Sarah Pratt

Sarah Pratt is a highly skilled printmaker specialising in copperplate etching, linocut, collograph and monoprint. She begins her work with an object that interests her and then imagines what unexpected relationship to build with another object. The results are mapped in the final artwork where pen, paint, print and ink materialise her subjects. Her current interest is in drawing with gouache, pen and ink, but it is the process of layering (so fundamental to printmaking) that continues to influence her aesthetic. Pratt relishes the juxtaposition of unexpected or discordant objects and the absurdity and humour of dreams. Witty and endearing, Pratt’s works also communicate her own personal struggles with space and place, the loss of a beloved pet or humanity’s tenuous link with the natural world. Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Pratt spent 10 years teaching printmaking part-time at UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art where she completed her MFA. She is an extremely prolific artist, constantly creating and actively participating in exhibitions.

Selected Exhibitions: 2018 – ‘Migration’ solo exhibition at Salon91; ‘Turbine Art Fair’, Johannesburg, Salon91 Booth. 2017 – ‘The Dark Forest’ at Rust en Vrede Gallery; ‘Oracle’ at Salon91. 2016 – ‘The Fox, The Owl and the Robber’, solo exhibition at Salon91; ‘The Grand III’ at Rust en Vrede Gallery. 2015 – ‘Dog Days’, solo exhibition at Salon91; ‘Narratives’ at Rust en Vrede Gallery. 2014 – ‘Away', solo exhibition at Salon91. 2013 – ‘I’d Rather be Swimming’, Salon91; Lytton Street studio Exhibition, Cape Town; ‘Shoes from Chinese Ships’ at Salon91.


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