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Donna Solovei

Donna Solovei’s playful and experimental approach to art making is also the foundation of her process of image making. Her works evoke a sense of natural spaces that is derived from real experiences in Cape Town’s natural landscape which are then translated onto surfaces back in the studio or print room. Working in multiple layers allows colour to break through forms, each aspect carefully considered to allow a harmony of vision. Her materials include paper, cloth, silk and monotype print. Surface, form and texture are evocative of the contradictory fragility and strength of natural forms be they jellyfish, lacy seaweed, sandstone boulders or the lights across a bay at sunset. Her pallete shifts according to the seasons. Solovei trained in the UK at the Chelsea College of Art and Camberwell College of Art, returning to South Africa eight years ago. She has worked in painting, drawing, three-dimensional objects and printmaking. She is currently based in Cape Town as a freelance illustrator and artist. Her interest in everyday objects, patterns and small details have led her to work with various brands, such as Standard Bank, Lalesso and other private clients. Her work and products have been exhibited in numerous countries around the globe.

2017 – AO group show, Salon91; Unforseen Curiosity at Kleinsky’s Delicatessen, Cape Town. 2015 – Golden Haze group show, Salon 91. 2014 – Home is Wherever I’m With You group exhibition, Salon 91. 2013 – The Editions Show, Salon 91. 2012 – I’d Rather Be Swimming, Salon 91. 2011 – Paste, street art exhibition, Cape Town. 2010 – Outside World Gallery, London Design Festival; Kunstbehandling exhibition, Munich; Happy Creations group exhibition, Cape Town. 2009 – Eclect Collect at London Design Fair; ‘Chewthemagazie’ publication, Cape Town. 2006 – Group Exhibition, Brick Lane, London. 2003 – Group exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, London.


Adrie Le Roux

Adrie le Roux was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa. After completing a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria in 2006, she continued her studies in 2012 at Stellenbosch University with an Mphil in Visual Arts (Illustration). Adrie has participated in a number of group exhibitions at Salon91 in Cape Town. Her work is characterized by subtle, abstract compositions, which combine ink work, pencil drawing, painting & collage techniques. She currently works as a lecturer and freelance creative in Pretoria.

Anastasia Pather

Anastasia Pather is a finger painter, quiet performer and female concerned with surface and the duality of objects. Her work explores the architecture of memory and the politics of colour. Although she understands her process as an involuntary reaction to a surface she cannot shut out her thoughts about identity, exoticism, eroticism and power. Her use of gold leaf and glue allows her to paint time and that idea quite intrigues her.

Anastasia Pather is a practicing, fine artist receiving her B.F.A from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2010. Pather was a semi-finalist for SA Taxi Foundation Art Award in 2015 and has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and fairs for Kalashnikov Gallery, Lizamore and Associates Gallery and No End Contemporary Gallery. Pather exhibited a solo show at 99 Loop Gallery in 2016.

Andrew Sutherland

“I want to create images that are mystical and beautiful with contemporary touches.” Inspired by wanderlust, Andrew Sutherland’s subtext is often that of the intrepid explorer, relishing the delights of the landscape in painted planes that combine graphic and illustrative elements with more traditionally painterly, expressive marks. His taste for adventure follows through with a long and explorative history of experimentation with different materials; watercolours, brush pens, acrylic paints, charcoal, ink, spray paint or collage on canvas, paper, wood or wall. Andrew’s training was in Fine Art at The Ruth Prowse School of Art, after which he worked as an assistant to a local abstract painter. He is currently based in Cape Town.

Selected Exhibitions: 2017 – Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Shelter, a solo exhibition at Salon91. 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Paper is You III, Salon91; No One’s Land, 99 Loop, Cape Town. 2015 – Stellar, Salon91; Jou Daaglikse Dosis, Aardklop, Potchefstroom; This is the Place, Salon91; Winter Mash-Up, Alex Hamilton Gallery, Cape Town. 2014 – Other Dust (solo), Salon91; Golden Haze, Salon91; ID Entity II, In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg. 2013 – The Editions Show, Salon91; Birds and Bikes, Lei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan. 2012 – The Tobacco Factory Show (solo), The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, UK. 2011 – The Sprawl (solo), Galerie de Lyons, Cape Town; If You Let Yourself Love a Wild Thing, Salon91; Paper is You, Salon91. 2010 – Coppertone 77, Salon91; Tretchikoff and Me, Salon91. 2008 – Group Salon, Salon91.

Andrzej Urbanski

“I believe I can be better than the machine.” The street runs deeply in his blood. Urbanski left his days of full-time train bombing back in Berlin where he started writing in his teens and now creates large, shimmering, optically bending spaces composed from the architectural squares, triangles and hexagons of today’s contemporary built environment. The years as an undergraduate student in the very newly de-walled Berlin was a time of devotion to graffiti for this Polish-born but German-homed artist. It was only after he had received his BA in Communication and Graphic Design (BTK-FH, Berlin) (2010) and set off to complete an MFA at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland (2012), that Urbanski left the train yards behind to pursue a more traditional form of painting full-time. The works you see before you today are a culmination of that biography, a testament to abstract art as a direct engagement with the world, not a withdrawal from it. Since his 2012 Residency in South Africa Urbanski has devoted his time to the streets, cultures and social interactions of his new home city, Cape Town.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – FNB Joburg Art Fair with Salon91; Paths, two-man exhibition with Tahiti Pehrson, at Salon91; Paper is You III, group show at Salon91; Winter Collection, group show with Everard Read, Cape Town. 2015 – Bronze, Steel and Stone, group sculpture show at Circa & Everard Read, Johannesburg; This is the Place, a group exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; MINDGAME, a solo show at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Paper is You II, group show at Salon91. 2013 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; A Vacant Passage, Salon91; Kalahari Catalyst Art Auction, Cape Town; One K Collection, Lovell Gallery, Cape Town; Abstract Stories, /A Word of Art, Cape Town. 2012 – Chance Visitor, /A Word of Art, Cape Town; Neo-Maso, Geneva, Switzerland; Art Base, Art Festival, Berlin; Retranchment-Manoir de Martigny, Switzerland; Living Walls, The City Speaks, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; The Swarm exhibition, Vancouver, Canada. 2011 – Process No. 14, Prozessgallerie, Berlin.



Ben Johnston

Canadian-born Ben Johnston is a 26-year old self-taught designer who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. After a brief stint in industrial design, Ben started focusing on traditional graphic design, with a preference for creating typographic illustrations from scratch. His industrial design experience gives him the ability to break the confines of 2D and 3D, enabling him to bring his designs to life. With five years’ experience in the creative industry, Ben’s portfolio includes a prolific selection of completed projects for renowned ad agencies, South African businesses and major overseas clients – being featured on various creative websites (he was recently included in 10and5’s BEST OF GRAPHIC DESIGN 2012 list) while his online presence boasts with thousands of hits on each project he uploads. His immediate future plans includes moving overseas in pursuit of exploring the creative industry abroad and exhibiting in galleries all over the world, but certainly still continuing to showcase his work back home in SA.

Berry Meyer

Berry Meyer is a self-diagnosed paper hedonist, born in Namibia, educated in South Africa and recently relocated to the Netherlands. Through an interest sparked by a hobby of collecting various ephemera, Berry accumulated, dissected and sorted thousands of postage stamps according to their colour hues and themes. Over the last few months she cut out and organized these stamps according to their representation of women, men, children, flora, fauna, landscapes, religious iconography and art. On closer inspection it became apparent that the state visually represents its subjects on stamps and various other found media in a particular way and thereby legitimizes certain ways of life. By highlighting the societal conventions in imagery found on stamps, old South-African advertisements and an eclectic range of other media, she attempted to inscribe alternate narratives in visual representation through the intertextuality of media.

By dissecting stamps and reassembling them to represent imagined histories, the process of collage naturally presented opportunities to merge themes of time, race, sexuality, popular culture and printed media. Therefore, by using collage as a tool rather than a medium she was able to create parodies of visual representations on issues such as patriarchy, nationalism and religion, by representing whom the state ignores and thus revealing the constitutive other produced by the state.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Paper Is You III, group exhibition at Salon91. 2014 – Golden Haze group show at Salon91; Paper Is You II, group exhibition at Salon91.

Black Koki

“I want to make images that are both hard to look at, and hard to look away from.” Black Koki’s name originates from the definitive line and the uncompromising nature of working with a permanent marker, which is a trait that he has harnessed and applied to paper, canvas, glass and the streets since 2004. His recent work reflects an interest in the warped spaces, textures and decay of an urban reality augmented by the digital world. Inspired by the form of fences, signage, skylines, analogue screens, iphones and city lights, his works imbibe the strange connect and disconnect of human relationships within space and data. Social media quips meet organic, expressive forms in the synthetic hues of his enamel on glass paintings. Oddly digital in reference, the works also speak to an intuitive and spontaneous mark making of art historical lineage, inhabiting both the monochromatic, flat or elaborately layered surface. His works on glass embody an unmistakable nostalgia for the 1990s from the perspective of a contemporary digital age. The flavour of urban subcultures persists in his forms, merged with his personal experiences of city spaces such that his works become an abstract coding of the contemporary experience.

