KIRSTEN SIMS at the Alison Milne Gallery in Toronto, Canada

Salon Ninety One gallery artist KIRSTEN SIMS is currently having her second solo exhibition, titled, CLOSED FOR THE SEASON, at the Alison Milne Gallery in Toronto, Canada.



ARTIST STATEMENT | ‘Closed for the Season’ is a visual exploration of my time doing an artist’s residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands. I arrived from South Africa in mid-October at a time when the island was just starting to shut down for the season. At home in Cape Town, our seasonal changes aren’t as obvious and I have loved watching and feeling the transition happening around me here. It is especially obvious on the Island where it is clear that a summer has just happened here: closed amusement parks, empty pools, abandoned beach balls, a lost flip-flop. I decided to use the ‘ghosts of summer past’ as my point of departure for this body of work and have collected visual references from my adventures around the Island and the city over the past few weeks. As always in my work, the themes are as varied as the weather and my mood, and range from skinny-dipping to sunsets, sailboats and shindigs.  – Kirsten Sims, October 2018


The exhibition will be on view from the 14th of November until the 22nd of December 2018. Please contact the Alison Milne Gallery for further information:


The Wavescape Art Board Project has been raising awareness and funds for ocean related charities since 2005. Run by the Wavescape Festival, each year, artists are invited to turn signature surfboards into works of art for an exhibition that ends with an auction. Salon Ninety One is proud to announce participating gallery artists Paul Senyol, Kirsten Beets and Andrew Sutherland



This year’s exhibition and auction night will be presented by Jack Black Beer, with support from the South African PET Plastic Recycling Company, Cape Town and Western Cape Film and Media Promotion (a division of Wesgro), Long Beach Capital, York, Gone, & Mami Wata. The Main beneficiaries of the project are the NSRI, Shark Spotters, 9 Miles Project, Adaptive Surfing South Africa, Ocean Pledge and the Beach Co-op. Contributing artists have included Asha Zero, Jake Aikman, Sanell Aggenbach, Andrew Whitehouse, Willie Bester, Conrad Botha, Beezy Bailey, Wim Botha, Guy Tillim, Brett Murray, Conn Bertish, Kirsten Sims, Justin Fiske, Roger Ballen, Peter Eastman, Richard Scott, Gabby Raaff, ND Mazin, Mikhael Subotsky, Richard Hart, Anton Kannemeyer, Peter van Straten, Kim Longhurst, Scott Robertson, Zapiro, Chip Snaddon, Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, Varenka Paschke, Osnat de Villiers & more. These and many other artists have kindly donated their time and talent to make the ArtBoard Project a success.

The exhibition will be open for viewing from 10am until 5pm daily from the 20thof November and will run until the 28thof November. On the 28thdoors open at 6pm and the auction will start at 7:30pm. Venue: The Jack Black Tap Room, 10 Brigid Road, Diep River. Call 021 205 1991 or visit for more info.

View the full auction catalogue here:

Kirsten Sims participating in an Art Exhibition Fundraiser

Kirsten Sims will be participating in an Art Exhibition Fundraiser hosted in aid of ROAR for PAWS Animal Welfare in conjunction with CVC Envirovet.

All the funds raised from this one-night exhibition will go towards a sterilization programme & the medical treatment of domestic animals in the Western Cape. The event will be taking place at Christopher Moller gallery just around the corner from Salon Ninety One. The event will run from 5:30 until 9PM on the 7th of June 2018.

