Katrin Coetzer

Katrin Coetzer was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1985. She completed her undergraduate studies in applied design at Stellenbosch University and later went on to postgraduate studies in illustration at the same institution. She has worked for the past decade as an independent illustrator for various international publications including Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to her editorial and branding work she has illustrated five books for children and has exhibited her original work in Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, and Sydney. Katrin’s deepest fascination is with personal geographies and the intricacies of ecological co-existence. Her most recent solo exhibition, Warmblooded, paid homage to the work of British broadcaster and naturalist, David Attenborough. She works primarily in water-based pigments on paper.



2018 – Warmblooded, solo exhibition at Salon91. 2017 – On Paper of Clay, group exhibition at Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney. 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Under the Same Sun, solo exhibition at Do Design Madrid. 2015 – Sub Rosa, solo exhibition at Do Design Madrid. 2014 – Into Another Summer, solo exhibition at Do Design Madrid; 36 Mountains, a touring group show, Zagreb and Paris; The Colours of the Sacred, Museo Dicesano di Padova, Padua; Illustrators Exhibition, Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo. 2013 – Honeymoon, solo exhibition at Salon91; Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy & Japan with the Itabashi Art Museum. 2012 – Design Indaba Expo as part of the CCIBA/Stellenbosch University bookstand. 2011 – If you let yourself love a wild thing, group show at Salon91; Draft, group exhibition of selected Masters work, US gallery, Stellenbosch; Safe Spaces group exhibition & campaign auction, Freeworld Design Centre, Cape Town; Handbound, group exhibition coordinated by Prof Keith Dietrich, Sasol Gallery, Stellenbosch; Swatch Illustrative Berlin, selected in category Book Design as highly commended, Berlin; Winter Wonderland, group show at Salon91; Paper is You, group show at Salon91. 2009 – Ontopoftheworld, group show Cape Town Stadium. 2008 – Greatest Hits at the Association of Visual Arts, Cape Town; Verf group show, Blank Projects Gallery, Cape Town. 2007 – Fin, Stellenbosch University Graduate Exhibition


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