Selected Exhibitions: 2017 – AO group exhibition, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Static, Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg; Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm; Fierce Now, Art Festival, Amsterdam. 2015 – Laugh Now, Cry Later, (solo show), Black Box Gallery, Cape Town. 2014 – Time Through Space, World Art Gallery, Cape Town; Windows, Black Box Gallery, Cape Town; Windows 0.2, Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg. 2013 – Future Positive (Black Koki + Ello Xray Eyez), Black Box Gallery, Cape Town; Look 2, Side Street Studios, Cape Town; Afro Vibes, Amsterdam. 2012 – Beautiful Losers, A Word of Art Gallery, Cape Town; Klick Klack, The Pit, Cape Town. 2011 – Stroke/03, Art Festival, Berlin; Independent Publishing Project, Blank Projects, Cape Town; Urban Contemporary, 34Fine Art, Cape Town; Rendezvous, Travelling Exhibtion. 2010 – Those Who Live In It, (With Ello Xray Eyez) MU Gallery, Eindhoven; Nothing is Everything, group exhibition, Word of Art Gallery, Cape Town; Toffie Pop Culture Festival, Cape Town; Deconstruction, M Contemporary, Sydney; Love and Hate, (solo) Gaënge Viertel Gallery, Hamburg, Germany. 2008 – aKing, Kunsthaus, Cape Town; Urbanstretch, Trinity Session Gallery, Johannesburg. 2007 – Boerekitch, KKnK National Arts Festival; The Auction Exhibition, The Bin, Cape Town. 2006 – The Inevitable, Moja Modern, Johannesburg; New Suburbia, Platform on 18, Pretoria. Camp Zero, Curated by Asha Zero, Stolen Goods, Pretoria.


Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay is a 29 year old visual artist living in Cape Town. His work varies between illustration, typography, design and fine art. He loves drawing in pen & ink, typeface design, Star Wars and his wife. He works as an art director for CLRS&Co design studio.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91 2015 – Stellar, group exhibition at Salon91. 2014 – Those Who Wander, group exhibition at Salon91; Home is Wherever I’m with You, group exhibition at Salon91. 2013 – Former Mountains, group exhibition at Salon91; The Editions Show, Salon91; One in a Million, Salon91; I’d Rather Be Swimming, a group exhibition at Salon91. 2012 – The Heat Is On an exhibition in association with Econoheat at The Street, Johannesburg; Radar a group exhibition at Salon91.

Caroline Mackintosh

Caroline Mackintosh was born in Cape Town in 1987. Between 2006 and 2008 she studied her BAFA at Michaelis after which she transferred to a BSC in Property Studies where she obtained her Degree. Caroline has always been interested in the portrayal of those around her, creating images that hold a sense of nostalgia. But Since graduating she has been fully focused on her photography both personally and professionally

For the past year Caroline has been working on two projects, her main body of work, consisting of a series of underwater Nudes where she experiments with the manipulation and distortion through reflections. As well as a youth portrait story called “Sparkling and broken”.

Caroline first exhibited her work earlier this year in the “This is film Exhibition” held by Orms “and is currently exhibiting her latest work in the group show “Id rather be swimming” at Salon 91 (2012) .

Cassandra Leigh Johnson

Cassandra Leigh Johnson is a graphic designer and contemporary illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Having graduated from the Vega School of Branding, she discovered a unique passion for illustration and began her journey as an artist of this discipline, honing her skills and cultivating her distinctive style. Currently employed as a designer and illustrator at Machine Agency and working with some of SA’s top designers including Dani Loureiro, Cassandra spends most of her spare time illustrating and exhibiting. Cassandra has been actively involved with a number of exhibitions at Salon91 including Winter Wonderland, If You Let Yourself Love A Wild Thing, I’d Rather Be Swimming, The Editions Show, and Home is where I’m with you. Other selected group shows in which Cassandra has participated include: Lost & Found (Revolution Warehouse, Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town 2013); The Wavescape Art Board Project (2012), where a collaborative work by Cassandra Leigh Johnson and Jade Klara sold on auction in the Hamptons, New York, and all proceeds were donated to the Isiqalo Foundation and Hoops4hope initiative; Show me your Munny, an exhibition of customized Munny Toys through TOITOY (TOITOY Store, Kloof Str, Cape Town, 2011); PASTE, a street art exhibition (Khayelitsha & Cape Town CBD); Body of work – Dead man’s hand (Tattoo Convention Exhibition, Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town, 2011); and Lightly Salted (Green Market Square, Cape Town, 2010). The combination of Cassandra Leigh Johnson’s rich and vibrant colour palette and her intricate, ornate treatment, result in an excessively decorative signature style, which allows the viewer to be drawn into her unique world of a distorted, fictional reality.


Cathy Layzell

Weaving abstraction together with realism, Cathy Layzell uses complex colour and her own intuitive and painterly brush strokes to investigate humankind’s evolving relationship to nature. The impulse to preserve, tame and control the natural world lives alongside a desire to yield to its wildness and its danger. Her vivid, atmospheric oil paintings use a number of recurring motifs, taken from natural environments. At close range, these paintings – constructed from the textures of rock, foliage, air, and water – appear highly abstracted, a dancing network of innumerable brush strokes. Stepping back, these varied marks coalesce into the shimmering effects of light. The paintings explore the blurred boundaries between Nature and artifice and how visual-processing systems shape our feelings about what we see. From 2003 to 2007 Layzell was a returning Resident Artist at the Painting School of Montmirail in the South West of France (near Toulouse). She studied at Rhodes University and completed a Post-graduate diploma in Fine Art from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2013.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Reserve, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Wilderness, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – Polynesia, two-person show with Paul Senyol at Salon91; Spectra, group exhibition at Johans Borman Fine Art; Kingdom, group exhibition at Equus Gallery, Cavalli Estate. 2014 – Connect the Dots, solo exhibition at Casa Labia; Artist residency, Luvey ’n Rose, Cape Town. 2013 – In Bloom, Casa Labia Gallery. 2009 – Duende, solo exhibition at Irma Stern Museum.

Chris Auret

Chris Auret was born in Gauteng, South Africa, during 1988. Auret moved to Cape Town with his family at the age of 11, where he has lived for most of his life. After working in the advertising industry for a short period of 2 years as an Art Director, Chris Auret decided to pursue his creative passion as an artist. His style varies from medium to medium; from paintings to photography and more. Chris enjoys mixing the media that surrounded him as Art Director and Graphic Designer, as well as, as an Artist. Pens, markers, pencil, silver and gold ink, luminous colour, as well as the usual acrylic paints, all form part of his art materials. The artist believes that a strong, simple idea can outweigh a precise execution; which means the idea also drives the medium – and ideas are ultimately what he is passionate about. In terms of his style as a painter, Auret’s focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing and striking images, using colours and brushwork that often do not make naturalistic sense to the viewer, with the aim to engage the viewer’s imagination, allowing them to piece together the painting in their mind at first glance, and then upon further inspection, to get lost in the smaller details. Chris is currently based in Palma, Spain.

Christiaan Conradie

Christiaan Conradie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1984 and currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. He received an Art Direction and Design diploma from the Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic in 2007. Christiaan has recently held a solo exhibition at the Casa Verdi Gallery Space in Barcelona, Spain (2012). His works are housed in the collections of Jacques Le Bast (private art collector and patron of the arts), Ed Roland (lead vocalist of American rock band Collective Soul), Stef Bos (International Folk Singer and Poet) and Mike Joubert (Former MD Levi Strauss, Southern Africa).

Clement de Bruin

Clement de Bruin is a 26 year old, freelance illustrator, typographer and graphic designer, living in Cape Town, South Africa. Clement studied at CPUT and Friends of Design in Cape Town. His work is extremely versatile in terms of style and medium. The artist has a unique and experimental approach to his subject matter. Clement’s art is edgy, colourful and always playful. The artist’s highly developed skills are apparent in the consistent flawless execution of his works. Clement has participated in three group shows at Salon91 to date, namely ‘Winter Wonderland’ (13 July – 6 August 2011), ‘If you let yourself love a wild thing’ (3 December 2011 – 14 January 2012) and most recently ‘Back in Five Minutes’ (27 Feb – 23 March 2013).

Clinton Campbell

Clinton Campbell was born in Cape Town in 1978.  He grew up in Durban and matriculated from Westville Boys High School in 1996.  He returned to the Cape the following year to study a BA in applied graphics at the University of Stellenbosch.  He currently lives and works in Cape Town and is a partner at Muti, an illustration and design studio formed in 2011.  He enjoys working in a variety of styles and disciplines, from hand typography to vector illustration.

Dani Loureiro

Typography and intricate pencil-sketching are Dani Loureiro’s particular passions. In her creative projects, she combines the skills of her trade as an illustrator with transposing her fonts and graphics to mediums such as glass and wood. She excells at an unconventional use of typography and fine line, exploring the endless possibilities that letters offer in terms of their variation and execution. She works on both digital drawing platforms as well as with old fashioned pencil on paper, embracing both the perfection of digital media as well as the imperfections in her hand-drawn work. She is an avid reader. The tone of chosen words inspire their final expression. Loureiro graduated cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design. She started her career working for David Carson Design studio in New York City and has worked in design and advertising for the likes of O’Neill in California and Machine Agency in Cape Town. Throughout her career to date, her work has won her numerous awards for design and illustration both locally and internationally. For Loureiro, illustration is about style and telling a story. Dani Loureiro has lived and worked in both South Africa and the United States of America, and is currently based in Portland, USA.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards: 2017 – AO with Salon91. 2015 – Stellar at Salon91; This is the Place – A group exhibition at Salon91. 2014 – Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Gravity at Salon91, Cape Town. 2013 – Home is Wherever I’m with You at Salon91, Cape Town; Silver Cannes Lion Award in France; Chois Gallery (vol 23), China; Cape Town Art Fair, Salon91 booth. 2012 – Golden Loerie Award, South Africa; Lost and Found by Revolution Skateboards; The Tent Exhibition at Toffie Festival; The Plank Exhibition sponsored by BFam


Daniel Ting Chong

Daniel Ting Chong is an illustrator, designer and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Daniel was born in 1987 in Cape Town. The artist studied graphic design at Vega in Cape Town. He is emerging as one of Cape Town’s top creative talents following a series of art exhibitions, talks, commissions from clients and design collaborations with leading international brands including Nike, New York Times and the Discovery Channel. Daniel has been featured in Computer Arts Projects, Photoshop Advanced, NotCot, Grafik Magazine and One Small Seed. Daniel has been invited as guest speaker to prestigious events such as the Design Indaba traveling conference ‘Design Indabar’ (Cape Town), Pecha Kucha at Design Indaba 2011 (Cape Town), Cape Town Entrepreneur Week 2011 (Cape Town), Thirteen Hours 2011 (Cape Town), TEDx 2012 (Johannesburg). Selected awards to date include Blank Page Exhibition Winner, Semi Finalist Adobe Awards California (Illustration), Semi Finalist Adobe Awards New York (Illustration), Sappi Paper Think Award, Gold Loerie Award – MK Bruce Lee Magazine 3, Top 200 Young South African’s Mail & Guardian, Silver Eagle Award – Wordsworth Books (Only Today Studio). Daniel will be collaborating with Jordan Metcalf in ‘Heart of Gold’, an exhibition which will run at Salon91 from the 27th of March 2013 until the 20th of April.


