06.12.2013 – 25.01.2014


Home is wherever I’m with you – A large-scale group show by Salon91s favourite artists! Expect to see accessible, affordable work across a broad range of mediums by emerging local creatives. This festive season Salon91 will donate a percentage of the profits raised from the show to the Ithemba Labantwana Children’s Home.

The show will run until 25 January 2014.

Participating Artists:

Donna Solovei
Syndi Kahn
Olivie Keck
Lucie De Moyencourt
Lara Feldman
Ben Winfield
Lauren Fowler
Charisse Gardiner
Leanne Shakenovsky
Paul Senyol
Kirsten Sims
Tyrrel Thaysen
Christi du Toit
Claudette Maskell
Swain Hoogervoorst
Mieke van der Merwe
Mia Chaplin
Philippa Green
Kirsten Beets
Jade Klara
Candice Ježek
Motel 7
Elsabe Milandri
Bruce Mackay
Rikus Ferreira
Sarah Pratt
Matthew Oldfield
Gabrielle Raaff
Galia Gluckman
Hello Mr Frank (Frank Conradie)
Ludwich Olivier
Katrine Claassens
Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Gerhard Human
Caroline Mackintosh
Katrin Coetzer
Cynthia Edwards
Zelda Weber
Arnelle Woker
Jean de Wet
Elmarie van Straten
Dani Loureiro
Andrzej Urbanski
Andrew Sutherland
Adrie le Roux
Lorenzo Nassimbeni
Candace Di Talamo
Maaike Bakker
Nina Torr
Lale Guralp
Maria Lebedeva
Christopher Denovan
Christiaan Conradie
Tanja Deman
Peter Mammes
& More…





25 – 27.10.2013


The fair presents a great selection of emerging and established local art and bridges the divide between art and design. The CT Art fair will have a wonderfully positive impact on the Cape Town Art scene itself and will certainly heighten international awareness, regard and interest in Cape Town and our wealth of creative talent.

Over 40 galleries and 130 artists will be exhibiting work from the full spectrum of media. Wanted Business Day Magazine will be presenting an installation of new video works, curated by Gary Cotterell, featuring some of SA’s most exciting contemporary artists namely; Mikhael Subotzky, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Barend de Wet, Khanyisile Mgongwe, Kudzanai Chiurai and Cameron Platter. Cape Town curator and critic, Andrew Lamprecht will be curating the featured artist space. Land and environmental artist Strijdom Van Der Merwe has been commissioned to make a site-specific work for the fair and the list goes on.



13.11 – 30.11.2013



Solo Exhibition – Nelson Makamo.


Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection proudly presents Intermixed with my realities and feelings, a solo exhibition by Johannesburg-based young rising talent and investment artist, Nelson Makamo, a highly skilled painter, printmaker and draughtsman. The exhibition will feature a combination of oil painting, watercolour, silkscreen & monotype print, charcoal as well as pen and ink drawings varying from dramatic monochrome to richly emotive coloured works. Key themes informing Makamo’s practice include the city of Johannesburg with its dizzying dynamism, portraiture, the narrative of the artist’s personal history – an unpolitical archive of personal experience, as well as themes of migration, urbanization, idenity, masquerade and the transition from childhood to adulthood. Makamo ultimately strives to communicate a universal experience, which viewers can relate to and access through his artwork.

Nelson Makamo, was born in 1982, in the small town of Nylstroom (now Modimolle), Limpopo province. Makamo moved to Johannesburg to join the Artist Proof Studio in January 2003 where he studied for three years and worked for another two years at the gallery and as curator. During 2005 he was awarded a bursary from Johnson and Johnson and the Pinpointone Human Resources Scholarship. The artist has exhibited in an impressive number of group and solo exhibitions in South Africa, France, Italy, America, The Netherlands and Scotland. His first solo exhibition, Walk with Me, was held at the Obert Contemporary Gallery in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. During 2006 Makamo exhibited alongside some of South Africa’s most established artists such as David Koloane, Colbert Mashile, Deborah Bell and William Kentridge in a group exhibition titled Ten Years of Printmaking: David Krut Print Studio. Nelson participated in a group exhibition at Salon91 in Cape Town, titled Figuring Difference during 2012, curated by Andrew Lamprecht. Makamo’s art is housed in the corporate collections of Standard Chartered, Telkom, City of Johannesburg, Unisa, Matasis Investment Holdings and Obert Gallery. Private local investors, as well as famous international personalities, such as fashion mogul Georgio Armani and musician Annie Lenox, also form part of his collectors. Some recent achievements include being named Art South Africa’s Seventh Bright Young Thing and winning the Klipdrift Gold Artists Award, as well as participating in the Venice Biennale. Makamo currently works as a fulltime artist from his studio in The City of Gold.







