NEBNIKRO is a creative who works with many and varied three-dimensional materials. These include ceramics, beading, sewing, photography and cooking. His works evolve through a sequence of experience and skills acquisition, building an oeuvre inspired by a natural rhythm of inspiration and development. His practice is defined, like his chosen name, as a means of moving away from expectations derived from traditional thinking and defining his own identity.

NEBNIKRO demonstrates a very original approach to ceramic forms. His works appear totemic or intuitively symbolic without referencing any particular cultural tradition. The forms are paired down and organic, with a sense of the artist’s hand evident in the final product that is finished in vibrant stoneware glazes.

His inspiration is derived from the varied and curious places he situates himself in and includes architectural facades, natural landscapes, kitchen utensils, music and contemporary design. His experiences of places and things are translated directly into the medium he is working in at the time. He counts the artist David Hockney, the architect Gaudi and musicians Björk and Sevdaliza among his influences, citing their particular innovative approach to creation as the underlying reason for their appeal.

NEBNIKRO is currently completing his second year of studies in Fine Art at UCT’s Michaelis School. He has exhibited at Chandler House Art Gallery, collaborated with The Carnation magazine and been featured in The Lake and Elle Magazines. Earlier this year he held his first a solo show of ceramics at AKJP Collective.


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