Elise Wessels

Elise Wessels is a Cape Town based artist inspired by the possibilities of fine line work and its application in the world of illustration. After spending two and a half years at the Am I Collective studio she now works independently. Her work was included in the finalist selection of ABSA L’Atelier 2008, and she has participated over the last three years in group shows with Am I Collective and Salon 91, including ‘Spookasem’ (January 2010) and ‘If you let yourself love a wild thing’ (December 2011). She completed her Visual Arts Honours degree through the University of South Africa.

Elize Vossgatter

Elize Vossgatter works primarily in oil paint. She challenges the conventions of the material with subject-appropriate interjections of glitter, hair, varnish, car oil, babyoil, gold dust, nail varnish or anything else that the paint requires.

Her works are playful and haunting: conical-shaped figures immersed within a fantastical landscape. Isolated, unearthed, self-protective and suspicious, they seek their place within their four-cornered reality. A collection of flawed heroes seeking solace in an artificial reality. She currently works and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Elsabé Milandri

“In my understanding and experience, I’m most aware of the flow between the everyday and the eternal, the mundane and the miraculous. My paintings and drawings bear witness to that, as notes, working drawings, as sound, and as impressions”.

Elsabé Milandri (born 1980) completed her BA in Fine Art at the University of Pretoria in 2002 and a Masters in New Media at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT in 2006. Since 2010 she has had three solo exhibitions in South Africa, one in Switzerland and has taken part in group exhibitions countrywide. Her work is housed in private collections in the UK, USA, and throughout Europe. She has lectured at various institutions in drawing, new media, videography, illustration and design. Currently the artist is working predominantly with ink on paper. Her work takes as point of departure the personal, intimate, anecdotal, and the experiential. Elsabé’s subject matter ranges from figurative to minimalist, animals to text- pieces. Her paintings & drawings often include text, which she samples from conversations real and imagined, serious and ironic. The artist lives and works in Woodstock, Cape Town, with her husband and two children.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Paper Is You III, group exhibition at Salon91. 2015 – CURRENT group exhibition Smith Studio, Cape Town; Moments group exhibition La Galeria, New York. 2014 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; I Take It All Back group exhibition, Nirox Projects, Johannesburg; The Grand group exhibition Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Cape Town. 2012 – Something like now, solo exhibition at Salon91, Cape Town. 2011 – If you let yourself love a wild thing, group show at Salon91, Cape Town; Paper is You, group show at Salon91, Cape Town; Sostenuto: maps and details of two gardens, solo show at Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria. 2010 – Diagram for Change, solo show at AVA, Cape Town.


Flagg received her first tiny glass diorama on her fourth birthday. She was instantly fascinated by the concept of “looking in” on an object that remained static within a scene, only to be animated by one’s imagination, bringing life and meaning to the scene. As an adult Flagg has developed an interest in the depiction of small, cartoonish scenes frozen in time with a tendency towards the humorous and macabre. Flagg’s little dioramas are composed of delicate illustration and collage works contained within found objects, such as old books, tools, electronic equipment and toys. Flagg is a visual artist working within the film industry in Cape Town, South Africa.

Frederick Clarke

Born 1986, he moved from Pretoria to Joburg to study Fine Arts at Wits, graduating in 2005. Thereafter he began his journey as a full time artist. Clarke currently lives, works, and exhibits from Arts on Main, in the Maboneng precinct in Joburg CBD. His space – Math Room, is a multi-creative space for living, studio work, and exhibiting (including collaborative and curated shows). Choosing to exhibit independently from big galleries, Math Room is where Clarke’s work can be seen in Joburg, and at Salon91 in Cape Town. His mixed media work includes drawing, printmaking, painting, scultpure, film, as well as music composition and production.

Although thematically and stylistically in flux, the common thread with most of the work is an engagement with allegory, metaphysics, human evolution, and universal inquisition. Much of the imagery is inspired by ancient knowledge, mathematics, and the balance of opposites. Clarke intends to remain in South Africa, continually expanding his creative output and understanding of life in general.

Gabrielle Raaff

“Our memories of the past are, after all, just fragments of the truth.” It is brave to be tentative as an artist in a world of strong opinions, carefully crafted brands and slick deliveries. And it is this subtle conceptual space of the material qualities of ink, watercolour and oil that defines Gabrielle Raaff’s unique interrogation of her social urban landscape through painting. Technically, there is no drawing first, no sharply defined border. As a result, her paintings are subtle and nuanced, avoiding neat categorization and tending instead towards fluidity and allusion. The different mediums have differing affects on the final image. Raaff notes that although watercolour is gentle and soft, it stains and can’t be removed. In her ink and watercolour works, the history of the mark remains, unlike with her oils where there is more layering involved. Raaff’s persistent theme is the contrast between the individual and the crowd in the urban landscape. Her most recent works explore the quiet psychological landscapes of the artist herself. As is characteristic of her work, the picture plane repeatedly asserts itself against the pull of illusionism, where the recognisable image arises and then dissolves in the terrain of the painting.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Paper Is You III at Salon91. 2015 – Night Watch, a solo exhibition of recent paintings at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Rotterdam Art Fair, The Netherlands; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91, Johannesburg; Scintilla: An Alchemy Show at Commune 1 Gallery, Cape Town; Paper is You II, group show, Salon91, Cape Town. 2011 – Realm at Salon 91, Cape Town; People at Chagan Contemporary, London; Paper Is You, group show, Salon91, Cape Town. 2009 – In Our Midst (solo) at The Muti Gallery, Cape Town.


Gerhard Human

“I get excited by narrative. Concepts that remove you from your surroundings, that instil a sense of adventure and risk.”

Gerhard Human is a contemporary artist and comic creator from Cape Town. His works function as insightful windows into the disjunct of human nature: ideas about cultural stubbornness, short-sighted idealism and ignorance resulting from a lack of compassion. He often depicts outlaws, punks and misfits defined by their shift from the expectations of the norm. He uses minimalist colour to depict these post-apocalyptic wanders in desolate environments within a variety of media. The works are not intended to be overtly provocative and Human achieves this in his subtle merger of contemporary cool gestures within a politically charged idea. He symbolically uses elements like gold and stone to reflect identifiable themes of contemporary greed, royalty and pride that he sees as endemic to the civilizing concerns of culture. Repetition and pattern are harnessed to demonstrate the cyclical nature of history. His titles inform the images, economically narrating a complex notion of identity, place and politic. Human studied Graphic Design and applied arts at the Pretoria Technicon and is currently working as creative director at the animation studio Masters and Savant. He has exhibited in galleries in South Africa, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney and is published online and in print.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – Bleeding Edge, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam; Past Futures, Salon91. 2014 – Those Who Wander, Salon91; GRAF/LIT: Urban Interiors, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town; Graphic Radicals, AMAK, Muizenberg; 2013 – Inanimate Object (Solo Show), WOLVES, Joburg; One in a Million, Salon91; The Path Less Deconstructed, M Contemporary, Sydney, Australia; 2012 – Locals Only, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town; Skateboarding is a Crime (Solo Show), Clarke’s; Inanimate Object (Solo Show), Searle Street Post.

Hanno van Zyl

“I like having the opportunity to leave a mark (even if it’s a tiny one) on our cultural landscape.” Hanno van Zyl is an independent illustrator and designer working from the collaborative studio space, Only Today, in Cape Town. His work explores the overlooked narratives of everyday South African objects and spaces with an acutely critical eye. He is particularly influenced by his immediate environment: the little pieces of trash and rubble that gather in gutters, the trinkets found behind the till of spaza shops or the homely façade of a rundown inner city building. This, he views, as a rich cultural playground for a graphic dialogue. Van Zyl’s hand-drawn aesthetic is characterised by starkly rendered line drawings that invite a dispassionate gaze at the banal, thereby highlighting themes of social stratification, fear, economic disparity and violence. His paired down, black and white, brush and ink works also reference older 70s and 80s reproduction methods and shows the informed influence of a rich South African heritage of graphic art. His work is process driven, timely and sophisticated, combining a study of Visual Communication Design at the University of Stellenbosch with an unwavering exploration of the societal underbelly.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – PAY DIRT, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Static, co-curated by Black Koki at Kalashnikov Gallery, Johannesburg; Turbine Art Fair, Salon91 booth, Johannesburg. 2015 – Speechless, Heidi Erdman Contemporary, Cape Town; Turbine Art Fair, Salon91 booth, Johannesburg. 2014 – Those Who Wander, Salon91. 2013 – Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne Vous voulez rire, curated by Benjimin Girard, Site Le Corbusier, Firminy, France.

