Jessica Bosworth Smith

Jessica Bosworth Smith is an artist who consistently challenges the conventions and techniques of visual storytelling. Her works explore themes of memory, the esoteric and the uncanny by a process of thorough research and application of concepts associated with psychology and parapsychology.

Bosworth Smith believes in a fluid and multifaceted form of storytelling and, as such, is consistently exploring traditional mediums in experimental ways. She works primarily in ink, watercolour and pencil with final works often culminating in printed and hand-bound artist books.

Her recent projects have been inspired by the concept of “felt reality” synonymous with the Spanish American genre of narrative fiction termed ‘magical realism.’ The idea of a shifting reality co-existing with a peripheral fictional reality has led her to explore a series of strange Beings who dissolve and reconfigure endlessly across her images. Rorschach-like and mysterious, it is the viewer’s projections onto the figures that determines their benevolence or malevolence.
Jessica Bosworth Smith received her BFA from Rhodes University and her Honours in Visual Studies (Illustration) from Stellenbosch University (Cum Laude) as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. She founded and currently co-administers the Cape Town based womxn’sillustration collective Unblush. She has just published her first children’s book, “The Straw Giant & The Crow” through Imagnary House and recently spent a month on the Comic Blast residency with the Arteles Creative Center in Finland.

Exhibitions and Awards: 2017 – ‘Those Who Eat the Tail,’ ABSA l’Atelier Top 100 exhibtion; selected as one of Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives.


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