22.09 - 23.10.2021

A solo exhibition by Amber Moir

Salon 91 presents Composition by field, a solo exhibition of new works by Amber Moir. Known for her unconventional approach to printing large-scale watercolour monotypes with a pitch-roller, Moir’s latest body of work introduces pencil drawings, watercolour paintings, and the tactile tearing and reassembling of existing pieces.

In her first solo exhibition, In Praise of Shadows, Moir used text as a departure point for exploring fiction, space, materiality, and the role of the indistinct. Her second solo exhibition, Along the Line, deviated from narrative, exploring the notion of boundaries, as both external and self-imposed, through experimental techniques and isolating formal elements from one another.

Composition by field continues to investigate the relationship between abstract form, content and meaning. The show draws from Charles Olson’s manifesto Projective Verse, finding conceptual parallels between the structure of language and the arrangement of elements in visual work. How the pieces are situated in relation to one another and empty space, their method of display and the use of various mediums are all considered formal elements in the ‘visual syntax’ of the show. Moir’s latest works range broadly and deflect simple categorisation. Painting, drawing, textile and printmaking sensibilities are all evident, revealing both an adherence to and rejection of these methods.





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