Berry Meyer

Berry Meyer is a self-diagnosed paper hedonist, born in Namibia, educated in South Africa and recently relocated to the Netherlands. Through an interest sparked by a hobby of collecting various ephemera, Berry accumulated, dissected and sorted thousands of postage stamps according to their colour hues and themes. Over the last few months she cut out and organized these stamps according to their representation of women, men, children, flora, fauna, landscapes, religious iconography and art. On closer inspection it became apparent that the state visually represents its subjects on stamps and various other found media in a particular way and thereby legitimizes certain ways of life. By highlighting the societal conventions in imagery found on stamps, old South-African advertisements and an eclectic range of other media, she attempted to inscribe alternate narratives in visual representation through the intertextuality of media.

By dissecting stamps and reassembling them to represent imagined histories, the process of collage naturally presented opportunities to merge themes of time, race, sexuality, popular culture and printed media. Therefore, by using collage as a tool rather than a medium she was able to create parodies of visual representations on issues such as patriarchy, nationalism and religion, by representing whom the state ignores and thus revealing the constitutive other produced by the state.

Selected Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, group exhibition at Salon91; Paper Is You III, group exhibition at Salon91. 2014 – Golden Haze group show at Salon91; Paper Is You II, group exhibition at Salon91.

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