18.01 – 11.02.2012

A solo exhibition by Tamsin Relly

From impressions of the Alberta tar sands to oil rigs, warfare to Wall Street and nostalgic park scenes, Tamsin Relly’s recent etchings explore the relationships between political and economic power structures, every day life and the exploitation of the planet.

Relly’s work reflects on this current time when contemporary global culture is becoming increasingly destabilized and unhinged. Unprecedented ecological devastation and heightened economic and social uncertainty demonstrate that a civilization driven by excessive consumption and greed is struggling to hold.

While drawing from her personal archive and the media, Relly embraces the unpredictable and accidental in printmaking, to present snapshots of urban and natural environments that hint at dissolve and degeneration, thus destabilizing conditioned perceptions of certainty, permanence and progress.

Tamsin Relly is a visual artist working in a variety of media; including paint, print, installation and social intervention. Practicing since 1999, Tamsin has exhibited widely and her work is included in private and corporate collections, locally and abroad, including VISA, Tokara and Hollard in South Africa. Born in Cape Town in 1981, Tamsin relocated to London in 2009 and completed her Masters In Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2011. Relly has participated in a number of exhibitions, including ‘If you let yourself love a wild thing’ a large-scale charity group show (December 2011) & ‘The Center Cannot Hold’ (January 2012) a solo exhibition, at Salon91 in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work was shortlisted for the 2011 Clifford Chance Award for Postgraduate Printmaking in London.

MEDIUM: Etching.



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