Heidi Fourie

The fluid and turbulent nature of painting is Heidi Fourie’s inspiration. She is constantly rethinking the notion of ‘the painting’ and embraces painting’s inherent language of mark-making to explore the balance of order and chaos, control and uncontrollability, figuration and its negation in the picture plane. She is fascinated by how the flow of paint shifts and reshapes organic forms in a landscape and continually aims to discover new ways of applying material to surface. Her subject matter is selected from the well-travelled path or daily encounter with environments and existing media such as film and virtual spaces. Painterly marks not only make up her subjects but are subjects in themselves. She has recently started exploring the internet as an alternative and somewhat distorted means of travel and exploration. Fourie completed her BA Fine Arts (cum laude) in 2012 at the University of Pretoria. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Antwerp. She has also been a finalist in Sasol New Signatures (2011, 2013), ABSA l’Atelier (2013, 2014), Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards (2012, 2013) and Sanlam Portrait Awards (2013, 2015).

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Masses, solo exhibition, Fried Contemporary, Pretoria; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Growth, curated by Banele Khoza, Woordfees; See Art, curated by Derek Zietsman, Gallery 2, Johannesburg. 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Borrowed Scenery, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Skerwe Verbeeld/Fragments Imagined, two-man show with Allen Laing, KKNK, Oudtshoorn. 2015 – STELLAR, group show at Salon91; Paint it Black, a group exhibition at Salon91; Islands at Lizamore & Associates Gallery, Johannesburg (solo); Last night I had the strangest dream at Twilsharp studios, Johannesburg. 2014 – Visual Encounters, University of Pretoria staff exhibition, Rautenbach Hall, Pretoria; ABSA L.Atelier finalist exhibition, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg; Post Colonial Africa curated by Paul Bayliss ABSA KKNK, Oudtshoorn; Nomad Bodies, curated by Prof. Elfriede Dreyer, Wintertuin Gallery, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Artesis University College, Antwerp. 2013 – SPI Portrait Awards finalist (top 40) exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville. 2012 – Thami Mnyele Finalist Exhibition, Ekhuruleni.


Isabella Kuijers

Isabella Kuijers describes the varied subject matter of her watercolour paintings as “collections of images and ideas strung together into taxonomies – both personal and botanical”. In a style that references botanical illustration, she creates bouquets of experience. Images from dreams, historical sources and popular culture find their way into her collage-like paintings. In these saccharine, baby-pink works, she co-opts imagery of figures, fruit, flowers and other flotsam to create a feminine algal bloom. Kuijers disguises objects and artefacts among her magenta foliage but ever present is the inexhaustible glossary of botanical symbols.

Kuijers writes regularly for Artthrob and contributes to ArtAfrica Magazine. She was born in 1992 in Cape Town and received her BAFA in 2014 from Stellenbosch University.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Overgrowth, a solo show at 99Loop, Cape Town; Reveries at AGOG Gallery, Maboneng, Johannesburg; STEP ONE, TWO at 6 Spin Street, Cape Town; SKETCH, Smith Studio, Cape Town 2015 – Dreams Amongst Other Things, a group exhibition at Salon91 2014 –Gradex ’14, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch.


Jade Klara

Jade Klara uses a wide range of materials to give form to her limitless imagination. All her works revolve around the narrative potential of the image. She works with picture and text in paint, neon, print or digital painting to articulate soft focus worlds of strange magic and beauty. Her work has been described as whimsical, graphic, slick and dark, centered around the transformative potential of the concept of magic to change or rearticulate the everyday. It is the polarising potential of a narrative that she strives to find, so you are always likely to see a bit of melancholy amidst the beauty or satire in the commonplace. A sense of childhood and transience, love and loss is central to her work with deep companionship between her characters a pervading theme. Overall she routes for the aesthetic underdog to flavour her beauty out of potential boredom. Klara works from her studio in Woodstock. She graduated with a B.A from UCT (2003) and a B.A from Vega (2007). She has exhibited in galleries in London, Los Angeles, Portland and Cape Town. She also does work for various commercial clients.

Selected Exhibitions: 2017 – AO group show, Salon91, Oracle group show, Salon 91. 2016 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Stellar Group show, Salon 91. 2015 – This is The Place, collaborative group exhibition at Salon91; Golden Haze, Salon91. 2014 – Those Who Wander, Salon91; Home is Wherever I’m with you, Salon91; 2013 – The Witching Hour, Salon91; I’d Rather be Swimming, Salon91. 2011 – If You Let Yourself Love a Wild Thing, Salon91; Guten Tag, A Word of Art Gallery, Cape Town. 2010 – WTF is Low brow, London Miles Gallery, London; Salon Summer Show, Salon91; Illustrious, Compound Gallery, Portland OR; Spookasem, Salon91. 2009 – Way of Flow, C.A.V.E Gallery, Los Angeles; Candy coated canvas, London Miles Gallery, London.


James de Knoop

“There is a mood I personally pick up from a space, a scene, when I am there. This could be the source.”

James de Knoop is a finder of human wildernesses in the urban landscape. Those spaces shaped by the human developer and then seemingly abandoned by being out of sight and hence out of mind.

The artist ventures into our urban underbelly to seek the dark, evolving beauty in its secret spaces. He is a National Geographer of the hidden, banal, service alleys and often places himself in risky situations to get his source photography. These sources are then scrutinized in the process of painting, providing curious scenes of looking either outwards from an incomprehensible inner space, or inwards to a mysterious other world of our own.

Schooled in the artisanal trade of hand-painted signs, de Knoop has been painting on canvas for the past three years, developing his finer points of mark making under the tutelage of Julia Teale at Spencer Street Studios. His interest in the negative, the invisible spaces, proves to be the fundamental shift in his move from painting visible signage for the market to a fascination with the overlooked views “just over the fence” from mainstream life.

The artist says, “I am stalking around in the archaeology of present, knowing that it will exist in the future in a different context. Now and then we glimpse an opening, a profound thought, a dream, as real as our inconclusive world.” He references these concepts in a series of paintings, which he refers to as ‘Notes to the Future’

Selected Projects & Exhibitions:

2014 – I Cannot Prove That You Exist at Rust en Vrede Gallery, Cape Town.

Jean de Wet

Jean de Wet was born in Queenstown, Eastern Cape, in 1984. Always drawing, making comics, building contraptions and making music during his youth, Jean later graduated with a BA in Information Design from the University of Pretoria in 2007. In 2008 he moved on to work as a commercial illustrator in Cape Town, while further experimenting with drawing, illustration and comics after hours. Since then Jean has taken part in many group-shows and collaborations both locally and internationally, including a solo show in 2012. Jean currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jordan Metcalf

Jordan Metcalf is a Cape Town based graphic designer and artist. As well as doing commercial work for international clients like the New York Times and Nike, he has exhibited personal graphic and analogue artwork in exhibitions both locally and internationally; most recently as part of a group show curated by Pictoplasma at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, and the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin. Jordan will be collaborating with Daniel Ting Chong in ‘Heart of Gold’, an exhibition which will run at Salon91 from the 27th of March 2013 until the 20th of April.

Jordan Sweke

“What I came here to feel and attempt to capture has worked on me. I am standing in the sideways rain, smiling.” Jordan Sweke is concerned with the connection between people and the natural world. He believes that detachment from nature corrodes the disposition of our interactions with the environment and that this relationship with nature needs to be reconstituted. Sweke’s practice may extend to other media, but painting is something he cannot live without. A painting holds physical demands for both the artist as painter and the viewer as reader of the tactual surface. Sweke identifies a tactile emphasis on materiality as being helpful in breaking illusions and revealing certain truths, while scale assists him in accessing the sublime nature of the natural world. His works emerge as a quest to realign notions of nature and the self. Sweke’s large and emotive representations of nature that often employ numerical patterns to distort spatial perceptions to the level of abstraction, urge the viewer to explore a critical reassessment of our relationship with our planet. The mathematical and the abstract, the geometric and the organic, the peaceful and the dreadful, the holy and the tainted: it is in the kaleidoscopic web of these dialogues that this Michaelis Graduate seeks to unfetter our binary assumptions of manmade and natural. He is currently travelling nationally and working extensively with South African landscapes before moving into an international research domain, focusing on endangered natural areas.

Upcoming Shows: Solo exhibition, Centro Luigi di Sarro, Rome, Dec 2017; Solo exhibition, Everard Read, Cape Town, March 2018. Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Winter Collection, Circa, Cape Town; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; The Antidote, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – Paint it Black, a group exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91, Johannesburg; Cape Town Art Fair with Everard Read Gallery; EMPIRE at Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town; Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town Winter Exhibition.


Katrine Claassens

Katrine Claassens is a painter from Cape Town, South Africa. She has a degree in Visual Arts from Stellenbosch University and master’s degree in Climate Change from the University of Cape Town. After graduating from her first degree she lived between Quebec and France developing her artistic practice before moving back to South Africa in 2012.

Her paintings reflect her interests in climate change, deep ecology, urban ecology, internet memes and Persian miniatures. Claassens recently received her masters degree in Climate Change and Development. She writes: “I want to make work about climate change, something that keeps me up at night, but often find myself at a loss of how to express my thoughts and feelings about it. Working in the climate change sector, I have found that (understandably) frenzied mitigation and adaptation efforts have left little time for mourning, remembering and witnessing loss that we are experiencing. I try to create breathing space for these things in my paintings.”

