FATHOMS | A two-person show featuring PAUL SENYOL and LINSEY LEVENDALL

17.05 – 17.06.2017

“Themes of loss and joy, and particularly, finding these in one another, form the basis of the thought and processes behind the works produced for Fathoms. Floral motifs, patterns and abstractions become the dominant references and departure points for each of the paintings. These are then remixed into each work, moving from one painting to the next, working several canvases at once. As time passes, each work reveals another layer on the journey. Flowers at once represent beauty and fragility. A cut flower, for instance, will only last a brief while before fading. The use of the flower as subject and dominant motif within this series of paintings functions as a metaphor for the passing of time and of life in general. Flowers are given and received at times of both joy and sadness, as signs of celebration, symbolising new hope and life, as well as gestures of compassion and remembrance. Fathoms explores the opposite ends of these situations and circumstances. This is a very personal body of work, close to heart and home, and very self-reflective. In some senses the paintings act as a form of meditation and narrative during a time of reflection, exploring the heights and depths of this season."

- Paul Senyol, 2017


Heidi Fourie collection of Monotypes

Heidi Fourie has recently produced a collection of Monotypes in association with Salon Ninety One and Warren Editions.

There is a beautiful collection of both framed and unframed works available from Salon Ninety One as part of our Oracle exhibition.

Please contact 021-424-6930 with any enquiries.

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