28.08 – 18.09.2013



Featuring: Bruce Mackay, Jean de Wet, Dale Lawrence & Mike Tymbios.

‘Former Mountains’ is an exhibition which is predominantly centered around the art & medium of drawing and to some extent print. The artists have been selected to exhibit together based on a strong narrative quality, which is common to their individual practices, as well as for a unique & highly individualistic quality of line which is both present & signature to each of their styles. The artists have each taken a unique approach to the subject of ‘Former Mountains’, some presenting a number of diverse interpretations of the theme which will be depicted as smaller individual series within their greater body of work, while the other exhibiting artists have taken a more singular approach, ranging from the very literal to far-off poetic & obscure expressions.




Artworks: Bruce Mackay


Artworks: Dale Lawrence


Artworks: Jean de Wet


Artworks: Mike Tymbios






14 – 31.03.2012



A Group Exhibition of Illustration


Featured Artists:

Mieke van der Merwe
Jean de Wet
Bruce Mackay
Linsey Levendall
Michael Tymbios


The works exhibited during the RADAR show at Salon91 include once-off originals as well as limited edition archival prints by each of the exceptionally talented & proudly local above-mentioned artists. Please enquire with the gallery about availability of works & ordering of prints…


Mieke van der Merwe Artworks: 


Jean de Wet Artworks:


Bruce Mackay Artworks:

Linsey Levendall Artworks:


Michael Tymbios Artworks:


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