Bruce Mackay

BRUCE MACKAY is a visual artist known for his intricate, organic compositions. Using patterns inspired by order and chaos in nature he creates energy and depth with his graphic line work and limited palette. Drawing from a long list of inspirations varying between, botany, geography, science fiction, punk rock, anatomy, spirituality, and quantum entanglement, he has developed a personal visual language of symbolic objects and scenes to express themes of tension, motion, mortality, turmoil and serenity. Mackay currently works as a creative director and illustrator at Studio Muti, having worked as an art director, animator, illustrator and graphic designer over the past 11 years.



2020 – Collaborative fine art print as part of the 50ty50ty project. 2019 – Wildflowers, end-of-year group salon in aid of Ilitha Labantu, Salon91; Entropy, group exhibition, Salon91. 2018 – Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Folklore, group exhibition, Salon91. 2016 - Oracle, group exhibition, Salon91. 2015 – Stellar, group exhibition, Salon91. 2014 – Those Who Wander, group exhibition, Salon91; Home is Wherever I’m with You, group exhibition, Salon91. 2013 – Former Mountains, group exhibition, Salon91; The Editions Show, group exhibition, Salon91; One in a Million, group exhibition, Salon91; I’d Rather Be Swimming, group exhibition, Salon91. 2012 – The Heat Is On, an exhibition in association with Econoheat at The Street, Johannesburg; Radar, group exhibition, Salon91.


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