16.10 – 9.11.2013

ARTTIMES BANNER_the witching hour.indd

Two Person Exhibition – Candice Ježek & Jade Klara.

The Witching Hour is an exploration of the magical and secret spaces of the world. Artists Candice Ježek and Jade Klara use a whimsical and powerfully feminine style to create rich narratives of unexpected yet somehow familiar themes. Expressed through various mediums of painting, sculpture, and print, they aim to move the viewer to a place of both sweetness and sorrow. The witching hour is a visually stimulating, diverse and powerful showing of the reflections of these two artists’ lives.


The Witching Hour will run at Salon91 from 16 October – 9 November.
It will feature the lovely Jade Klara and Candice Ježek  [aka Ž].
The Show will open on WEDNESDAY EVENING 16 October 2013 at 18h30.

The show promises in one word to be ENCHANTING…

Portrait of Candice
Portrait of Candice
Portrait of Jade
Portrait of Jade





Interview: Candice Ježek -The Witching Hour


cattie from Monique du Preez on Vimeo.

The Witching Hour short animation of a girl in the wind by Jade Klara for art exhibition at Salon91 in Cape Town, South Africa from Monique du Preez on Vimeo.

Artworks: Candice Ježek

Artworks: Jade Klara

Artworks: Collaborations by Candice Ježek and Jade Klara

Exhibition view – The Witching Hour


21.09 – 12.10.2013



Two Person Exhibition – Andrzej Urbanski & Paul Senyol.

There is a beautiful synergy that exists between Paul Senyol & Andrzej Urbanski’s paintings. A VACANT PASSAGE is the story of two artists traveling and leaving behind remnants and legacies, told and expressed through powerful & uniquely abstracted artworks. Andrzej Urbanski [Pol/Ger] and Paul Senyol [Zar] first met during Urbanski’s residency in Cape Town in June of 2012. Soon they began to discover the many similarities, which exist across their individual artistic practices and approaches, even though the execution of their work differs radically.

 A VACANT PASSAGE presents an all-new body of work from Urbanski and Senyol respectively, as well as some collaborative pieces, all of which relate to their history and the common happenings of the years when both artists’ families experienced the repercussions of The Second World War. The works on exhibition reference a time and a place, which no longer exist. Both artists having experienced this particular location in a different context, come together to seek out and construct a narrative from the puzzle pieces of a past, which neither has any actual recollection of, other than a shoebox filled with photos, newspaper clippings, essays as well as stories handed down from generation to generation. To the artists, Germany is a vacant place, Poland is a vacant place, and some day, South Africa too might become a vacant place.

While the subject matter may seem very specific, the works carry a truly universal message. The exhibition will feature a unique AUGMENTED REALITY aspect, which will further enhance the level of accessibility, as well as the viewer’s experience of the exhibition by means of user-friendly computer software & technologies. Visitors will be able to download the software to devices such as Smartphones & Ipads to enjoy an enhanced experience, which will offer further insight into the artists, their stories and the works on show. The exhibition flyer, the shopfront and the artworks will be layered with interactive digital content. Viewers can expect to see medium to large-scale paintings varying from monochrome black and white, to beautiful hues of colour on paper and on canvas, as well as a number of collaborative works.

vacan passage
Watch “A Vacant Passage Introduction’