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle group exhibition at Salon91; Welcome To The Internet I Will Be Your Guide (solo) 99 Loop Gallery; Reverie, AGOG Gallery; Artemisia, DF Contemporary; Imago Mundi, Pratt Institute; Travel, 10&5, That Art Fair. 2015 – The Persistence of Memory, Untitled Studios; The Grand II, Rust-en-Vrede; Golden Haze, Salon91. 2014 – Fresh Produce, Turbine Art Fair; Five Wolves No Pigs, Montreal. 2013 – Between The Blue Swimming Pools, Association of Visual Arts (solo); Muse, Casa Labia; Fissure, Commune1; In Good Company, Irma Stern Museum Gallery; Home is Wherever You Are, Salon91. 2012 – Die Landskap van Vrouwees, Grevilleas Gallery, Shoes From Chinese Ships, Salon91, I’d Rather Be Swimming, Salon91. 2011 – The Jacaranda Girls and Other Stories, Salon91 (solo). 2009 – The Birds/ Les Oiseaux, Cheap as Candy, Syndrome, Montreal (solo). 2008 -Sasol New Signatures Exhibition, Pretoria Arts Museum; ABSA Atelier, ABSA Gallery. 2007 – Greatest Hits, AVA Gallery;Timo Smuts Art Prize, University of Stellenbosch Gallery. Collections: Africana Special Section at Stellenbosch University’s JS Gericke Library, Stellenbosch; Raymond Danowski Poetry Library, Atlanta.;Spier Collection, Stellenbosch.

Katrin Coetzer

Katrin Coetzer was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She completed her BA in Visual Communication at Stellenbosch University in 2007 and a BPhil in Visual Art majoring in Illustration in 2012 at the same institution. Katrin has worked as a freelance illustrator in publication, and as visual artist since 2008 and has exhibited her work in galleries both nationally and internationally.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91 2013 – Honeymonn, solo exhibition at Salon91; Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy & Japan with the Itabashi Art Museum 2012 – Design Indaba Expo as part of the CCIBA/Stellenbosch University bookstand 2011 – If you let yourself love a wild thing, group show at Salon 91; Draft, group exhibition of selected Masters work, US gallery, Stellenbosch; Safe Spaces group exhibition & campaign auction, Freeworld Design Centre, Cape Town; Handbound, group exhibition coordinated by Prof Keith Dietrich, Sasol Gallery, Stellenbosch; Swatch Illustrative Berlin, selected in category Book Design, highly commended, Berlin; Winter Wonderland, group show at Salon 91; Paper is You, group show at Salon91 2009 – Ontopoftheworld, group show Cape Town Stadium 2008 – Greatest Hits at the Association of Visual Arts, Cape Town; Verf group show, Blank Projects Gallery, Cape Town 2007 – Fin, Stellenbosch University Graduate Exhibition.


Kirsten Beets

Kirsten Beets paints our contemporary Eden. The animal paraphernalia of her childhood is categorized like the research of a zoologist in the curiously animal devoid spaces of our current lives. She is continually looking for the shifting relationship between people at leisure and the natural world as our earth loses its species to human development. It is the fleeting moment, that fragile and thoughtful thing, that Beets also looks for in her work. Snapshots of our curious human interactions with nature are all rendered in the delicate detail of her brush. Her exhibitions are complex collections of observations and imaginary musings made manifest in oils on paper, board and linen. In their incarnation as paintings, these images become touchstones of memory. Her carefully considered compositions tell a subtle story of serenity and loss, leisure and decay, stasis and transience.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Artist Residency, Foundation OBRAS, Holland; Mirage, a solo exhibition at Salon91; July 2017, Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Paper Is You III, a group exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – STELLAR, group show at Salon91; Everyday Eden, solo show at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Sunday’s Child, solo exhibition at Salon91; Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. 2013 – Possessed, group show at Everard Read, Cape Town; National Arts Festival in Grahamstown; Animal / Advance group exhibition, Ron Belling Gallery, Port Elizabeth; Aurora at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; For Play, group exhibition, Underculture Contemporary Gallery, Port Elizabeth. 2012 – Scuola Internationale di Grafi in Venice, Italy. 2011 – First Editions: an exhibition of visual narratives, a group exhibition featuring the first editions of hand-bound illustrated books, Salon91.



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Kirsten Lilford

“My work is about trying to make sense of a reality, whether it is my own or someone else’s.” Images are vehicles. In Lilford’s paintings, her images speak not just about one family, but about the aspirations of a white middleclass South Africa as a whole. By using family photographs, Lilford allows a shift to occur from the private and the public. The original historical background of the photographic source no longer becomes important because the image is no longer a representation of a real world, but an interpretation of that world. Lilford’s subject and experience may be of the white middle-class in South Africa but her paintings are anything but sympathetic to that reality. The darkened painted spaces and isolation of figures in her landscape belie a privilege and vulnerability of such bourgeoisie ease. There is something inherently unremarkable about the homogeneity of white South African suburbia that Lilford has managed to identify as significant, even sinister, in her works. Her latest paintings take the figures into new contexts, which appear to be the artist’s way of distancing her subject from the trappings of their class, but her explorations only serve to reveal their identity again and again in new ways. Some of these works powerfully suggest the presence of a character by cleverly and deliberately omitting the figure from the composition. Lilford is currently completing her MFA at the University of Cape Town.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Nano, group show at Barnard Gallery, Cape Town; Soil(ed) MFA exhibition, postgraduate collaboration with Michaelis School of Fine Art and the University of Pretoria; Group Collection, Otomys Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 2015 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Surface, emerging painters at Barnard Gallery, Cape Town. 2014 – Distance at Salon91. 2013 – Small Canvas Project, The Benetton Collection, Venice, Italy. 2012 – The Quiet, solo exhibition at Salon91. 2011 – Sunday, graduate exhibition at Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town. 2009 – Infecting the City, Cape Town Art Festival.

Awards: 2016 – National Research Fund (NRF); Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Award. 2015 – McIver Award.




‘7 Emerging Contemporary Painters You Need To Know About’

Kirsten Lilford:


Kirsten Sims

As an expression of how she sees the world, Kirsten Sims’s painting seeks a connection with viewers. Her work has a strong narrative quality and is often animated by a sartorial crowd of characters, but she just as naturally replaces the theatre of human interaction with the drama of a natural landscape. Whether familiar or imagined, place plays an important role in her work. She lives and works in Cape Town but the vista she has painted most is the ocean view from her family home in Mossel Bay. Sim’s philosophy in life and art is “one thing leads to another”. Her own path has led to editorial and commercial illustration projects, solo shows in Cape Town and Toronto, inclusions in numerous art fairs and group exhibitions, and a published children’s picture book. She completed a BA in Applied Design at the Stellenbosch Academy (2011) and her Honours degree in Illustration at Stellenbosch University (2014).

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Saturn Return, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – The Spirit of Irma, a group show at the Irma Stern Museum; Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Leap Year, an online exhibition with Salon91; You Are Here, a solo exhibition at Salon91. 2015 – The Middle of Nowhere, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Middle of Nowhere, Canadian Edition, a solo exhibition at the Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto, Canada. 2014 – Paper is You II group exhibition at Salon91. 2013 – Aurora, all-female illustration group exhibition at Salon91; Emerging Creative at Design Indaba. 2012 – A Drawing a Day, online exhibit where a new illustration was posted to the artist’s blog daily.


Lara Feldman

‘I am intensely interested in the everyday, in what surrounds me, capturing fleeting moments and feelings in time and moving from figurative to non-figurative subject matter.’

Born in Cape Town, 1972, Lara currently lives and works in the city.  After her decision to exit Michaelis in 1990, she entered the world of graphic and interior design but eventually decided to navigate her way towards painting again. It is here that she nurtures her expression.

Focusing on mood and color, she works primarily in oils. Lara’s work is housed in collections all over the world.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, a group exhibition at Salon91; Spirit of Irma, group exhibition at Irma Stern Museum; Space Between, group show at The Cape Town Jewish Museum; Under 18’s Only, at Association of Visual Arts; Cape Town Art Fair with Smith Studio. 2015 – Summer Salon, at Association of Visual Arts; Resonance of Wonder, a group exhibition at The Cape Town Jewish Museum; Sanlam Portrait 100 at Irma Stern Museum; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Golden Haze; group exhibition at Salon91. 2013 – Roadscapes, a solo exhibition at AVA Gallery; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Collections and Archives, group show at Salon91. 2012 – I’d Rather Be Swimming, a group exhibition at Salon91. 2011 – Figuring Difference, group show at Salon91. 2010 – Transition, Emergence & The Parts In Between, solo exhibition at Salon91. 2007 – Glimpses, solo exhibition at Gerard Cloete Gallery.

Linsey Levendall

Intricately executed and sometimes disturbing, Linsey Levendall’s work is driven by a need to be in sync with his subconscious thoughts and dreams. He defines his work as ‘mildly trippy.’ His mash-up of influences ranges from the art historical to the contemporary, including the Surrealist artist Salvador Dali, animation, graphic novels and Cubism. Endearingly grotesque, his shape-shifting figures morph into objects within objects that make up infinite microcosms within the works. Treading the fine line between beauty and distortion, Levendall’s work is influenced by his milieu, in particular growing up in Cape Town’s Cape Flats. His work reflects the twisted beauty of a place filled with nature and wildlife, but corrupted by violence and suffering. A “morbid beauty” described by his “attraction to dysfunction, and the beauty within that.” Levendall believes in creating social change through art and tries to be involved in projects that endorse positive forward thinking. He works closely with The Black Heart Gang and Shy The Sun as a conceptual designer on groundbreaking animation for both the local and international market and makes up one half of the duo Bison.

Selected Exhibitions: 2017 – Fathoms, a two-man exhibition with Paul Senyol, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Suggestivism: Chronology, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica; Hidden Kingdoms, The Dream Factory Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany; 2013 – Neu Folk Revival, LeQuiVive Gallery, Oakland; Tragic Heroes, The Lab, California; Nelson Mandela Legacy Exhibition at the Cape Town Civic Centre; The Path Less Deconstructed, M. Contemporary, Sydney; 2012 – CORE, Museum Gallery, Cape Town; RADAR, group exhibition at Salon91; If you let yourself love a wild thing, group exhibition at Salon91.


