Renee Rossouw

Renee Rossouw is an artist, designer and architect working across many creative spheres. Her artworks are characterized by a love of geometric shapes and graphic, bold colour. Over the years she has amassed a personal library of collected and abstracted shapes and patterns. These are derived primarily from the South African urban landscape: the skylines, buildings and other urban details that catch her eye.

Her process of creating is characterised by an inventive playfulness. A childhood love of 1980s Lego sets and national flags continues to inform an imaginative composing of collected shapes and line. Her image library is stored in sketchbooks, on studio walls and in plastic boxes such that her works reflect an ongoing investigation of nature’s “language of geometries.” Each individual element in her work holds an infinite variation of meaning which unfolds in the final relationship between shape and colour.

Rossouw primarily works in mixed media. She enjoys an opportunity to make something new from something existing such as old linocut blocks which are combined with carved wooden elements, charcoal and paint. She is particularly inspired by the traditional materials of South African artists and looks to work with linocut, woodblocks and drawing charcoal in contemporary ways.

Rossouw’s practice is characterised by an exploration of the dimensions of the natural world and the particular environments of South Africa.  She is currently a lecturer at UCT’s School of Architecture. She obtained her Masters in architecture in 2009 and was selected to do a Master’s in product design at European Design Labs, Madrid. She has colaborated with IKEA (2017), participated in the Venice Biennale (2006) and won numerous awards and recognition for her design.

Selected Exhibitions and awards: 2018 – ‘Skrif’ at Woordfes, Stellenbosch; ‘Geon’ at World Art Gallery, Cape Town. 2017 – ‘Hour Work’ at Voorkamer Gallery; ‘Abstract’ at Younglood Gallery; ‘Folly’ at Smithstudio, Cape Town. 2016 – ‘Simboliek’ (solo) at Voorkamer Gallery; ‘Sketch’ at Smithstudio, Cape Town; ‘Between Stars and Tracks’ at The Project Room, Namibia. 2015 – ‘Two’ at Smithstudio, Cape Town; OppikoppiMusic Festival’s Resident Artist of the Year; Best Product Design2015 for 100% Design South Africa Awards. 2014 – “Stackable Storage Tower” nominated for MBOISA award for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. 2013 – “In Good Company” at the Irma Stern Museum, curated by Michael Chandler. 2012 – Selected as one of Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africansto watch; IN&OUT exhibition, Moscow Design Week.2011 – Just Mad Art Fair, Madrid; Winner of the DFA My Town Short Film & Documentary Competition.2008 – ‘The Peepshow,’ Emerging Creative at Cape Town Design Indaba.


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