Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson has an innate understanding of form, tone and light. His photography skill was honed on film format black and white cameras and has reached new technical heights since venturing into the digital world. Experimentation, a strong natural talent and persistence for perfection are what define his image creation. Timelessness infuses his images, which are crafted from impossibly long exposure times of tide or light or the more instant composition of natural forms whilst walking outdoors. He uses little post-production, preferring to craft the image onsite. His understanding of tonal range invests his images with a full and complex visual surface. This skill transforms potentially ordinary subjects into extraordinary meditations upon natural forces, the rhythm of the ocean or eternally shifting sky. As a surfer, Gibson’s love of the ocean is matched only by his passionate attention to weather forecast. Thus the shape of cloud, ocean surface or a change in wind direction communicates much more than an obvious aesthetic consideration but is directly linked to an active experience out at sea. As such, these subjects speak to Gibson of a deeper sense of natural beauty. Amongst the knowledge of filters, lenses and aperture lies a deeply intuitive artistic response to the landscape of his home in Cape Town.



To be confirmed.


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