Lizelle Kruger

“The Karoo is like a Kaleidoscope, it is ever changing in colour, shape and form”

The Karoo is an inexhaustable supply of inspiration for Lizelle Kruger. A place of kado’tjies (gifts), family history, identity and natural beauty. Her oils on canvas and found objects, large-scale pastels, mixed media and sculptural installations are rich in symbolism and relate to her identity as an Afrikaner woman.

Kruger works from her studio in Cape Town, but takes regular pilgrimages to the Karoo to find new subject matter. With her camera, she captures her models, structures, objects, the light and the landscape in great detail. She uses her photographs as source material for her paintings, often physically pasting together & cropping composite images in order to arrive at the perfect composition from which to start painting.

Lizelle’s current body of work is centred around the Sutherland and Merweville areas, the Tanqua Karoo & The Koup. The artist finds her inspiration on the farms of her late grandfather, where she is constantly uncovering poignant artifacts of a lifetime ago – often rusted and weathered, for the artist, these objects represent the perfect metaphor for the fragile and transient nature of life in these harsh surroundings. The traditional Voortrekker bonnet, which appears in many of her works is a particular feature of her exploration of female identity and culturally prescribed gender roles. These explorations are always linked to the land – that fertile, timeless and demanding mother of our daily needs.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions:

2013 – One in a Million at Salon 91, Cape Town. 2011 – Solo Exhibition of drawings at The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town; Karoo Kado’tjies, solo exhibition at Salon 91, Cape Town. 2008 – Women in Art at Mondo Arte Gallery, Dubai. 2007 – Summer Exhibition at Oisin Gallery, Dublin. 2003 – Solo Exhibition at the Cape Gallery, Cape Town; 1993 – SANDF Group Exhibition, Pretoria.




Karoo Kadotjies (Basic)

Karoo Kadotjies (Client Portfolio)


Louis Minnaar

Born 1984. Louis Minnaar operates as a director, animator, illustrator, graphic designer and general visual artist from his studio in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. He has been practicing as a freelance visual artist since 2005. Since completing his degree in Visual Communication (majoring in video) at The Open Window Academy Pretoria, Louis has produced music videos for artists such as VANCOKE KARTEL, DIE HEUWELS FANTASTIES, FLASH REPUBLIC and AKING, as well as taking part in over 40 exhibitions locally and internationally. During June of 2009, Louis held a multimedia solo exhibition titled ‘Originale’, which included print, video and installation pieces, at Salon91 in Cape Town, and During April 2012 he exhibited at Salon91 again, participating in ‘The River’, a two-person exhibition alongside Maaike Bakker. Louis received the animation prize at the 2008 Mnet edit awards for “henri” and has been nominated as a finalist in several local and international film/video festivals.




Lucie Demoyencourt

Lucie Demoyencourt was born in 1983 in Paris, she grew up in South Africa, where she works as an architect, set designer, illustrator and painter.  With no formal art training, painting and drawing is something Lucie has always done for herself.  By observing her subjects very closely, she allows the brush to move around the canvas without giving it much thought, trusting that her hand will do something intuitive to what she is seeing. Lucie aims to complete a painting in one sitting, and enjoys working into wet paint with thicker layers of colour. “I paint because I am addicted to the ‘surprise’ that the painted canvas gives me when I step back from the easel”.  Lucie has been a prolific artist despite being an architecture student for 7 years, painting mainly exotic palm trees, animals and dancers. Lucie’s mother was a ballet dancer and her father, an antique dealer and collector of African art, she says she has been inspired all her life by the things they have shown her.  Lucie has participated in a number of local and international exhibitions.

Maaike Bakker

Maaike Bakker, born 1986 is visual artist and illustrator working with various drawing,
sculpture and installation based mediums as well as digitally with regards to her illustration
based work. Bakker’s practice explores limitations imposed by systems or structures and
aims to determine at which point such structures may become excessive and irrelevant,
ultimately exploring futility.

Her work also sets out to introduce a variety of abstract visual languages that start
infiltrating each others ‘space’, disrupting their original expression and developing an
abstract dialogue which takes on a sort of visual broken telephone.

Maaike has participated in a number of group exhibitions at Salon91, and in April 2012 collaborated with Louis Minnaar on a two-person illustration show, titled, The River, at the gallery. Selected recent group shows include: Oracle (Salon 91, December 2016); Stellar (Salon 91, December 2015); Joburg, Joburg (Johannesburg Art Gallery, JHB, March 2014); Mega Bonanza-Maybe you just have bad taste (Kalashnikovv Gallery, JHB, August 2013); Et al. (Nirox Projects, JHB, April 2013); Re-sampled (Absa Gallery, JHB, November 2012); Hanging Gardens (KKNK, 2012); and Untitled (Long Street Art Lovers 1972, Pretoria, August 2012). During November 2013, Maaike had a Solo exhibition, titled, Now museum | Now you don’t, as part of her Master’s degree, at the Nirox Projects (JHB). Besides creating her own work, Maaike also teaches design and illustration, participates in public art projects, and is a practicing art curator. Bakker enjoys introducing bright colours to her works and attempts to introduce the viewer to ‘the unseen familiar’ in her illustrations. Her work explores ‘what ifs’ and introduces scenery from an alternative reality, one where laws, such as gravity, can be toyed with and general norms are abstracted and challenged.

Maja Maljević

“To make something is to sound its own purpose, its own existence.”

Maja Malijevic was schooled in the Classical arts in Belgrade, Serbia. While Michaelango remains a lasting love of hers, it is the work of German Expressionists and other Modernist artists, such as Picasso, that impact her practice outside of formal art training.

Her contemporary painting draws on the rock music of the 90s, punk and grunge that find expression in her formal concerns about the relationship between elements in a composition. Maljević has unravelled her traditional training in order to find her own voice. Her grounding in the academic and the classical allowed her to bloom through abstraction, engaged in an act of creation that sidesteps diegesis. She begins with a ‘dirtying’ of the canvas by layering the white surface with a bright undercolour that opens the picture plane to her intuitive act of jigsaw.

She builds her surfaces with drips, blocks, bands and waves of colour, searching for harmony between colour and form, line and shape, expansive surface and small detail. The act of painting is important to her gestural abstraction. The artist incorporates fragments of the world as it is happening around her while she paints, but without dictating their significance to the viewer.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions:

2014 – Horror Vacui David Krut Projects, Cape Town; 2012 – Ex Nihilo at David Krut Projects, Cape Town; 2011 – Bubble and Leak at David Krut Projects, Johannesburg; 2009 – Into the Spine at David Krut Projects, Johannesburg; 2007 – Pretty Monsters at Obert Gallery, Johanneburg; 2006 – Represented Gallery Zvono at the Art Fair Cologne, Germany; 1998 – 3rd Yugoslav Biennale of Youth, Vrsac, Yugoslavia.

Maria Lebedeva

Maria Lebedeva was born in Moscow, Russia in 1986, arriving in South Africa at the age of 6. She studied Information Design at the University of Pretoria, thereafter completing a Masters degree specialising in illustration at the University of Stellenbosch. As a freelance artist, Maria enjoys working with visual storytelling in illustrated books, as well as experimenting with illustration within a gallery context. She has participated in a variety of local exhibitions, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Maria is currently living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91 2014 – Golden Haze group show at Salon91; Home is Wherever I’m With You, group exhibition at Salon91 2013 – Aurora, a group show at Salon91 2012 – I’d Rather Be Swimming a end of year group exhibition at Salon91.

Maria van Rooyen

“Perhaps home is a place we construct to juxtapose our current ‘here’.”

Place and displacement are recurring themes in van Rooyen’s work. She is inspired by the literature and history of her home country, South Africa, particularly sources of history-as-narrative – referring to the written, drawn and recorded impressions of events by those who are present as observers. She is attracted to the subjective nature of theses source.

Her new monotype prints continue with this interest in place and displacement. The interior or domestic landscape of these works is strangely confining. The furniture contains or limits the supine or seated figures. Here the home is made uncomfortable by its spatial construction.

Her large-scale mixed media drawings – combining ink, charcoal and coin rubbings – are laden with the history and politic of Southern Africa’s place in the global economy. In these works, the picture plane is repeatedly fragmented: composed of the individual paper strips of currency rubbings and inky descriptions. These composite images are conceived to disclose the ideological underpinnings of social and natural conceptions of space.

Selected Exhibitions:

2014 – Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon 91. 2010 – The Long Way Home, solo exhibition, Salon 91, Cape Town; Every Secret Thing at Polokwane Art Museum, Polokwane; Collateral at Fried Contemporary, Pretoria. 2009 – History(n) at UCA Gallery, Cape Town; Artist in Residence at Modern Autohaus, BMW – Mobility, Polokwane. 2008 – Association d’Arts, Biarritz, France. 2006 – Installation at Memory, Narrative and Forgiveness, reflecting on ten years of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Cape Town; Solo Exhibition Alliance Francaise, Gerard Sekoto gallery, Johannesburg.

Mariëtte Bergh

“Images start off as energy that gain shape through words.”

Mariëtte Bergh is a quiet watcher, a voyeur of people in the mundanity of their everyday. The artist has only just recently relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Her works interrogate the strange fiction of the day to day through imaginary characters and animal metaphors. Hers is the realm of the seeming incompatibility of opposing thoughts: routine and change, conformity and rebellion, something and nothing, mundane and mystery, image and text.