PDF Catalogue: A Vacant Passage



Andrzej Urbanski (Born 1983) is a German visual artist of Polish ancestry, currently residing in Cape Town. Andrzej’s early artistic background has developed and evolved over the course of 16 years spent painting, creating sculptures, being involved in several art projects, exhibitions and teaching positions around the globe. The artist holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, attained during 2012 from the EAE (European Art Ensemble) at the ECAL (University of Art & Design) in Lausanne, Switzerland and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design/Graphic Design from BTK-FH in Berlin since 2010. In June of 2012 Andrzej completed a residency at /A WORD OF ART as a part of his studies. The mandate for the EAE program states that students must engage in dialogue with foreign scholars and institutions, holding at its core the need for interpersonal connection and foreign travel to gather experience and exchange ideas between art professionals, educators, and students. Aside from his finished thesis research, Andrzej is interested in exploring the process of creating work in different social environments around the globe, drawing influence and inspiration from architecture, landscape, photography, design elements and media/advertising & of course from the other artists he encounters on his journey. His main artistic focus is on human social behaviour and learned or innate reactions to varying shapes and colours.


Paul Senyol was born on the 25th of October 1980 in Cape Town, South Africa. Paul has been drawing and painting since his early high school years, however never pursuing any form of artistic or graphic training. At age sixteen, he discovered the freedom of skateboarding and punk rock music in the beautiful suburb of Welgemoed, where he grew up. This naturally became a key influence in his early drawings, sketches and paintings, while skateboard graphics, album covers, magazine layouts and illustrations played a role in developing his aesthetic eye. Around the same time, he also became exposed to the creativity of graffiti and street artists such as Marc Gonzales, Ed Templeton, and Barry McGee – all of this forming part of his early art education. A few years later Paul was introduced to and moved by the creative thought and artistic genius of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Cy Twombly respectively. Senyol’s lack of formal training and schooling has given him the freedom to break away from traditional notions of painting, to explore genres and styles, and to meld mediums, allowing him a creative freedom that flows so evidently through his work. Senyol’s art lingers gracefully and intentionally between beauty and honesty and brings a surreal, yet abstract world into being. His current work focuses heavily on narrative, shape, line, form, composition, colour & texture. Each faint line, bold brushstroke and shape is carefully composed to breathe life into its environment, reflecting something of light, serenity, experience and thought. His finished work seeks to engage the viewer through translating his own experiences to canvas, allowing an open discussion and translation of his work. Senyol has exhibited extensively throughout South Africa and abroad. This year Paul has been nominated as a finalist to the Absa Atelier Competition 2013. He currently works from a studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.


Watch the video invitation, meet the artists,

Opening Event: Daytime Opening, Saturday 21 Sept from 11h00 till late! Show concludes 12 Oct at 14h00.





Important Visitor Information:

1. Items to bring along: Ipone / Ipad / Android Phone / Blackberry & Earphones.

2. For Iphone, Ipad & Android phones: Download the Layar app before visiting the show: http://get.layar.com. You can also scan the QR code below in order to download the Layar app.

3. For all devices: Download a QR scanner app as there will be QR codes as well.

QR Code to Download Layar



See viewers interacting with digital content and artworks




Exhibition view: A Vacant Passage


Artworks: Paul Senyol


Artworks: Andrzej Urbanski


Artworks: Collobaration Paul Senyol and Andrzej Urbanski


Opening – A Vacant Passage

courtesy of  THE ART TIMES



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28.08 – 18.09.2013



Featuring: Bruce Mackay, Jean de Wet, Dale Lawrence & Mike Tymbios.

‘Former Mountains’ is an exhibition which is predominantly centered around the art & medium of drawing and to some extent print. The artists have been selected to exhibit together based on a strong narrative quality, which is common to their individual practices, as well as for a unique & highly individualistic quality of line which is both present & signature to each of their styles. The artists have each taken a unique approach to the subject of ‘Former Mountains’, some presenting a number of diverse interpretations of the theme which will be depicted as smaller individual series within their greater body of work, while the other exhibiting artists have taken a more singular approach, ranging from the very literal to far-off poetic & obscure expressions.




