Elle Decoration Issue 85 – Illustrator Mieke van der Merwe: jet.set.go



Mieke van der Merwe is an illustrator who wanders around the world, drawing as she goes. Since graduating from Stellenbosch in 2010, she’s tried to cover as much ground as possible, having walked her heels flat in Hong Kong, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam and Cambodia. One of the things she loves most about going walkabout is experiencing new things and recording them in her journal.





14 – 31.03.2012



A Group Exhibition of Illustration


Featured Artists:

Mieke van der Merwe
Jean de Wet
Bruce Mackay
Linsey Levendall
Michael Tymbios


The works exhibited during the RADAR show at Salon91 include once-off originals as well as limited edition archival prints by each of the exceptionally talented & proudly local above-mentioned artists. Please enquire with the gallery about availability of works & ordering of prints… info@salon91.co.za


Mieke van der Merwe Artworks: 


Jean de Wet Artworks:


Bruce Mackay Artworks:

Linsey Levendall Artworks:


Michael Tymbios Artworks:


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