R49500 in the name of the Peninsula School Feeding Association

Salon Ninety One would like to thank all our generous clients who supported us in purchasing work from the Trees Make Forests end-of-year charity exhibition. We would also like to make a special mention of all the Artists who participated in the show:

Amber Moir
Andrew Sutherland
Berry Meyer
Black Koki
Carla Kreuser
Cathy Layzell
Donna Solovei
Gabrielle Raaff
Georgina Berens
Gerhard Human
Hanien Conradie
Heidi Fourie
Jaco Haasbroek
Jade Klara
Jeanne Hoffman
Katrine Claassens
Kirsten Beets
Kirsten Lilford
Kirsten Sims
Lara Feldman
Maaike Bakker
Mareli Esterhuizen
Maria Lebedeva
Matthew Prins
Maximillian Goldin
Mieke Van Der Merwe
Natasha Norman
Paul Senyol
Peter Claassens
Sean Gibson
Zarah Cassim

Your hard work and generosity has enabled us to raise R49500 in the name of the Peninsula School Feeding Association. The funds raised from Trees Make Forests will enable the PSFA to provide 110 learners affected by poverty that attend Stormont Madubela Primary in Nyanga, with two daily nutritious meals for an entire year! This goes to show that we can all come together to make a difference like trees becoming a forest.


Paul Senyol and Linsey Levendall recently collaborated on an exhibition called FATHOMS. They also managed to find the time to complete a colourful and inspiring mural for the children at Garlandale Primary.

Salon Ninety One and The Bookery have joined forces to support this school and its library. Ten percent of all sales made during the Stellar group exhibition was donated to this project. We would like to thank the artists, Paul, Linsey, and everyone who was part of the Stellar show, as well as Bryan Viljoen Photography for their generosity and kindness.

The Sunflower Fund | Thank you note!

Paul Senyol
Paul Senyol

We would like to thank Salon Ninety One Artist Paul Senyol for his incredibly generous contribution to the Sunflower Fund Charitable Gala held in association with KLUK CGDT. The Artist recently donated this beautiful mixed media on paper work titled, Yielding. We were extremely pleased to learn that the painting fetched an impressive sum on auction, which will result in 14 new donors being registered onto the SABMR.


The Sunflower Fund educates and registers stem cell donors, raise funds to cover the recruitment costs to grow an effective, ethnically diverse South African Bone Marrow Registry of healthy committed donors. For further information please see contact below:

Rasheda Van Den Hurk
Western Cape Events & PR Specialist
Tel: (021) 701-0661 / Cell: 079 898 8343 / Toll Free: 0800 12 10 82



09.09 – 11.09.2016


Salon Ninety One will be participating in the FNB Joburg Art Fair from the 9th until the 11th of September 2016. This year the gallery will be presenting a curated solo exhibition of works by Andrzej Urbanski.

Visitors to the Salon Ninety One Booth can expect to see Urbanski’s signature large-scale abstract Canvases, composed of shimmering optically bending spaces in jewel-like hues, complimented by the minimalism, strong lines and illusory play between the planes and shadows of the Artist’s metal Sculptures.

Since its inception, Salon91 has remained dedicated to serving as a platform for the development of young / upcoming South African artists, and more recently a small percentage of international artists. A number of young artists exhibiting with the gallery have proven to excel in their respective fields, showing considerable growth and appreciation over the years. The impressive positive trajectory of Andrzej Urbanski’s career over the last three years of exhibiting with Salon91 bears testament to the gallery’s mission, rendering a solo showing by the artist a highly appropriate representation of the gallery and its work at this important African Art Fair.

Andrzej Urbanski
Andrzej Urbanski

Andrzej Urbanski – FNB Joburg Art Fair Collection

Text by Natasha Norman

Andrzej Urbanski creates large, shimmering, optically bending spaces inspired by the textures, colours and sensations of 21st century living. His paintings and sculptures are a translation of the digital image into the art object. Forms are inspired by the architectural squares, triangles and hexagons of today’s contemporary built environment. His abstraction of these elements on the canvas refers to the shape and colour of media, fashion and cellphone app technology. His is a digital formalism in direct response to the often fleeting, colourful, digital imaging on screen and street.