Reverse-glass painting is Bergh’s favourite medium but she mixes this up with other materials such as oil and wood. Trained as a painter and illustrator, Bergh is fascinated by the potential of the doodle as a tool in her art-making. Music, poetry and writing are big inspirations for her observations of humanity. In that somewhere space between the picture and the word is the energy that shapes her production.

Schooled at the Johannesburg National School of the Arts and Vega, the Brand Communication School, Johannesburg, Bergh worked for some years as a graphic designer and art director before enjoying having the rug pulled out from under her feet when she moved back into fine art full-time. She relishes this change as her free-fall independence.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions:

2014 – Gravity at Salon 91, Cape Town. 2013 – Lovely Creatures at Culture Gallery, Cape Town; One In A Million at Salon 91, Cape Town, Cape Town Art Fair with Salon 91. 2012 – Bare Your Bones at Room, Johannesburg; The Art of Happiness at Upstairs@Bamboo, Johannesburg. 2010 – Swindle at Left, Johannesburg; We Don’t Belong at Left, Johannesburg; Life in a Picture at Rust en Vrede Gallery, Cape Town. 2005 – Ansisters at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.


Natasha Norman

“I wonder how my act as an artist can resonate with larger natural forces of creation and destruction.”

Natasha Norman’s work is defined, evolved and inspired by the medium and technologies of print. She uses traditional print techniques to grapple with the coded language of contemporary images and interrogates her materials through the process of art making within the printing tradition.

In her latest series, the material qualities of lithographic ink and watercolour have been dissolved and distressed resulting in an horizon-less landscape of marks that evoke the processes of erosion, decay, mining and weathering.

Norman was trained in traditional Western relief and intaglio methods at the University of Cape Town but has subsequently attended a residency in Japan where she was introduced to the Japanese relief print method called Mokuhanga. Her current work is very inspired by this new watercolour print process and has extended into an investigation of the aesthetics of erosion by water.

Norman completed her Honours (2005) and Masters (2011) degree in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. She is a visual studies lecturer, arts writer and practicing artist, lecturing at various institutions and universities in South Africa and published as an independent writer in various journals and South African magazines.

Select Exhibitions:

2015 – However, Art Hub Gallery, London; Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg, Salon 91 booth; 2014 – Golden Haze at Salon 91, Cape Town; 2013 –Slate Projects at UK Multiplied Print Fair, Christies, London; 2011 – Further Fictions (solo) Commune 1 Gallery, Cape Town; 2010 – Tretchikoff and Me at Salon 91, Cape Town; 2008 – ABSA Atelier Finalist Exhibition, Pretoria; 2007 – The Look of Love (solo) Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town; 2003 – YDEsire, Castle of Goodhope, Cape Town.


Neill Wright

In 2007 Neill graduated, with distinction to the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Honours), at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, majoring in new media. His production then, looked particularly at the social products of contemporary society from a global as well as South African perspective. This exploration was taken further and similar themes were covered as part of his overall body of work required for obtaining the degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, which he graduated with in 2009, majoring in printmaking.

Working in a number of different mediums such as, drawing, print, painting and sculpture, Neill continues to draw inspiration from the media, society and politics, attempting to create a panoramic view of all the issues, difficulties and paradoxes which are embedded in global and more specifically, South African society. His interpretations often have a somewhat comic/tragic twist to them which is the artists attempt to create an uncomfortable space in which we, as observers, are caught between being saddened and amused.

Since completing his education Neill has been extremely prolific, participating in a number of group exhibitions at Salon91 and Lovell Gallery in Cape Town, and at In Toto Gallery in Johannesburg. Major solo exhibitions to date include The Hilarity of Reality, Circa on Jellicoe, Johannesburg, June 2013; Spectacular but Empty, The Lovell Gallery, Cape Town, November 2012; and Protect Your Roots, Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection, Cape Town, February 2011. Neill was included in the Johannesburg Art Fair, South Africa, during 2012 and participated in the Cape Town Art Fair, the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, the Johannesburg Art Fair, the Turbine Hall Art Fair (Johannesburg), as well as the Standard Bank National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa during 2013. His works are housed in private collections in Europe, the United States, Australia and South Africa. The artist is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nelson Makamo

Nelson Makamo was born in a small town of Nylstroom (now Modimolle), Limpopo province, in 1982. Makamo moved to Johannesburg to join the Artist Proof Studio in January 2003 where he studied for 3 years and worked for another 2 years as sales representative and curator to the gallery. He was awarded a bursary from Johnson and Johnson and awarded the Pinpointone Human Resources Scholarship in 2005. Makamo has exhibited in a large number of group and solo exhibitions in South Africa, France, Italy, America, The Netherlands and Scotland. His first solo exhibition, Walk with Me, was held at the Obert Contemporary Gallery in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. During 2006 Makamo exhibited alongside some of South Africa’s most established artists such as David Koloane, Colbert Mashile, Deborah Bell and William Kentridge in a group exhibition titled Ten Years of Printmaking: David Krut Print Studio. During 2012 Nelson participated in a group exhibition at Salon91 in Cape Town, titled Figuring Difference. The artist held a highly successful solo exhibition at Salon91 titled Intermixed with My Realities and Feelings during November 2013. Makamo’s art is housed in the corporate collections of Standard Chartered, Telkom, City of Johannesburg, Unisa, Matasis Investment Holdings (Company named after Mandela, Tambo and Sisulu) and Obert Gallery. His work is also collected by private local investors, as well as famous international personalities, such as fashion mogul, Georgio Armani, and musician, Annie Lenox. Recent achievements include being named Art South Africa’s Seventh Bright Young Thing and winning the Klipdrift Gold Artists Award. Makamo currently works as a fulltime artist from his studio in The City of Gold.


Nicole Dalton

Nicole has ‘an insatiable love’ for what she does. By day the tireless Capetonian is the studio head of Jane Says; by night she sells her covetable lapel pins and prints via her own business, Ghost Goods. Her pet projects are those that ‘people interact with in their own way. I’d love to get involved with making design more accessible to everyone in Cape Town,’ she says of her future plans.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91. 2015 – Stellar, group exhibition at Salon 91 2014 – Golden Haze a group exhibition at Salon91.

Nina Torr

Nina Torr is an artist/illustrator based in Pretoria. After attaining her BFA from the Parsons School of Design in New York in 2010, Torr returned to South Africa, where she is currently working as an artist and participating in exhibitions, as well as teaching illustration at the Open Window School Institute. Nina’s illustrations have been featured in local publications such as Essie Letterpress’ Artist’s Almanac, the Bat Butt Zine and iJusi. She has also produced prints in collaboration with Black River Studio and David Krut.

Nina has held four solo shows, most recently “Still at Sea” at 99 Loop Gallery in CT. Other venues where Nina regularly exhibits include In Toto Gallery (JHB), No End Gallery (JHB) and Kalashnikovv (JHB) with the Mega Bonanza Collective.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Still at Sea, at 99 Loop Gallery (CT) 2015 – Stellar, group exhibition at Salon91 2014 – Again and Again, solo exhibition at In Toto Gallery (JHB); Home is Wherever I’m With You, group exhibition at Salon91; Gravity, group exhibition at Salon91. 2012 – An Unnatural History, solo show at In Toto Gallery (JHB); Milk and Honey on The Other Side, solo exhibition at Wolves Café (JHB).


Paul Senyol

The formal qualities of line, shape and hue are the basis of Paul Senyol’s compositions that celebrate the abstract moments of the image. Through his painting process, Senyol connects with the language of his neighbourhood in which he is often seduced by the scratchings of a streetwalker. He likes it when kids take a piece of chalk and write on the wall. Senyol received no formal artistic training, but he has been studying art and the mark since his fascination with skateboarding magazines as a teenager in Cape Town. He is inspired by the Mission School Art Movement in San Francisco, the Woostercollective, Marc Gonzalez, Ed Templeton, Barry McGee, punk rock music and the way skateboarding and cycling enables him to access the city. Graphics, album covers, magazine layouts and illustrations are an important influence in his aesthetic, as is the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Henri Matisse and Joan Miró, respectively. Senyol came to prominence exhibiting “free art” on street corners in the early 2000s, enabling him to connect directly with the street and its unexpected audiences. He now exhibits almost exclusively within the gallery space, but this shift remains, for him, just another space to engage the viewer in a new way.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Simulacrum, group show, Gallery2, Parkwood; Mural participant, International Public Arts Festival; Fathoms, a two-man exhibition with Linsey Levendall, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Kindle, Gallery2, Parkwood; Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Inhabitant, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Paper Is You III, group show at Salon91. 2015 – Every Idle Word, A solo exhibition at Gallery2, Parkwood; This is the Place, group exhibition at Salon91; Top 10 Finalist exhibition, Barclays L’Atelier; Polynesia, an exhibition of paintings with Cathy Layzell at Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Odd Traditions, with Pierre Le Riche, Salon91; Paper is You II, group show, Salon91; Artist-in-residence, Arteles Creative Centre, Finland; Artist residency, Neustadt Symposium, Germany. 2013 – Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; A Vacant Passage, with Andrzej Urbanski, Salon91; ABSA Atelier Top 100 Finalist. 2012 – The Man of Dust, solo exhibition at Salon91; Gather, with Augustine Kofie, Lovell Gallery in association with Salon91. 2011 – Paper Is You, group show, Salon91; 6511 Miles, Pro-Artibus Residency, Finland; Urban Aesthetic, Worldart Gallery, Cape Town; Broadcasts, KZNSA Gallery, Durban. 2010 – Stroke 03 Urban Art Fair, Berlin.







