Paul Senyol

PAUL SENYOL is an abstract painter who reflects the details of everyday life, paired down to an empathy with colour, line and form. His work is a crafted response to his wonderings through various spaces. The colours and textures of urban and natural environments inform his spontaneous practice in the studio where every material he uses – acrylics, pastels, ink, pencils and spray paint – is chosen for the particular mark it can contribute to a finished composition. Senyol has been studying art and the mark since his fascination with skateboarding magazines as a teenager in Cape Town. Skateboarding emerged as a gateway to early creative works on the street and remains an important part of Senyol’s experience of urban spaces. He makes regular visits to the public library to source graphics, album covers, magazine layouts and illustrations. Senyol’s unique visual language is founded on the inevitable change and flux in environments. His works are testament to the translation of experiences into form.

Upcoming Exhibitions: 19 September – 20 October, solo exhibition, Salon91.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2017 – Trees Make Forests, year-end exhibition, Salon91; Simulacrum, group show, Gallery2, Joburg; Mural participant, International Public Arts Festival; Fathoms, with Linsey Levendall, Salon91; FNB Joburg Art Fair with Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2016 – Kindle, Gallery2, Joburg; Oracle, year-end exhibition, Salon91; Inhabitant, solo exhibition, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; CTAF with Salon91; Paper Is You III, group show at Salon91. 2015 – Every Idle Word, solo exhibition, Gallery2, Joburg; This is the Place, group exhibition, Salon91; Top 10 Finalist exhibition, Barclays L’Atelier; Polynesia, with Cathy Layzell, Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; CTAF with Salon91. 2014 – CTAF with Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Odd Traditions, with Pierre Le Riche, Salon91; PIY II, group show, Salon91; Artist-in-residence, Arteles Creative Centre, Finland; Artist residency, Neustadt Symposium, Germany. 2013 – CTAF with Salon91; A Vacant Passage, with Andrzej Urbanski, Salon91; ABSA Atelier Top 100 Finalist. 2012 – The Man of Dust, solo exhibition, Salon91; Gather, with Augustine Kofie, presented by Lovell Gallery and Salon91. 2011 – PIY I, group show, Salon91; 6511 Miles, Pro-Artibus Residency, Finland; Urban Aesthetic, Worldart Gallery, Cape Town; Broadcasts, KZNSA Gallery, Durban. 2010 – Stroke 03 Urban Art Fair, Berlin.








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