06.12.2013 – 25.01.2014


Home is wherever I’m with you – A large-scale group show by Salon91s favourite artists! Expect to see accessible, affordable work across a broad range of mediums by emerging local creatives. This festive season Salon91 will donate a percentage of the profits raised from the show to the Ithemba Labantwana Children’s Home.

The show will run until 25 January 2014.

Participating Artists:

Donna Solovei
Syndi Kahn
Olivie Keck
Lucie De Moyencourt
Lara Feldman
Ben Winfield
Lauren Fowler
Charisse Gardiner
Leanne Shakenovsky
Paul Senyol
Kirsten Sims
Tyrrel Thaysen
Christi du Toit
Claudette Maskell
Swain Hoogervoorst
Mieke van der Merwe
Mia Chaplin
Philippa Green
Kirsten Beets
Jade Klara
Candice Ježek
Motel 7
Elsabe Milandri
Bruce Mackay
Rikus Ferreira
Sarah Pratt
Matthew Oldfield
Gabrielle Raaff
Galia Gluckman
Hello Mr Frank (Frank Conradie)
Ludwich Olivier
Katrine Claassens
Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Gerhard Human
Caroline Mackintosh
Katrin Coetzer
Cynthia Edwards
Zelda Weber
Arnelle Woker
Jean de Wet
Elmarie van Straten
Dani Loureiro
Andrzej Urbanski
Andrew Sutherland
Adrie le Roux
Lorenzo Nassimbeni
Candace Di Talamo
Maaike Bakker
Nina Torr
Lale Guralp
Maria Lebedeva
Christopher Denovan
Christiaan Conradie
Tanja Deman
Peter Mammes
& More…





24.07 – 24.08.2013



Group Show:

A fascinating display of Editions and Multiples, including Digital print, Etching, Laser-engraving, Sculpture, Screen-print, Photography and more…




Featured Artists:

Adrie Le Roux
Alice Edy
Andrew Sutherland
Annika de Korte
Ben Winfield
Bruce Mackay
Carmen Ziervogel
Caroline Mackintosh
Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Charles Haupt
Claudette Maskell
Clement de Bruin
Cynthia Edwards
Dani Loureiro
Donna Solovei
Dylan Culhane
Fred Clarke
Galia Gluckman
Gerhard Human
Hanno van Zyl
Hugh Byrne
Jade Klara
Jason de Villiers
Jay Gordon
Jono Dry
Jop Kunneke
Kirsten Sims
Louis Minnaar
Mareliza Nel
Mieke van der Merwe
Neill Wright
Otto du Plessis
Sarah Pratt
Simon Berndt
Sinead Turnham
Ulrich Knoblauch


Opening night – The Editions Show

‘Images courtesy of Revolution’  


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26.06 – 20.07.2013



Group Show – Various Media – Emerging Artists – Salon91

Artists have been challenged by the gallery to create anew / submit a masterpiece that they believe to be a truly once-off original, successful, archetypal example of their practice, which answers to the theme and title phrase ‘One in a Million’. Each artist will only submit one piece. The artists have really let their imaginations run wild with interpretations ranging from ideas around authenticity, rarity, preciousness, love, the night sky, fleeting moments, intricacy, endangered species, statistics & formulas, to the use of sparkly materials / precious metals within their work. Viewers will be presented with what could essentially be a one-in-a-million opportunity to collect a seminal work by an emerging artist.

The exhibition will open on the 26th of June at 18h30.
‘One in a Million’ will feature one work per artist.
Expect to see sculpture, painting, drawing, typography, digitally created works & more …Not to be missed!

Featured Artists include: Dylan Culhane, Jop Kunneke, Katrin Coetzer, Galia Gluckman, Emalie Bingham, Johke, Julia Anastasopoulos, Ambra Gambale of Ambra Fine Jewellery, Hugh Byrne, Kirsten Beets, Elsabé Milandri, Dani Loureiro, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, Mariëtte Bergh, Mieke van der Merwe, Gabrielle Raaff, Jono Dry, Swain Hoogervorst, Adriaan Diedericks, Leigh Tuckniss, Lucie Demoyencourt, Elize Vossgatter, Caroline Mackintosh, Katrine Brink Claassens, Candace di Talamo, Lizelle Kruger, Ceri Louise Müller, Mia Chaplin, Gerhard Human, Bruce Mackay, Friday Jibu, Nicola de Jager, Claudette Maskell, Chris Auret, Paul Senyol & Jade Waller.


Opening night:


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