26.04 – 26.05.2012

A debut solo exhibition of paintings by Paul Senyol

In his much-anticipated first official solo exhibition opening this April, artist, Paul Senyol will be showcasing a collection of new paintings on paper, entitled The Man of Dust at Salon91 in Cape Town.

This body of work will explore our shared experience of the human condition in relation to the phrase:

“And as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly man.”

The works will seemingly speak to one another, revealing parallels between ‘the man of dust’ and ‘the heavenly man’ and contrasts between the very things that make us on the one hand, beautiful creations and on the other, wounded beings. Senyol’s carefully-considered concepts, intricate thoughts, and everyday observations will be translated into shapes, lines and forms, creating his signature compositions that reveal something of life, nature, honesty and faith. His unique abstract style with its roots in Street Art, and inspired by great artists like Basquiat and Miró, remains open-ended, expressed through a visual language, which may be universally understood. In collaboration with Salon91 Senyol will also be publishing a highly collectable book that will catalog and form part of the exhibition and showcase the creative processes, drafts and thoughts behind the finished artworks.

MEDIUM: Abstract, mixed media paintings on paper.




Man of Dust and Artist’s Book:

Limited Edition Artist’s Book by Paul Senyol – signed and numbered with customized sleeve. Only a few copies remain! The book, titled “The Man of Dust” was produced by Salon91 and Paul Senyol, and designed by Candice Jezek and Paul Senyol during 2012. The book was launched along with the exhibition by the same name during April of 2012.


Opening Night:

Photos by Tiaan van Deventer


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