The street runs deeply in his blood. The many years as an undergraduate Communication and Design student in the very newly de-walled Berlin was a time of full-time devotion to graffiti. After Urbanski had converted his undergraduate diploma into a degree and set off to accept an offer at the coveted University for Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, he began to pursue a more traditional form of painting full-time. Coming from a design and communication training, Urbanski puts these skills in direct dialogue with the art historical weight of painting and sculpture.

He has always loved the great master painters. The art historical inspirations of Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Franz Akerman, Trevor Coleman and Bridget Riley are reimagined through his work with a contemporary relevance: he recognises the current field of aesthetic experience as one facing an absence of reality where the ‘real’ retreats ever further behind the interactive screen of new media. His response to this is a rebellious appropriation of the materiality of the spraycan as paint on canvas. He employs an empathetic abstraction of Modernist architecture and appropriates the formal planes of mass culture and architecture in a carefully crafted pastiche of art historical movements with clear references to the Minimalist concerns of Sol LeWitt in machine-like aesthetic finishes.

The works you see before you are a testament to the German philosopher and art historian, Wilhelm Worringer’s assertion that abstract art is not a withdrawal from the world but a direct engagement with it. There is a ‘truth to production’ in the numerical titling of his paintings based upon production processes. Breaking with the traditional confines of the frame (square or rectangular), his latest works fracture the security of the picture plane where compositional forms misshape the canvas edge. Such an idea makes particular reference to Cubism and Brutalist Architecture.

His process connects both to a family history of artisanal skill and a desire to question the aesthetic of the machine. Just because something looks digital, doesn’t mean it was made by a machine. It is the tiny imperfections, the strange stray of the spraycan or the scar of the taped line that remind us of Urbanski’s hand-made and hands-on involvement in the work’s production. His meticulous attention to form, materials and precision belie a rare artistic skill born from a personal desire to be “better then the machine.”


Andrzej Urbanski is a Polish-German painter & sculptor who resides in South Africa. His most recent solo exhibition was titled Mindgame, presented by Salon91 during March 2015. The Artist has been represented by the gallery at the Cape Town Art Fair (2013; 2014; 2015; 2016) and at the Turbine Art Fair (2014; 2015; 2016). During May this year he exhibited alongside American artist Tahiti Person at Salon91 in an exhibition titled, Paths (May 2016).

Visit Salon91 at Booth #17 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. For more information and enquiries please contact Salon91 on 021-424-6930.


14 – 17.07.2016


TAF2016 - VIP invitation 07.06.16 1

The Turbine Art Fair has become an important event on the SA Arts Calendar, presenting rare and crucial opportunities to collectors and artists alike. This Fair remains true to its intention to promote emerging talent as well as to nurture a new collectors base, resonating with the core philosophy of Salon Ninety One. Since its inception in 2008, Salon Ninety One has served as a platform for both emerging and established South African artists of all disciplines to gain exposure through sharing their creativity and vision. This year Salon Ninety One will be exhibiting at the Turbine Art Fair, booth GH14, for the third consecutive year to bring accessible, affordable contemporary art from Cape Town to both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers.

The artists exhibiting with Salon Ninety One have all excelled in their respective fields, with their names quickly gaining recognition across South Africa and abroad. Artists who embody the gallery’s signature style and the astounding growth and promise of local talent. The gallery will be representing the following artists at the fair: Andrew Sutherland, Andrzej Urbanski, Cathy Layzell, Heidi Fourie, Kirsten Beets, Kirsten Sims, Linsey Levendall, Paul Senyol, Tahiti Pehrson and Unathi Mkonto. Visitors to the Salon Ninety One booth can expect to see a diverse, and visually rich collection of illustration and painting ranging from abstract landscapes and geometric shapes to detailed portraiture, as well as selected sculptural works.

Salon Ninety One aims to delight audiences by subtly introducing the outdoors to the gallery space, with a carefully curated group of artists, each making a refreshing contribution to their discipline. Traces of street art are evident in Senyol’s colourful canvases and Levendall’s portraits, while Mkonto’s mechanical shapes, Pehrson’s geometric hand-cut paper works and Urbanski’s digital formalism recall elements of architecture. The abstract landscapes of Sutherland, Layzell and Fourie, alongside the natural environments depicted by Beets’ enchanting greenhouses and beach scenes and Sims’ whimsical garden parties further transport the viewer.

