Maaike Bakker

Maaike Bakker, born 1986 is visual artist and illustrator working with various drawing,
sculpture and installation based mediums as well as digitally with regards to her illustration
based work. Bakker’s practice explores limitations imposed by systems or structures and
aims to determine at which point such structures may become excessive and irrelevant,
ultimately exploring futility.

Her work also sets out to introduce a variety of abstract visual languages that start
infiltrating each others ‘space’, disrupting their original expression and developing an
abstract dialogue which takes on a sort of visual broken telephone.

Maaike has participated in a number of group exhibitions at Salon91, and in April 2012 collaborated with Louis Minnaar on a two-person illustration show, titled, The River, at the gallery. Selected recent group shows include: Oracle (Salon 91, December 2016); Stellar (Salon 91, December 2015); Joburg, Joburg (Johannesburg Art Gallery, JHB, March 2014); Mega Bonanza-Maybe you just have bad taste (Kalashnikovv Gallery, JHB, August 2013); Et al. (Nirox Projects, JHB, April 2013); Re-sampled (Absa Gallery, JHB, November 2012); Hanging Gardens (KKNK, 2012); and Untitled (Long Street Art Lovers 1972, Pretoria, August 2012). During November 2013, Maaike had a Solo exhibition, titled, Now museum | Now you don’t, as part of her Master’s degree, at the Nirox Projects (JHB). Besides creating her own work, Maaike also teaches design and illustration, participates in public art projects, and is a practicing art curator. Bakker enjoys introducing bright colours to her works and attempts to introduce the viewer to ‘the unseen familiar’ in her illustrations. Her work explores ‘what ifs’ and introduces scenery from an alternative reality, one where laws, such as gravity, can be toyed with and general norms are abstracted and challenged.

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