Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti Pehrson

Building sculptures by the cutting away of material, Tahiti Pehrson creates geometrical patterns of volume that speak to universal traditions of patternmaking throughout the history mathematics, arts, and crafts. Dating back to the first sign of Guilloche in Greek and Roman times, and seen independently throughout world history, variations of these patterns can be found across the natural and the manmade world. Within Pehrson’s sculptures, each shape receives light and serves the structure of the whole system, concentrically leading to the next variation to make a singular structure.

These intricate sculptures explore interplays of light and shadow, building dynamic monochromatic constructions that give material form to the space-changing qualities of light. Elevating the spatial qualities particular to each commission, Pehrson’s works speak to site: shifting perceptions of volume and structure as the viewer moves around the work – and as the light evolves throughout the day.

Born in 1972 to artist parents in Santa Rosa, CA, Pehrson began early life as a painter. Like many painters, Pehrson wanted to imitate light in such a way as to capture it. After traveling Mexico, China and the museums of Europe in search of art, he moved to San Francisco to follow in the footsteps of his father by attending art school in the Bay Area. At the San Francisco Art Institute, Pehrson found himself increasingly disillusioned with painting as he was exposed to new ideas and modes of working. In reaction, he sought to “drop-out” of art and work in the streets with stickers and stencil making – a process that would evolve into a more developed and dedicated practice of paper-cutting, together with also beginning a new process of public engagement.



2021 - SFWA Gallery, Patterns and Symmetry Group Exhibition Curated by Hillary Olcott, San Francisco, CA; The Underlying Structure, Public Lands Gallery, solo exhibition, Sacramento, CA. 2020 - What Kind Of Cool Will They Think Of Next, Collaborative works with Rodney Ewing, Nancy Toomey Fine Art, San Francisco, CA; The Space Program Residency, Collaborative Residency and Works with Rodney Ewing, Winter, San Francisco, CA; Between The Lines, Heron Arts, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, CA; Shelter in Place, Group Exhibition, K.Imperial Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2019- SFO Terminal 3 Grand Hyatt, Circadian Transit; permanent installation. San Francisco International Airport San Francisco, CA. 2018 – Current Works, Joseph Gross Gallery, solo exhibition, Los Angeles, CA; Immersion, Group Exhibition, City of Brea Gallery, City Of Brea, CA; Obsession, K.Imperial Fine Art, group exhibition, San Francisco, CA; Haiti Charity Benefit, group exhibition, Heliotrope Foundation, Los Angeles, CA; Art Market, San Francisco; Featured Installation, San Francisco, CA; Daelim Museum, Featured Installation, Seoul, South Korea. 2017 - Facebook Artist in Residency five year anniversary show, group exhibition, The Lab, San Francisco, CA; San Tropez Art Fair, Featured Installation, Joseph Gross Gallery, San Tropez, France; Facebook New, permanent collection installation, Menlo Park, CA; Private Collections, Enterprise Youth Charity Auction, group charity auction, New York, NY; Art on Paper Featured Installation, New York, NY. 2016 - Art At Viacom’s Artist-in-Residence, Installation Viacom; New York N.Y; RVCA VASF, solo exhibition and capsule collection release, San Francisco, CA; Side Street Studios Artist Residency, Cape Town, South Africa; Converse Lovejoy Art Program, Artist Residency and exhibition, Boston Mass; Paths, two person exhibition, Tahiti Pehrson X Andrzej Urbanski, Salon 91 Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa; Weighted Light Return, K.Imperial Gallery, solo exhibition, San Francisco, CA. 2015 - Facebook Artist in Residency, on-site installation permanent collection, Palo Alto, CA; Paredolia, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, NY; Pattern and Chaos, Cinders Gallery, group exhibition, New York, NY. 2014 - Light Suspension, K.Imperial Gallery, solo exhibition, San Francisco, CA; Fold, Paper, Scissors, group exhibition, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona; Parachute Market, L.A Featured Installation, Los Angeles, CA; Variations & Betwixt, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose Featured Installation, San Jose, CA; Waves for Water, group exhibition / clean water for the Philippines benefit, Curated by Chandran Gallery / Juxtapoz Magazine / Univ Surfshop, Leucadia, CA; Connectivity, solo exhibition, Salon 91 Gallery, Cape Town SA; In The Mix, group exhibition, K.Imperial Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Five Year Anniversary exhibition, group exhibition, Evergold Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2013 - Thinking Like the Universe, group exhibition curated by Aimee Friberg, Hatch Gallery, Oakland, CA; WCC Featured Installation, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA; Circadian Rhythm, solo exhibition, K. Imperial Fine Art, San Francisco, CA; Needles & Pens, 10 Year Anniversary Show, group exhibition, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Auction To Benefit the Artists, group exhibition, Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Transmissions, solo exhibition, Needles & Pens Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Love Me Tender: contemporary artists Working in Currency, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA; Active Synchrony: New Works by Tahiti Pehrson, solo exhibition, University of San Francisco Thatcher Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2012 - Sea of Love reconfiguration, Installation Alpha Building, Nevada City, CA; Sea of Love, Installation, SFAC Site Gallery, 155 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA; Everything Ever and Nothing Never, Needles & Pens Gallery, San Francisco CA. 2011 - Delta Corvi, Solo Exhibition Tartine, San Francisco CA; Works on Paper Gallery, Current Works solo exhibition, San Francisco, CA; Theta Pegasi, solo exhibition, Evergold Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2010 – Hand Over Fist, group show curated by Gabe Scott, VASF Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Natural Beauty, group exhibition curated by Serena Cole and Nico Lopez, Oakland, CA; Hold On Let Go, solo exhibition, Stumptown, Portland, OR. 2009 – Double Trouble, mentor show curated by Tara Lisa Foley, Evergold, San Francisco; Fools Gold, group exhibition curated by Andrew McClintock, Evergold, San Francisco, CA; Scala Naturae, solo exhibition, Oxenrose, San Francisco, CA; Idle Ties, group exhibition curated by Gabe Scott & Jay Howell, Together Gallery, Portland, OR; Never or Now, group exhibition curated by Julianne Yates & Gabe Scott, Gallery Heist, San Francisco, CA; San Francisco Art Commission, Art in Storefronts Installation curated by Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2008 - Bicycle Film Festival curated by Brendt Barbur, San Francisco, CA; Golden, two man show with Serna Cole ; curated by Gabe Scott, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Bicycle Film Festival Art Show curated by Brendt Barbur, Milan, Italy. 2007 - Picture in Progress, League of Young Voters group show, Market St Pop Up Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Aftermoden Anniversary show, group show curated by Marissa Gianno, Aftermoden Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2006 – Shifting Landscapes, group exhibition curated by Marissa Gianno, Aftermodern Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Salon de la Califonie, Making Impressions, group exhibition curated by Dominic Santos and Stella Lochman, San Francisco, CA; Mother Tongue, Brooklyn Fireproof Inc., two-man exhibition by Tahiti Pehrson and Galen Pehrson curated by Burr Dodd and Pearl Son, New York, NY. 2005 –Current Works, solo exhibition curated by Jessica Cusik and Julian Feinberg, Hotel Biron, San Francisco, CA; Seven on Our Side, group exhibition curated by Silver Warner, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Yo mire un Garza mora dandole combate a un rio, group exhibition curated by Devendra Banhart Atelier, Cardenas Bellanger Gallery, Paris, FR; Making Impressions, group exhibition curated by Dominic Santos and Stella Lochman, Salon de Oublis, San Francisco, CA; Out of Doors, group exhibition curated by Amber Abrahamson, Aftermodern Gallery, San Francisco, CA.


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