The Turbine Art Fair will be on view at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg between 14-17 July 2016.





























Links related to this exhibit:




“STELLAR” an incredible success

PAUL SENYOL. New Beginnings, 2015. Mixed media on wood. 1300x1220mm. Block-mounted
PAUL SENYOL. New Beginnings, 2015. Mixed media on wood. 1300x1220mm. Block-mounted

Dear Collectors, Friends & Artists.

We would like to thank you for making STELLAR the incredible success that it has been.
Your hard work, enthusiasm & support is invaluable to us. Please note that we need to take the exhibition down a bit sooner than planned. Instead of concluding on Saturday the 23rd of January, the exhibition will conclude today, 20 January at 6pm. We will start to wrap up the exhibition tomorrow. All the artworks are listed online. Should you have any enquiries or wish to view any of the pieces from STELLAR please contact the gallery on 021-424-6930 and we will gladly assist. Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused, but we need to perform some routine annual maintenance to the gallery space. A fresh year of exciting new shows, calls for fresh pristine walls!


06.12.14 – 17.01.15


‘Golden Haze – End of year group salon in aid of the Sunflower Fund. Accessible, affordable artwork across a broad range of mediums by emerging and established local creatives.

(DECEMBER 2014 – JANUARY 2015)


A HUGE THANK YOU to all the generous participating artists, especially Dani Loureiro, who did all the design work for the show & as well as to our supportive clients. Thank you for everyone’s generosity, hard work & patience. The funds raised by the GOLDEN HAZE show in aid of THE SUNFLOWER FUND will pay for 10 tissue type tests!


For availability of works please enquire with us at the gallery / 021-424-6930

The Salon91 Team
& The Sunflower Fund



During February 2014, we were blessed to host a solo exhibition by Tahiti Pehrson. While the artist and his travel companion were in Cape Town, they filmed part of a documentary on Tahiti’s career as artist and his passion for skateboarding, as well as the ways in which people are universally connected, hence the name of his solo exhibition, Connectivity. Watch the beautifully crafted trailer here, which features music by Bilderberg Motel.

Thank you Adrian Day of Baseline.

Andrzej Urbanski

Andrzej Urbanski recently completed these two vibrant murals on the Sea Point promenade as part of the art54 mural art project.

Andrzej Urbanski2

Andrzej Urbanski1


Andrzej Urbanski recently completed this beautiful column mural at the British Airways SLOW Lounge at the Cape Town International Airport.


Andrzej Urbanski4 Andrzej Urbanski3


17 – 20.07.14


Salon91 at Turbine Art Fair
Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection will be participating in the Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg between 17 – 20 July 2014.
Find us at Stand A21.

Exhibiting Artists include:

Paul Senyol
Gabrielle Raaff
Swain Hoogervorst
Andrew Sutherland
Dani Loureiro
Andrzej Urbanski
Mia Chaplin

Artist Bios:


Salon91 | Stand A21
#TAF14 | #turbineartfair |


27.02 – 02.03.2014



Salon91 will be participating in the second Cape Town Art Fair this February.



Salon91 is proud to be represented by:

Paul Senyol
Andrzej Urbanski
Elsabe Milandri
Neill Wright
Nelson Makamo
Maria van Rooyen
Gabrielle Raaff
Galia Gluckman
Tahiti Pehrson
& Swain Hoogervorst

At the Cape Town Art Fair later this week.


Salon91 will be taking part in the Cape Town Art Fair


Salon91 will be participating in Cape Town’s first Art Fair which takes place next week from 25 -27 October at THE LOOKOUT in the V&A Waterfront. Visit us at stands M16 & M17.

