Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay is a visual artist specializing in tactile, handcrafted typography and illustration. His aesthetic is defined by his preference for drawing in pen and ink, creating images that are intricate linear compositions describing form through pattern and colour much like the work of a traditional engraver.

Mackay’s subject matter is very eclectic, ranging from things he finds in his dad’s garage, to invisible spirits and patterns in nature. He finds the punk-rock album covers from his childhood particularly inspiring but also lists hypochondria, vices, resurrections, X-ray vision, loose teeth, nostalgia, Science fiction, nature and foliageamong his inspirations. Throughout his works he balances a tension between rebelling against or submitting to a form of visual balance and order. His recent works derive their compositions from natural and organic shapes that through his interpretation in colour and pattern generate images with commanding depth and energy.

Mackay currently works as a designer and illustrator at Studio Muti. Over the past 10 years he has worked as an art-director, designer, illustrator and animator.

Selected Exhibitions:  2016 – ‘Oracle,’ group exhibition at Salon91. 2015 – ‘Stellar,’ group exhibition at Salon91. 2014 – ‘Those Who Wander,’ group exhibition at Salon91; ‘Home is Wherever I’m with You,’ group exhibition at Salon91. 2013 – ‘Former Mountains,’ group exhibition at Salon91; ‘The Editions Show,’ Salon91; ‘One in a Million,’ Salon91; ‘I’d Rather Be Swimming,’ a group exhibition at Salon91. 2012 – ‘The Heat Is On’ an exhibition in association with Econoheat at The Street, Johannesburg; ‘Radar,’ a group exhibition at Salon91.



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