Amber Moir

AMBER MOIR's unconventional approach to making her watercolour monotypes explores and reconstitutes the limitations of traditional printmaking techniques. Moir’s large works are the result of the intensely physical and unpredictable process of printing with a manual pitch roller. She says of her method: “The challenges within my process create space for the works to acquire greater meaning and be more successful than if it were predictable and easily controlled”. Original paintings are impressed onto calico, creating a confluence of painting and print. Gashes, strips of folded fabric and uneven printed surfaces serve as visual cues of the presence of Moir’s body in her process. Moir graduated from Stellenbosch University with a degree in Fine Arts in 2014. She has worked from Cape Town, South Africa since returning in 2017 from two years of living and teaching on Kyushu Island, Japan.



2020 – Along the Line, solo exhibition, Salon91



2019 – Regarding Winter, group exhibition, Salon91; In Praise of Shadows, solo exhibition, Salon91; Investec Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2018 - Folklore, an end-of-year group exhibition in aid of True North, Salon91; PROOF, SMAC Gallery, Stellenbosch; Endless, group show, Salon91. 2017 - SS17, Gallery Momo, Cape Town. Trees Make Forests, Salon 91, Cape Town. 2015 - Turbine Art Fair with Salon 91, Johannesburg. Hinterlands, GUS Gallery, Stellenbosch. Dreams, amongst other things, Salon 91, Cape Town. Greatest Hits of 2014: The Domestic Odyssey, at AVA Gallery, Cape Town.


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