25.02 – 05.2016

08Mareli Esterhuizen

A solo exhibition of photography by Mareli Esterhuizen at Field Office, The Neighbourhood Edition, Woodstock in association with Salon Ninety One.

Artist statement:
‘Waiting for’ is a personal journey embracing the themes of trust, expectancy and timing. Waiting is an active process that relies on perfect timing, as well as having faith and a sense of expectancy in those seasons that may seem dead or best forgotten. Cultivating hope and perseverance in uncertain circumstances, without striving – is what makes one come alive.

I work quite intuitively, always trying to be truthful and sensitive to the subject matter. I enjoy juxtaposing elements which are out of their context together; and the tension that this creates. I also love the awkwardness that springs out of the imposed relationship between these objects. My style changes often and am a firm believer of spontaneity and following your intuition.

In the words of Li Hui: ‘Always experiment’.

Artist Profile:
Mareli was born in Cape Town and moved to the Eastern Cape at the age of 8. She studied photography at the NMMU and graduated with a B-Tech Degree in 2003. Her first solo show was held at Dirt Contemporary in Cape Town in 2004 as part of a residency programme. Since then she has been part of numerous group-exhibitions in Cape Town and abroad, including Sasol New Signatures and a digital display at the Louvre, Paris. The artist is currently living and working in Cape Town, working as Visual Manager at Chapel, running a part-time photographic school called School of Light while working on her personal body of work.



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