, such as Standard Bank, Lalesso and other private clients. Her work and products have been exhibited in numerous countries around the globe.

2017 – AO group show, Salon91; Unforseen Curiosity at Kleinsky’s Delicatessen, Cape Town. 2015 – Golden Haze group show, Salon 91. 2014 – Home is Wherever I’m With You group exhibition, Salon 91. 2013 – The Editions Show, Salon 91. 2012 – I’d Rather Be Swimming, Salon 91. 2011 – Paste, street art exhibition, Cape Town. 2010 – Outside World Gallery, London Design Festival; Kunstbehandling exhibition, Munich; Happy Creations group exhibition, Cape Town. 2009 – Eclect Collect at London Design Fair; ‘Chewthemagazie’ publication, Cape Town. 2006 – Group Exhibition, Brick Lane, London. 2003 – Group exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, London.


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