Laurinda Belcher

Laurinda Belcher is a painter inspired by the playful nature of her inner child. She describes her works as little stories with hidden elements that emerge from her intuitive process of art making. Her imagination is fuelled by changing the perspective of domestic objects: the patterns found on curtains, duvet covers, or the play of light and shadow from the morning sun. Within the seemingly mundane Belcher describes a private world in acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.

Belcher worked as a preschool teacher in Hanoi. Since returning to South Africa she has fostered her interest in psychology and the way that childhood trauma shapes an adult understanding of the world. This interest has imbued her work with both a whimsical and dark nature. Where words fail, her painting practice aims to liberate those, often conflicting, innermost thoughts and feelings. Shapes, colours and line emerge like archaeological findings in her picture plane. Her avid interest in folklore and superstitions shapes the narrative nature of her works so as to tap into the covert human psyche.

Belcher is currently based in Paarl. She was the October 2018 featured artist on Unsung online magazine and has collaborated with the Cape Orchid Society and Government Educational programme, The Ladybird Project. She has exhibited locally in various galleries.



2021 - Regarding Winter, Salon Ninety One, Cape Town. 2020 - A Hazy Shade of Winter, Salon Ninety One, Cape Town. 2019Vers en Vlam Suidoosterfees, Artscape Centre, Cape Town; Muurblom/Wallflower, Woordfees, Stellenbosch. 2018The Return of Persephone Part III, Imibala Gallery, Cape Town; Stargarden, Platform 13 Gallery, Fishhoek; Summer Group Show, The Boutique Gallery, Franschoek. 2017- Noir, Daniel Kok Gallery, Hermanus; Group Exhibition, SIA Gallery, Woodstock Foundry; Summer Group Exhibition, The Boutique Gallery, Franschoek and Camps Bay; Dis die Blou, Daniel Kok Gallery, Hermanus. 2013 - 2nd Open Group Exhibition, Workroom Four, Hanoi, Vietnam.


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