Artworks: Bruce Mackay


Artworks: Dale Lawrence


Artworks: Jean de Wet


Artworks: Mike Tymbios








24.07 – 24.08.2013



Group Show:

A fascinating display of Editions and Multiples, including Digital print, Etching, Laser-engraving, Sculpture, Screen-print, Photography and more…




Featured Artists:

Adrie Le Roux
Alice Edy
Andrew Sutherland
Annika de Korte
Ben Winfield
Bruce Mackay
Carmen Ziervogel
Caroline Mackintosh
Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Charles Haupt
Claudette Maskell
Clement de Bruin
Cynthia Edwards
Dani Loureiro
Donna Solovei
Dylan Culhane
Fred Clarke
Galia Gluckman
Gerhard Human
Hanno van Zyl
Hugh Byrne
Jade Klara
Jason de Villiers
Jay Gordon
Jono Dry
Jop Kunneke
Kirsten Sims
Louis Minnaar
Mareliza Nel
Mieke van der Merwe
Neill Wright
Otto du Plessis
Sarah Pratt
Simon Berndt
Sinead Turnham
Ulrich Knoblauch


Opening night – The Editions Show

‘Images courtesy of Revolution’  


See also MORE HERE


Online Article:






26.06 – 20.07.2013



Group Show – Various Media – Emerging Artists – Salon91

Artists have been challenged by the gallery to create anew / submit a masterpiece that they believe to be a truly once-off original, successful, archetypal example of their practice, which answers to the theme and title phrase ‘One in a Million’. Each artist will only submit one piece. The artists have really let their imaginations run wild with interpretations ranging from ideas around authenticity, rarity, preciousness, love, the night sky, fleeting moments, intricacy, endangered species, statistics & formulas, to the use of sparkly materials / precious metals within their work. Viewers will be presented with what could essentially be a one-in-a-million opportunity to collect a seminal work by an emerging artist.

The exhibition will open on the 26th of June at 18h30.
‘One in a Million’ will feature one work per artist.
Expect to see sculpture, painting, drawing, typography, digitally created works & more …Not to be missed!

Featured Artists include: Dylan Culhane, Jop Kunneke, Katrin Coetzer, Galia Gluckman, Emalie Bingham, Johke, Julia Anastasopoulos, Ambra Gambale of Ambra Fine Jewellery, Hugh Byrne, Kirsten Beets, Elsabé Milandri, Dani Loureiro, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, Mariëtte Bergh, Mieke van der Merwe, Gabrielle Raaff, Jono Dry, Swain Hoogervorst, Adriaan Diedericks, Leigh Tuckniss, Lucie Demoyencourt, Elize Vossgatter, Caroline Mackintosh, Katrine Brink Claassens, Candace di Talamo, Lizelle Kruger, Ceri Louise Müller, Mia Chaplin, Gerhard Human, Bruce Mackay, Friday Jibu, Nicola de Jager, Claudette Maskell, Chris Auret, Paul Senyol & Jade Waller.


Opening night:



22.05 – 22.06.2013


A group painting exhibition, starting at 18h30 this Wednesday the 22nd of May at Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection…

Elize Vossgatter
Jade Doreen Waller
Lorraine Loots
Lucie Demoyencourt
Mia Chaplin
Rebecca Goldberg
Ronald Muchatuta
Lara Feldman


Artworks: Elize Vossgatter

Artwork: Lorraine Loots


Artworks: Lucie De Moyencourt

Artworks: Jade Waller

Artworks: Mia Chaplin

Artworks: Rebecca Goldberg

Artworks: Ronald Muchatuta

Artworks: Lara Feldman


27.03 – 20.04.2013



A two-man show by Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong.
‘Heart of Gold’ is a playful exploration of the concepts of money, consumerism and greed, featuring the highly sought-after works of award-winning Cape Town-based graphic artists, Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong. Following on the form of their previous collaborative project ‘Fear.Less’, the artists have played with scale and medium to re-contextualise consumer-based iconography and lexicon as art. The pieces are stark, sleek, witty and graphic, using limited colour palettes and diverse mediums such as glass, paper, wood and ceramic.

