02.12 - 23.12.2020

A solo exhibition of new paintings by Kirsten Beets

Salon Ninety One is proud to present Souvenirs from Another Summer; a solo exhibition by Kirsten Beets. This is the Artists' seventh solo show with our gallery.

This soft, dreamlike collection is expressed in ice cream colours which, at times, seem to melt into each other. Beets explores themes of summer, recreation, nature, and nostalgia. For this exhibition, the Artist has created compellingly beautiful scenes rendered in oil on board, paper, and linen. Beets' subject matter for Souvenirs from Another Summer includes swimmers, birds, ruined monuments, cats and big cats, beachgoers, artefacts, horses, butterflies, bunnies, snorkelers, and palm trees.

This summer collection is quintessentially Kirsten Beets; and demonstrates the artist's ongoing fascination with her much-loved characters, subject matters, the season of leisure, bright colours, growth, water, and sunshine.





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