09.05 - 08.06.2019

A exhibition of paintings by Cathy Layzell

CATHY LAYZELL investigates humankind complex evolving relationship to nature, where an impulse to shape, tame and control the natural world lives alongside a desire to yield to its wildness and danger. Working in a gestural and abstract style, her vivid atmospheric oil paintings use a number of recurring motifs, taken from nature. They contain a remarkable color sense, where swathes of pigment-loaded brushstrokes are placed over thinner washes of layered color creating an illusion of color and light. She compares her act as an artist to that of a gardener and tries to strike a balance between spontaneity and calculation, wild abandon and thoughtful deliberation. From 2003 to 2007 Layzell was a returning Resident Artist at the Painting School of Montmirail in the South West of France (near Toulouse). She studied at Rhodes University and completed a post-graduate diploma in Fine Art from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2013.



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