The fair presents a great selection of emerging and established local art and bridges the divide between art and design. The CT Art fair will have a wonderfully positive impact on the Cape Town Art scene itself and will certainly heighten international awareness, regard and interest in Cape Town and our wealth of creative talent.

Over 40 galleries and 130 artists will be exhibiting work from the full spectrum of media. Wanted Business Day Magazine will be presenting an installation of new video works, curated by Gary Cotterell, featuring some of SA’s most exciting contemporary artists namely; Mikhael Subotzky, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Barend de Wet, Khanyisile Mgongwe, Kudzanai Chiurai and Cameron Platter. Cape Town curator and critic, Andrew Lamprecht will be curating the featured artist space. Land and environmental artist Strijdom Van Der Merwe has been commissioned to make a site-specific work for the fair and the list goes on.

Salon91 will be showcasing a fantastic selection of our artists works, covering all our favorite disciplines from painting to illustration to sculpture. From large scale abstract works to precious gems like small illustrations, incredibly affordable prints, reverse glass paintings, contemporary watercolours, tactile collage works, typography, timeless monochrome works, playfully political sculptures & more.

We would love you to visit us at the fair, but for those of you who are not in Cape Town and cannot make this event, please visit the gallery of works on display at the Salon91 CTAF stand on our Facebook page or website later this week.

Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery for more details 021-424-6930 or
or alternatively visit:



press release

Radio Interview – Katrin Coetzer

There will be an interview with Katrin Coetzer, whose solo exhibition is currently showing at Salon91 on Bush Radio on Monday 6th of April at 3pm.


11.04 – 25.05.2013

Paul Senyol who is represented by Salon91 is currently showing at Word of Art Gallery.

Senyo Wesley Exhibition

Rocky Shore clean up a great success

Photographer: Desiree Schirlinger

001 Rocky Shore Clean Up


Kalk Bay to Muizenberg beach clean up on held Sunday 14 April

11 times South African freediving record holder, Hanli Prinsloo of the I Am Water Trust in collaboration with Salon 91 Contemporary Art Collection, organized a well-supported beach clean-up along the rocky shore from Kalk Bay to Muizenberg on Sunday 14 April. The I Am Water beach clean up which forms a part of the SAMSA SEA Pledge Saldanha to Sodwana Tour, not only made that stretch of coastline more appealing to the people that live there, but also saved the lives of countless fish, mammals and birds that call the ocean their home.

002 Rocky Shore Clean Up

The usual Sunday strollers expressed great appreciation for the teams efforts for removing the well-hidden and lodged rubbish which was stuck between the rocks.

“Like so many of you, I am so proud to live here, so thank you for helping to keep our home clean!” said Prinsloo to the gathered troops. Monique Du Preez, the gallery director for Salon 91, joined the fight armed with her bright blue rubbish bag and matching rubber gloves. “Every year in December we chose a local charity to support with profits made from an appropriately themed exhibition at the gallery,” explained Du Preez, “We chose to support I Am Water last year, their work with teaching underprivileged children how to swim as well as their dugong project really appealed to us, we were proud to have raised just over R20 000 for them.”

Joining in the clean-up were also representatives from the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST), an Eastern Cape based charity that along with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) are currently on the SAMSA SEA Pledge Saldanha to Sodwana Tour. For four weeks the team will be touring South Africa’s coast line and spreading the word of coastal conservation to everyone from young school children to the various mayors and dignitaries along the way.

003 Rocky Shore Clean Up

Supported by Hanli and the I Am Water trust, the SST will be holding various educational beach activities for children and adults of all ages to partake in at 15 stops along our coastline. Members of the public are encouraged to join in and make their very own SEAPledge, a written or verbal promise about how they plan on making a difference to our oceans – even committing to arrange one of their own beach clean ups.

“We need to pick up all this plastic or else the sea creatures will eat it and die,” explained seven year old Miles Dickering as he bagged another discarded plastic water bottle. A perfectly accurate statement, as more than 100 000 marine creatures a year are found dead due to plastic entanglement. Aside from this, approximately one million sea birds fall victim to ingesting plastic.

