06.12.2013 – 25.01.2014


Home is wherever I’m with you – A large-scale group show by Salon91s favourite artists! Expect to see accessible, affordable work across a broad range of mediums by emerging local creatives. This festive season Salon91 will donate a percentage of the profits raised from the show to the Ithemba Labantwana Children’s Home.

The show will run until 25 January 2014.

Participating Artists:

Donna Solovei
Syndi Kahn
Olivie Keck
Lucie De Moyencourt
Lara Feldman
Ben Winfield
Lauren Fowler
Charisse Gardiner
Leanne Shakenovsky
Paul Senyol
Kirsten Sims
Tyrrel Thaysen
Christi du Toit
Claudette Maskell
Swain Hoogervoorst
Mieke van der Merwe
Mia Chaplin
Philippa Green
Kirsten Beets
Jade Klara
Candice Ježek
Motel 7
Elsabe Milandri
Bruce Mackay
Rikus Ferreira
Sarah Pratt
Matthew Oldfield
Gabrielle Raaff
Galia Gluckman
Hello Mr Frank (Frank Conradie)
Ludwich Olivier
Katrine Claassens
Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Gerhard Human
Caroline Mackintosh
Katrin Coetzer
Cynthia Edwards
Zelda Weber
Arnelle Woker
Jean de Wet
Elmarie van Straten
Dani Loureiro
Andrzej Urbanski
Andrew Sutherland
Adrie le Roux
Lorenzo Nassimbeni
Candace Di Talamo
Maaike Bakker
Nina Torr
Lale Guralp
Maria Lebedeva
Christopher Denovan
Christiaan Conradie
Tanja Deman
Peter Mammes
& More…





01.12.12 – 26.01.2013

‘I‘d Rather Be Swimming’ End of year Group Salon in association with the  I AM WATER ocean conservation trust, featuring some Salon91 favourites as well as some fresh all-new local talent.

As passionate Ocean lovers, I AM WATER, founded by champion freediver Hanli Prinsloo, strives to share the joy aquatic with as wide an audience as possible. With the help of Salon 91 water will once again take centre stage, as it should! We are all Water, and we all share the opportunity and challenge to protect our last wilderness beneath the waves. The I am Water Ocean Conservation Trust aims to do this through education and awareness, spreading the love and protection of the oceans through introducing South Africans from all walks of life to the ocean environment & important conservation issues.

Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe, best known for her beautiful swimmer sculptures, which were installed at the Sea Point Promenade until recently, will be the guest speaker at the opening.

Salon91 &  I AM WATER will be hosting a beach clean up on Sunday the 20th of January 2013 at 10:00 am. We would love for the Salon91 community & everyone who appreciates nature, art or the ocean to get involved. Please contact us on info@salon91.co.za if you would like to help out.

Artists to be participating in ‘I’d rather be swimming’:

Adam Shear
Adrie Le Roux
Alice Edy
Alice Toich
Ben Winfield
Bruce Mackay
Cameron Richards
Candace Di Talamo
Carla Kreuser
Carlo Milandri
Caroline Mackintosh
Christiaan Conradie
Clinton Osbourn
Donna Solovei
Dylan Culhane
Elsabé Milandri
Elise Wessels
Elize Vossgatter
Emalie Bingham
Emily Jane Long
Fred Clark
Gabby Raaff
Galia Gluckman
Hugh Byrne
Ian Engelbrecht
Jaco Haasbroek
Jade Klara
Jean de Wet
Jo O’Connor
Justin Southey
Katrin Coetzer
Katrine Claassens
Kirsten Beets
Kirsten Lilford
Kirsten Sims
Lara Feldman
Lisa Firer
Lorraine Loots
Lucie Demoyencourt
Lucinda Mudge
Maaike Bakker
Maria Lebedeva
Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe
Mariëtte Bergh
Marlise Keith In association with Brundyn + Gonsalves
Mia Chaplin
Michael Tymbios
Michele Rolstone
Nicola DeJager
Pascal Paquette
Paul Senyol
Rebecca Haysom
Rikus Ferreira
Rohan Etsebeth
Sarah Pratt
Shan Fischer
Simon Berndt
Susana Paez
Swain Hoogervorst
Warren Lewis
You’ve Changed
Zelda Weber
& more…


Artworks – selected overview:


Exhibit Images:

Photos by David Hecker


Opening night:



27.06 – 28.07.2012



ABOUT ~ {Impression : Sunset} a new collection of contemporary painters.
This exhibition comprises a broad spectrum interpretation of contemporary painting using Monet’s famous image “Impression; Sunrise” as a point of departure. The exhibition features the works of Grace Cross, Alexandra Karakashian, Hugh Byrne, Lorraine Loots, Mia Chaplin, Swain Hoogervorst, Chris Auret, Galia Gluckman, Lara Feldman, Christiaan Conradie, and Mariëtte Bergh. Medium: paper, canvas, board, enamel, resin, oil, ink and acrylic.


Alexandra Karakashian Artworks:


Chris Auret Artworks:


Christiaan Conradie Artworks:


Galia Gluckman Artworks:


Grace Cross Artworks:


Hugh Byrne Artworks:


Lara Feldman Artworks:


Lorraine Loots Artworks:


Mariëtte Bergh Artworks:


Mia Chaplin Artworks:


Swain Hoogervorst Artworks:


Opening night:

Photos by Paul Ward.


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