Pierre le Riche 

“Art should leave you with questions rather than answers.” Pierre le Riche’s practice questions what it means to be a gay white South African male in post-apartheid South Africa. His main concern revolves around the inherent hegemonies of masculinity, patriarchy and heteronormativity in the Afrikaner community, where he has been confronted with issues surrounding gender conformity all his life. He attempts to subvert these ideas through the use of traditional craft techniques in his work in order to create awareness around the problematic nature of heteronormativity in various subcultures. In light of these concerns, the artist has keenly been investigating the controversial ‘SCOPE’ magazine, a historic South African publication known for having risqué content and being banned by the apartheid government. Translating images of the magazine from pixels to stitches allows him to strip them from their original intent, effectively emasculating, desexualising and distorting the content. Le Riche is currently enrolled for a MFA at Michaelis School of Fine Art.

Selected Projects & Exhibitions: 2016 – Oracle, an end-of-year group exhibition, Salon91; Colour Complex, a solo exhibition at Salon91; Turbine Art Fair with Salon91; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2015 – Top 100 exhibition, Sanlam Portrait Award; Cape Town Art Fair with Salon91. 2014 – Odd Traditions at Salon91; What’s Going On at The Lovell Gallery, Cape Town; Fresh Produce at the Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg; Artist-in-residence, Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijarvi, Finland; Winner of the Vuleka visual arts competition, Artb Gallery, Cape Town. 2013 – Finalist exhibition Absa L’Atelier Competition at ABSA Art Gallery, Johannesburg; Op Hierdie Rots on outoftheCUBE online platform.

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