“Plastic never really biodegrades,” said beach cleaner and environmental educator Jacklyn Stephenson, “It just gets smaller and smaller, where it causes even more damage by entering the fish’s gills, getting filtered by mussels , eaten by birds and much more. We’re messing up the ecosystem that’s keeping us alive.”

“We would like to thank the City of Cape Town and Solid Waste Management for their support supplying the large blue rubbish bags and for removing over 50 bags of rubbish collected off the rocks by our team,” commented Prinsloo.

I Am Water, SST and Salon 91 all share the same vision of wanting protected and cared for coastlines and oceans. The simple act of picking up a rogue plastic bag could mean the difference between life and death for a sea creature just metres away from you.

Please visit to learn about the work done by Hanli and her team and to learn more about the coastal tour.


Paul Senyol’s new body of work.

Paul Senyol (Represented by SALON91) has just completed an all-new beautiful body of work. These pieces will be on view at A WORD OF ART from this Thursday. Paul will be exhibiting alongside Wesley van Eeden in an exhibition titled ‘Transformative’. Please contact Salon91 for a catalogue of available works.

Senyo Wesley Exhibition


wreath_beach clean up

During December and January Salon91 hosted the ‘I’d rather be swimming’ group exhibition in association with the I AM WATER ocean conservation trust.Salon91 and its artists donated 10% of all sales of artworks to the I AM WATER conservation trust. Part of the proceeds will go towards a beach clean-up project and the rest will be put to excellent use in supporting their other amazing projects – see:

The exhibition was a huge success and we would like to extend a big thank you to all the artists and people who supported the show by purchasing works. We also would like to invite any ocean & / art lovers to be a part of the beach clean up project…


The rocks along the boardwalk from Kalk Bay to Muizenberg tend to pick up a lot of trash, which is extremely harmful to the environment and marine life, so join us on SUNDAY 14 APRIL to hop, skip and jump along the rocks, keeping our ocean clean!

Meet at Kalk Bay Reef Parking Lot on Main Road (next to the Kalk Bay Garden Shop) at 9 am. City of Cape Town SOLID WASTE are supplying clean-up bags, so just bring your family, friends, sun block or rain coat whatever the weather, walking shoes and ocean love!

We will finish in Muizenberg around 11 and either walk or take the train back to the parking lot in Kalk Bay!

See you in Kalk Bay!

Hanli, Monique and the I AM WATER/ SALON 91 Teams!



12 – 25.10.2012

A two-man ‘live art’ show by Paul Senyol & Augustine Kofie

Proudly presented by The Lovell Gallery in association with Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection

Venue: The Lovell Gallery, Woodstock
139 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Co-curated by Tamzin Lovell Miller, Brendon van Kraayenbug & Monique du Preez


This October The Lovell Gallery & Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection join forces to present GATHER an exhibition by visual artists Augustine Kofie & Paul Senyol, whose works grace the streets and galleries of LA and Cape Town, respectively. GATHER will include works by the individual artists in their signature styles, collaborative works by Senyol & Kofie, as well as a true pièce de résistance, a historic racing Porsche 911, which will be transformed into an object of art inside the gallery as part of this exhibition.

Augustine Kofie (born 1973) is a self-taught artist living and working in Los Angeles.  He has exhibited extensively worldwide with seminal shows in New York, California, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The artist has been featured in Juxtapoz, The Huffington Post, LA Weekly, Project Room and Studio Voice. Kofie is internationally renowned for his awe-inspiring technical skills, employed to create his unique abstract compositions, characterized by simple geometric shapes, exact lines & smooth colour – complex yet elegant and in a league of their own.

