05.04 – 13.05.2017

A solo exhibition by Kirsten Beets

Kirsten Beet’s latest exhibition embodies the fragmentary illustrations of a shifting memory, somewhere between the feeling of a hot, dry Cape Town without water and the preserved green kingdoms of the suburban and botanical garden. Throughout the exhibition her world is at constant play with the idea of illusion. She exposes the illusionary space of the picture plane and the illusionary ‘natural’ spaces of leisure that humans construct. This play with illusion comments on the larger interaction between humans and their environment.

The exhibition title, Mirage, keys us into this perspective. It refers to the appearance of water on a hot surface caused from the refraction of light by heated air. Hot and cool, dry and lush: water emerges as the defining apparition of the transfer between these states of experience. Water is a commodity, a human right, strikingly under threat with the current drought that has scorched the Western Cape. During a summer usually associated with leisure and pleasure, the preservation of this resource has been a constant reminder of the human need to become caretakers of our natural world.

The Artist has exhibited both locally and internationally. Her exhibitions include the Royal Academy of Arts, London, the Scuola Internationale di Grafi in Venice, Italy and the Cape Town and Johannesburg Art Fairs amongst others. Kirsten lives and works in Cape Town and completed her bachelor in Fine Arts and BPhil in illustration at the University of Stellenbosch. This is her third solo exhibition at Salon Ninety One.





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