Pierre le Riche 

“Art should leave you with questions rather than answers.” Pierre le Riche’s practice questions what it means to be a gay white South African male in post-apartheid South Africa. His main concern revolves around the inherent hegemonies of masculinity, patriarchy and heteronormativity in the Afrikaner community, where he has been confronted with issues surrounding gender conformity all his life. He attempts to subvert these ideas through the use of traditional craft techniques in his work in order to create awareness around the problematic nature of heteronormativity in various subcultures. In light of these concerns, the artist has keenly been investigating the controversial ‘SCOPE’ magazine, a historic South African publication known for having risqué content and being banned by the apartheid government. Translating images of the magazine from pixels to stitches allows him to strip them from their original intent, effectively emasculating, desexualising and distorting the content. Le Riche is currently enrolled for a MFA at Michaelis School of Fine Art.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Colour Complex, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – Top 100 exhibition, Sanlam Portrait Award; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Odd Traditions at Salon91; What’s Going On at The Lovell Gallery, Cape Town; Fresh Produce at the Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg; Artist-in-residence, Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijarvi, Finland; Winner of the Vuleka visual arts competition, Artb Gallery, Cape Town. 2013 – Finalist exhibition Absa L’Atelier Competition at ABSA Art Gallery, Johannesburg; Op Hierdie Rots on outoftheCUBE online platform.

Ronald Muchatuta

Ronald Muchatuta was born in 1984.  He was mentored at a  Fine Art  Gallery – Gallery Delta in Zimbabwe from 2002 – 2004 as a Painter. Ronald came to Cape Town seven years ago and graduated at Spier Arts Academy in 2012 where he  studied Professional Mosaic for three years.  Throughout his studies, he continued painting and exhibiting in leading galleries in Cape Town and Zimbabwe.  Ronald’s work currently explores with the sensual feeling of women swimming in aquatic seas and oceans. The motive of the work is to engage the viewer with the deep sea experience and it’s surroundings. Currently he lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sarah Pratt

Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Sarah Pratt holds a Master of Fine Arts degree. She is a highly skilled printmaker, specializing in copper etching, linocut, collograph and monoprint. After spending 10 years in the print department of Michaelis as a part-time staff member, Sarah decided to devote most of her time to making her own work. She is an extremely prolific artist, constantly creating, and participating in a number of exhibitions. Sarah works from a group studio in Observatory, where she is currently interested in ink and gouache on paper, paper cut-out work, monoprints and drypoints.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – The Fox, The Owl and the Robber a solo exhibition at Salon91. 2015 – Dog Days a solo exhibition at Salon91. 2014 – Away, Salon91. 2013 – I’d Rather be Swimming, Salon91; Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Durban; Lytton St Exhibit, Cape Town; Shoes from Chinese Ships, Salon91.

Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson has an innate understanding of form, tone and light. His photography skill was honed on film format black and white cameras and has reached new technical heights since venturing into the digital world. Experimentation, a strong natural talent and persistence for perfection are what define his image creation. Timelessness infuses his images, which are crafted from impossibly long exposure times of tide or light or the more instant composition of natural forms whilst walking outdoors. He uses little post-production, preferring to craft the image onsite. His understanding of tonal range invests his images with a full and complex visual surface. This skill transforms potentially ordinary subjects into extraordinary meditations upon natural forces, the rhythm of the ocean or eternally shifting sky. As a surfer, Gibson’s love of the ocean is matched only by his passionate attention to weather forecast. Thus the shape of cloud, ocean surface or a change in wind direction communicates much more than an obvious aesthetic consideration but is directly linked to an active experience out at sea. As such, these subjects speak to Gibson of a deeper sense of natural beauty. Amongst the knowledge of filters, lenses and aperture lies a deeply intuitive artistic response to the landscape of his home in Cape Town.


Sunette Viljoen

Sunette Viljoen is currently living and working in Cape Town. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch in 2007, after which she spent some time abroad in London and New York, before returning to South Africa in 2010. She recently completed her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art. Viljoen works in various mediums, incorporating printmaking, sculpture, drawing and photography in room-sized installations. She has also initiated and exhibited in various group shows since 2007. Awards include: Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Artist residency, Germany; South African National Research Foundation Freestanding Master Scholarship (2011); South African National Arts Council Individual Bursary award (2010).

Swain Hoogervorst

Swain Hoogervorst was born in Cape Town during 1988. Between 2007 and 2009 he studied Creative Brand Communications at Vega, the Brand Communication School, specialising in Visual Communication. The artist participated in Sketch Assembly, Cape Town (2010), Salon Locale, Collage Fashion Deli Group Show and Art Walk (all in Cape Town during 2011), and Skins at Everybody Loves Gallery as well as { Impression; Sunset } A New Collection of Contemporary Painters at Salon91 (Cape Town, 2012).

Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti Pehrson is a Northern Californian artist who has been creating geometric, layered sculptural volumes for over fifteen years. His primary tools include Number 11 blades and Lenox Paper. His intricate designs evolve organically through his hand-cut practice resulting in a constant process of artistic discovery and translation from idea to object. Light and shadow are defining features of his works that consistently speak about shifts from the material to ethereal, about the links between individual shapes and the overall structure of a whole system. Articulated primarily through Guilloche patterns, Pehrson’s employment of a system of geometric patterns reflects upon designs associated with Fabergé eggs, Spirographs or the certification patterns on bank notes. Intriguing patterns, he says, remain romantic while obvious patterns may be more integral but less seductive. When asked what drives him to create such laborious works of art, Pehrson answers that it’s the process and the importance of owning one’s time. Pehrson has exhibited extensively internationally and more recently in South Africa at Salon Ninety One.

Selected Exhibitions: 2017 – Ao Group Show, Salon91; Art on Paper Installation New York; Facebook Menlo Park New permanent collection installation; San Tropez Art Fair 2016 – RVCA VASF, San Francisco, solo show, and capsule collection; K.Imperial Gallery, Solo show, San Francisco; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91, Johannesburg; Side Street Studios Artist Residency, Cape Town; Converse Lovejoy Art Program, Boston Mass; Paths, Tahiti Pehrson & Andrzej Urbanski, Salon91, Cape Town. 2015 – Joseph Gross Gallery NYC, solo show; Cinders Gallery NYC, Group show. 2014 – Light Suspension (solo), K.Imperial Gallery, San Francisco; Fold, Paper, Scissors, Mesa Arts Center, Arizona; Connectivity (solo), Salon91, Cape Town; New Works (solo), Mouki Mou, London. 2013 – Circadian Rhythm (solo), K. Imperial Fine Art San Francisco; Love Me Tender: contemporary artists Working in Currency, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue WA; Active Synchrony, University of San Francisco.




During February 2014, we were blessed to host a solo exhibition by Tahiti Pehrson. While the artist and his travel companion were in Cape Town, they filmed part of a documentary on Tahiti’s career as artist and his passion for skateboarding, as well as the ways in which people are universally connected, hence the name of his solo exhibition, Connectivity. Watch the beautifully crafted trailer here, which features music by Bilderberg Motel.

Thank you Adrian Day of Baseline.

Tamsin Relly

Tamsin Relly is a visual artist working in a variety of media; including paint, print, installation and social intervention. Practicing since 1999, Tamsin has exhibited widely and her work is included in private and corporate collections, locally and abroad, including VISA, Tokara and Hollard in South Africa. Born in Cape Town in 1981, Tamsin relocated to London in 2009 and completed her Masters In Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2011. Relly has participated in a number of exhibitions, including ‘If you let yourself love a wild thing’ a large-scale charity group show (December 2011) & ‘The Center Cannot Hold’ (January 2012) a solo exhibition, at Salon91 in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work was shortlisted for the 2011 Clifford Chance Award for Postgraduate Printmaking in London.

Tess Metcalf

Tess Metcalf is a Cape Town born printmaker who recently graduated with a BAFA from the Michaelis school of Fine Art. On graduating she received the Simon Gerson Award and a number of her works form a part of the permanent UCT collection as well as the Katrine Harries Print Cabinet. Working predominantly within the medium of print and drawing on the historical significance of printmaking and the role of images in the construction of knowledge, Tess Metcalf uses her work as a means of understanding her own position within an ineffably vast and uncontrollable universe. Since graduating her work has been shown on The Greatest Hits 2013: Industrial Harvest at the AVA, and she has also collaborated with Sarah Pratt on her window installation for her recent solo exhibition, Away, at Salon91 (January 2014). Infatuated by all things print Tess Metcalf currently resides and works in Cape Town as an artist, filling her spare time with the restoration of an 1880s stone lithography printing press and producing a range of her own hand printed and bound sketchbooks.


Zarah Cassim

“I confront a sense of confusion and disorientation in an absurd world.”

Zarah Cassim is a painter concerned with notions of perception. She uses her medium to affect a viewer’s encounter with spatial illusion. Her works foreground a visual rebellion against systemic norms by evolving as visual riddles about pictorial space.

Woven into the theme of unveiling the artifice of reality, is a concern with natural forms and spaces. Cassim appropriates the natural space as a metaphor for an existential attitude. It is in natural forms that she finds the vehicle for a sense of disorientation: the reflection of a chaotic or absurd world, which marks a breaking point for the human condition. Some of her surfaces revel in the flat beauty of the painted mark itself. As a viewer we are seduced by the texture and material of her tool of illusion. Other works evoke a dream-like, ungraspable landscape that threatens to dissolve at any concrete claim over form.

Cassim graduated with an Honours in Fine Art from the University of Cape Town in 2014. She was a Sasol New Signature finalist in 2013. In 2015 she was a finalist at the ABSA L’Atelier competition and also exhibited at the Turbine Art fair in Johannesburg with Salon 91. She held a solo exhibition at 99Loop in Cape Town titled These Spaces/These Places also in 2015 and has exhibited at various South African galleries, including the KKNK Absa gallery in 2016. In 2017 she participates in The Other Art Fair in New York and will host her second solo exhibition at Salon 91 titled The Guise of Reality.