Tara Deacon

Tara Deacon is an illustrator inspired by the overlooked moments in daily life and the colour of life under a South African sun. She grew up in Pretoria and studied product design in Johannesburg but currently lives and works in Berlin. Adventure and being in love are the reason for her living in Berlin where she has been able to work in the materials she adores: paper, paint and brush marks.

Deacon’s work is guided by her love of vibrant colour. She favours gouache as a medium because she can achieve both solid planes of colour and transparency. Her forms are simplified in order to allow the colour planes to read off one another in the manner of Fauvist paintings. She describes her colour choices as giving ‘voice’ to one another.

Living in Berlin affords Deacon a nostalgic mix of memory, place and daily life reflections in her works. Their themes are still informed by the country of her birth, her images populated by the fruits, plants, characters and light of her homeland. She has been painting since childhood and describes art making as a healing act, her solace in living a positive life adventure.

Deacon currently works on editorial and commercial illustration projects in London, South Africa and Germany. Her clients include Scoop Mag, Papier Magazine, Ogilvy, Nescafe , Wet the Label & La Lucha.

Selected projects and exhibitions: 2018 – Do Deisgn, Madrid, Spain; Close to Home, Solo Exhibition, Ahem Art Collective, Cape Town; Wallflower, Group exhibition, Ground Art Caffe, Cape Town. 2017 – Oranges & Bananas, risoprint showcase, T12 Atelier, Berlin. 2016 – It’s in my Naive Nature, Solo Exhibition, Erd und Feuer, Berlin.

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