27.06 – 28.07.2012



ABOUT ~ {Impression : Sunset} a new collection of contemporary painters.
This exhibition comprises a broad spectrum interpretation of contemporary painting using Monet’s famous image “Impression; Sunrise” as a point of departure. The exhibition features the works of Grace Cross, Alexandra Karakashian, Hugh Byrne, Lorraine Loots, Mia Chaplin, Swain Hoogervorst, Chris Auret, Galia Gluckman, Lara Feldman, Christiaan Conradie, and Mariëtte Bergh. Medium: paper, canvas, board, enamel, resin, oil, ink and acrylic.


Alexandra Karakashian Artworks:


Chris Auret Artworks:


Christiaan Conradie Artworks:


Galia Gluckman Artworks:


Grace Cross Artworks:


Hugh Byrne Artworks:


Lara Feldman Artworks:


Lorraine Loots Artworks:


Mariëtte Bergh Artworks:


Mia Chaplin Artworks:


Swain Hoogervorst Artworks:


Opening night:

Photos by Paul Ward.


Chris Auret

Chris Auret was born in Gauteng, South Africa, during 1988. Auret moved to Cape Town with his family at the age of 11, where he has lived for most of his life. After working in the advertising industry for a short period of 2 years as an Art Director, Chris Auret decided to pursue his creative passion as an artist. His style varies from medium to medium; from paintings to photography and more. Chris enjoys mixing the media that surrounded him as Art Director and Graphic Designer, as well as, as an Artist. Pens, markers, pencil, silver and gold ink, luminous colour, as well as the usual acrylic paints, all form part of his art materials. The artist believes that a strong, simple idea can outweigh a precise execution; which means the idea also drives the medium – and ideas are ultimately what he is passionate about. In terms of his style as a painter, Auret’s focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing and striking images, using colours and brushwork that often do not make naturalistic sense to the viewer, with the aim to engage the viewer’s imagination, allowing them to piece together the painting in their mind at first glance, and then upon further inspection, to get lost in the smaller details. Chris is currently based in Palma, Spain.

Christiaan Conradie

Christiaan Conradie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1984 and currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. He received an Art Direction and Design diploma from the Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic in 2007. Christiaan has recently held a solo exhibition at the Casa Verdi Gallery Space in Barcelona, Spain (2012). His works are housed in the collections of Jacques Le Bast (private art collector and patron of the arts), Ed Roland (lead vocalist of American rock band Collective Soul), Stef Bos (International Folk Singer and Poet) and Mike Joubert (Former MD Levi Strauss, Southern Africa).

Lara Feldman

‘I am intensely interested in the everyday, in what surrounds me, capturing fleeting moments and feelings in time and moving from figurative to non-figurative subject matter.’

Born in Cape Town, 1972, Lara currently lives and works in the city. After her decision to exit Michaelis in 1990, she entered the world of graphic and interior design but eventually decided to navigate her way towards painting again. It is here that she nurtures her expression.

Focusing on mood and color, she works primarily in oils. Lara’s work is housed in collections all over the world.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2018 – In Their Nature, a solo exhibition at Chandler House. 2017 – Trees Make Forests, a group exhibition at Salon91. 2016 – Oracle, a group exhibition at Salon91; Spirit of Irma, group exhibition at Irma Stern Museum; Space Between, group show at The Cape Town Jewish Museum; Under 18’s Only, at Association of Visual Arts; Cape Town Art Fair with Smith Studio. 2015 – Summer Salon, at Association of Visual Arts; Resonance of Wonder, a group exhibition at The Cape Town Jewish Museum; Sanlam Portrait 100 at Irma Stern Museum; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Golden Haze; group exhibition at Salon91. 2013 – Roadscapes, a solo exhibition at AVA Gallery; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91; Collections and Archives, group show at Salon91. 2012 – I’d Rather Be Swimming, a group exhibition at Salon91. 2011 – Figuring Difference, group show at Salon91. 2010 – Transition, Emergence & The Parts In Between, solo exhibition at Salon91. 2007 – Glimpses, solo exhibition at Gerard Cloete Gallery.


Mariëtte Bergh

“Images start off as energy that gain shape through words.”

Mariëtte Bergh is a quiet watcher, a voyeur of people in the mundanity of their everyday. The artist has only just recently relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Her works interrogate the strange fiction of the day to day through imaginary characters and animal metaphors. Hers is the realm of the seeming incompatibility of opposing thoughts: routine and change, conformity and rebellion, something and nothing, mundane and mystery, image and text.

Reverse-glass painting is Bergh’s favourite medium but she mixes this up with other materials such as oil and wood. Trained as a painter and illustrator, Bergh is fascinated by the potential of the doodle as a tool in her art-making. Music, poetry and writing are big inspirations for her observations of humanity. In that somewhere space between the picture and the word is the energy that shapes her production.

Schooled at the Johannesburg National School of the Arts and Vega, the Brand Communication School, Johannesburg, Bergh worked for some years as a graphic designer and art director before enjoying having the rug pulled out from under her feet when she moved back into fine art full-time. She relishes this change as her free-fall independence.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions:

2014 – Gravity at Salon 91, Cape Town. 2013 – Lovely Creatures at Culture Gallery, Cape Town; One In A Million at Salon 91, Cape Town, Cape Town Art Fair with Salon 91. 2012 – Bare Your Bones at Room, Johannesburg; The Art of Happiness at Upstairs@Bamboo, Johannesburg. 2010 – Swindle at Left, Johannesburg; We Don’t Belong at Left, Johannesburg; Life in a Picture at Rust en Vrede Gallery, Cape Town. 2005 – Ansisters at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.


Swain Hoogervorst

Swain Hoogervorst was born in Cape Town during 1988. Between 2007 and 2009 he studied Creative Brand Communications at Vega, the Brand Communication School, specialising in Visual Communication. The artist participated in Sketch Assembly, Cape Town (2010), Salon Locale, Collage Fashion Deli Group Show and Art Walk (all in Cape Town during 2011), and Skins at Everybody Loves Gallery as well as { Impression; Sunset } A New Collection of Contemporary Painters at Salon91 (Cape Town, 2012).

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