Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti Pehrson is a Northern Californian artist who has been creating geometric, layered sculptural volumes for over fifteen years. His primary tools include Number 11 blades and Lenox Paper. His intricate designs evolve organically through his hand-cut practice resulting in a constant process of artistic discovery and translation from idea to object. Light and shadow are defining features of his works that consistently speak about shifts from the material to ethereal, about the links between individual shapes and the overall structure of a whole system. Articulated primarily through Guilloche patterns, Pehrson’s employment of a system of geometric patterns reflects upon designs associated with Fabergé eggs, Spirographs or the certification patterns on bank notes. Intriguing patterns, he says, remain romantic while obvious patterns may be more integral but less seductive. When asked what drives him to create such laborious works of art, Pehrson answers that it’s the process and the importance of owning one’s time. Pehrson has exhibited extensively internationally and more recently in South Africa at Salon Ninety One.

Selected Exhibitions: 2017 – Ao Group Show, Salon91; Art on Paper Installation New York; Facebook Menlo Park New permanent collection installation; San Tropez Art Fair 2016 – RVCA VASF, San Francisco, solo show, and capsule collection; K.Imperial Gallery, Solo show, San Francisco; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91, Johannesburg; Side Street Studios Artist Residency, Cape Town; Converse Lovejoy Art Program, Boston Mass; Paths, Tahiti Pehrson & Andrzej Urbanski, Salon91, Cape Town. 2015 – Joseph Gross Gallery NYC, solo show; Cinders Gallery NYC, Group show. 2014 – Light Suspension (solo), K.Imperial Gallery, San Francisco; Fold, Paper, Scissors, Mesa Arts Center, Arizona; Connectivity (solo), Salon91, Cape Town; New Works (solo), Mouki Mou, London. 2013 – Circadian Rhythm (solo), K. Imperial Fine Art San Francisco; Love Me Tender: contemporary artists Working in Currency, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue WA; Active Synchrony, University of San Francisco.




During February 2014, we were blessed to host a solo exhibition by Tahiti Pehrson. While the artist and his travel companion were in Cape Town, they filmed part of a documentary on Tahiti’s career as artist and his passion for skateboarding, as well as the ways in which people are universally connected, hence the name of his solo exhibition, Connectivity. Watch the beautifully crafted trailer here, which features music by Bilderberg Motel.

Thank you Adrian Day of Baseline.

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