Paul Senyol (born 1980) has been drawing and painting since his early high school years, however never pursuing any form of artistic training. Graffiti and street artists such as Marc Gonzales, Ed Templeton, and Barry McGee have all been major influences in his work, and in later years, the artistic genius of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Cy Twombly. The absence of formal training has given the artist the freedom to break away from traditional notions of painting, to explore a variety of genres and styles, and to meld mediums, allowing him a creative freedom that flows so evidently through his works. Senyol’s art lingers gracefully and intentionally between beauty and honesty and brings a surreal, yet abstract world into being. Geometry, line, shape, composition, typography, abstraction and colour form the key elements in his work. Senyol has exhibited extensively throughout South Africa and has shown in a number of exhibitions in Europe. He currently works from a studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, and is represented by Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection.

Kofie and Senyol have both succeeded in developing their own unique abstract- & street- inspired artistic identities without any formal training. Process, balance, geometry, layering and typography are common elements, which link these artists’ works together. The pairing of Kofie and Senyol’s practice in GATHER results in a richly diverse visual dialogue and outcome, coexisting beautifully and harmoniously within the gallery space. GATHER further invites the viewer to be witness to the art-making process of two original contemporary street- and fine-artists in their own right. A world-class exhibition not to be missed!

Genre: Street Art, Abstraction; Medium: Mixed media




Installation photographs:

Images are by Gregor Rohrig





The Lovell Gallery:

Contact Person: Brendon van Kraayenburg
084 627 2951 / 021-447-5918
139 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town


Press release: Greenpop



Thank you Salon 91 and all contributing Artists

In December 2011 and January 2012 the Art venue Salon 91 hosted a group exhibition called “If You Let Yourself Love A Wild Thing”, which raised R100 for every artwork sold.

We really appreciated the opportunity since the possibility of social change lays in the involvement of a diversity of different supporters: with the artists’ and the venue’s help we managed to reach a different audience to be included in our mission and all of them are an enriching contribution to our aim, thank you!

Thanks to Salon 91 for making this possible, it was an amazing exhibition and please extend a huge thanks to all the artists involved:

Lyndi Sales, Frank van Reenen, Elsabe Milandri, Andrew Sutherland, Jean de Wet, Lara Feldman, Paul Senyol, Daniel Popper, Daniella Mooney, Jade Waller, Simon Berndt, Colijn Strydom, Katherine Bull, Candice Jezek, Marsi van de Heuvel, Tamsin Relly, Mieke van der Merwe, Cassandra Johnson, Zelda Weber, Katrin Coetzer, Maya Marshak, Jade Klara, Linsey Levendall, Maria Lebedeva, Cynthia Edwards, Kirsten Beets, Justin Southey, Neill Wright, Suzanne Duncan, Katrine Claassens, Atang Tshikare, Wessel Snyman, Abigail Heyneke, Elise Wessels,Jaco Haasbroek, Lucinda Mudge, Lorraine Loots, Bruce Mackay, Studio Muti and more.


Elle Decoration Issue 85 – Illustrator Mieke van der Merwe: jet.set.go



Mieke van der Merwe is an illustrator who wanders around the world, drawing as she goes. Since graduating from Stellenbosch in 2010, she’s tried to cover as much ground as possible, having walked her heels flat in Hong Kong, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam and Cambodia. One of the things she loves most about going walkabout is experiencing new things and recording them in her journal.




The Heat is on


Last month three of our artists Paul Senyol, Jade Klara and Bruce Mackay participated in “The Heat is on” an exhibition in association with Econoheat at The Street in Joburg.



Walkabout with Niklas Zimmer at Salon91

Join us for a walkabout with Niklas Zimmer Saturday 23 June 2012 at 11am
Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection, 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

‘Into the Night’ by Niklas Zimmer is a collection of long-exposure, film-based photographs taken at night in Cape Town. In this series of nudes, still lifes and cityscapes, Niklas Zimmer has used the night and the process of photographing with long exposures as an allegorical backdrop for a politics of personal path-finding through ambivalent terrains of consciousness. Curated by Jacqueline Nurse.

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