Daniel Ting Chong is an illustrator, designer and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Daniel was born in 1987 in Cape Town. The artist studied graphic design at Vega in Cape Town. He is emerging as one of Cape Town’s top creative talents following a series of art exhibitions, talks, commissions from clients and design collaborations with leading international brands including Nike, New York Times and the Discovery Channel. Daniel has been featured in Computer Arts Projects, Photoshop Advanced, NotCot, Grafik Magazine and One Small Seed. Daniel has been invited as guest speaker to prestigious events such as the Design Indaba traveling conference ‘Design Indabar’ (Cape Town), Pecha Kucha at Design Indaba 2011 (Cape Town), Cape Town Entrepreneur Week 2011 (Cape Town), Thirteen Hours 2011 (Cape Town), TEDx 2012 (Johannesburg). Selected awards to date include Blank Page Exhibition Winner, Semi Finalist Adobe Awards California (Illustration), Semi Finalist Adobe Awards New York (Illustration), Sappi Paper Think Award, Gold Loerie Award – MK Bruce Lee Magazine 3, Top 200 Young South African’s Mail & Guardian, Silver Eagle Award – Wordsworth Books (Only Today Studio). Daniel will be collaborating with Jordan Metcalf in ‘Heart of Gold’, an exhibition which will run at Salon91 from the 27th of March 2013 until the 20th of April.

Jordan Metcalf is a Cape Town based graphic designer and artist. As well as doing commercial work for international clients like the New York Times and Nike, he has exhibited personal graphic and analogue artwork in exhibitions both locally and internationally; most recently as part of an group show curated by Pictoplasma at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, and the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin. Jordan will be collaborating with Daniel Ting Chong in ‘Heart of Gold’, an exhibition which will run at Salon91 from the 27th of March 2013 until the 20th of April.




Opening night:



24.04 – 18.05.2013


A solo show of drawings and paintings by Katrin Coetzer.

Honeymoon marks a personal current period in artist Katrin Coetzer’s life, where she is forging a connection between her inner world and the geographical spaces she visits – real, imaginary and remembered. Honeymoon further references a waning sweetness and suggests the meeting point of fantasy, place and memory. The content of this body of work is centered around themes of spatial exploration, & exotic vs local seen through the lenses of feeling and itinerary…

Katrin Coetzer was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She completed her BA in Visual Communication at Stellenbosch University in 2007 and a BPhil in Visual Art majoring in Illustration in 2012 at the same institution. During 2006 the artist was selected as a finalist in the Timo Smuts competition, at the US Gallery in Stellenbosch. Katrin has worked as a freelance designer and illustrator since 2008 and has exhibited her work in galleries both nationally and internationally. Selected group exhibitions in which the artist has participated, include, Fin, Stellenbosch University Graduate Exhibition (2007); Greatest Hits at the Association of Visual Arts, Cape Town 2008; Verf group show, Blank Projects Gallery, Cape Town 2008; Ontopoftheworld, group show Cape Town Stadium (June 2009); If you let yourself love a wild thing, group show at Salon 91, Cape Town (2011); Draft, group exhibition of selected Masters work, US gallery, Stellenbosch (2011); Safe Spaces group exhibition & campaign auction, Freeworld Design Centre, Cape Town (2011); Handbound, group exhibition coordinated by Prof Keith Dietrich, Sasol Gallery, Stellenbosch (2011); Winter Wonderland, group show at Salon 91, Cape Town (2011); Swatch Illustrative Berlin, selected in category Book Design, highly commended, Berlin (2011); & Paper is You, group show at Salon91 Cape Town (2011). Katrin was elected as a grant recipient in 2011 from the Stellenbosch University to attend Design and the City in Finland through the University of Helsinki, a summer course that explores the relationships between art, design, urbanism and spatial identity. During 2012 the artist exhibited her work at the Design Indaba Expo as part of the CCIBA/Stellenbosch University bookstand. The artist was also one of two South African artists selected to exhibit at the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. The same show toured throughout Japan with the Itabashi Art Museum from May 2012 to 2013. The artist is currently living & working in Cape Town.

Opening night (Courtesy of the Art times):

Courtesy of Salon 91:

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27.02 – 23.03.2013

back in five logo web image

‘Back in 5 minutes’ an exhibition featuring an award winning set of local designers, typographers and illustrators, including Ben Johnston, Clinton Campbell of Studio Muti, Clement de Bruin, Justin Southey, & Dani Loureiro.


Artworks: Collaborations


Artworks: Ben Johnston


Artworks: Clement de Bruin


Artworks: Clint Campbell


Artworks: Dani Loureiro


Artworks: Justin Southey