Gerhard Human

“I get excited by narrative. Concepts that remove you from your surroundings, that instil a sense of adventure and risk.”

Gerhard Human is a contemporary artist and comic creator from Cape Town. His works function as insightful windows into the disjunct of human nature: ideas about cultural stubbornness, short-sighted idealism and ignorance resulting from a lack of compassion. He often depicts outlaws, punks and misfits defined by their shift from the expectations of the norm. He uses minimalist colour to depict these post-apocalyptic wanders in desolate environments within a variety of media. The works are not intended to be overtly provocative and Human achieves this in his subtle merger of contemporary cool gestures within a politically charged idea. He symbolically uses elements like gold and stone to reflect identifiable themes of contemporary greed, royalty and pride that he sees as endemic to the civilizing concerns of culture. Repetition and pattern are harnessed to demonstrate the cyclical nature of history. His titles inform the images, economically narrating a complex notion of identity, place and politic. Human studied Graphic Design and applied arts at the Pretoria Technicon and is currently working as creative director at the animation studio Masters and Savant. He has exhibited in galleries in South Africa, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney and is published online and in print.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – Bleeding Edge, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam; Past Futures, Salon91. 2014 – Those Who Wander, Salon91; GRAF/LIT: Urban Interiors, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town; Graphic Radicals, AMAK, Muizenberg; 2013 – Inanimate Object (Solo Show), WOLVES, Joburg; One in a Million, Salon91; The Path Less Deconstructed, M Contemporary, Sydney, Australia; 2012 – Locals Only, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town; Skateboarding is a Crime (Solo Show), Clarke’s; Inanimate Object (Solo Show), Searle Street Post.

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