Jaco Haasbroek

Jaco Haasbroek is an artist and designer with a minimalist and concept driven style, injected with an unmistakable sense of humour. He loves a good play on words and drawing faces on things. In his practice as an artist he values simplicity and a refined approach without resorting to fancy techniques. He works primarily in pen and acrylic paint on paper.

His work is generally executed in a controlled and meticulous fashion. In his recent series of contour drawings he has embraced a freedom of drawing that allows the work to evolve more spontaneously. This alternative way of drawing foregrounds objects in his domestic environment: the interior scene of his home, the album covers and film posters he likes, a shoe, camera, record player and coffee pot carefully described by a gaze, so intense, that the object comes apart.

In his contour drawings Haasbroek is dissecting the very mechanism of viewing, reminding the viewer that a drawing is a place of fiction, a series of lines on a page that through a strange semiotics becomes the image of things we consider so familiar.

Haasbroek studied Fine Arts at Stellenbosch University, receiving the Timo Smuts art prize for two consecutive years. He currently works as an Illustrator and Art Director at Made By Radio. The Good News is one of his current personal projects, whereby he makes and installs fictional Newspaper Headlines in and around Cape Town.

Exhibitions: 2018 – ‘Trees Make Forests,’ Salon91. 2013 – ‘I’d Rather Be Swimming,’ Salon91.


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