25.01 – 25.02.17

A solo exhibition by Andrew Sutherland.

“He stepped gingerly, eyes fixed to the ground below him. He was carefully observing the minutest details of the forest floor, scanning for edible morsels amongst the fallen leaves. The dense canopy overhead allowed the trickle of glittering light to dance upon the mulch, confusing the eye with the illusion of movement, either that of friend or foe. His well-rehearsed movements provided him the opportunity for introspection. He had made so many new discoveries here in this unknown world within himself. He had found the wilderness to be like a still, glassy lake, inadvertently providing a mirror to his physical and mental condition. He suddenly felt the ground shift slightly beneath his feet and, before he could regain control, he stumbled clumsily. Quietly cursing his carelessness he realised he had roused the attention of an unknown creature close-by. He heard the crunch of sticks under large feet, and he turned to observe his observer…

Andrew Sutherland sinks into the well-worn and muddy shoes of the adventurer for his latest body of work, Shelter. Through the narrative of this exhibition we can identify with the protagonist, experiencing the ultimate self-propelled voyage of the intrepid explorer and lone personality out to forge a re-imagined connection with nature.”

– Words by Cynthia Edwards





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