01 – 26.11.2012


A solo exhibition by Frank van Reenen

Curated by Monique du Preez & Candice Ježek


About ‘Happy Ending’ & Frank van Reenen

‘Happy Ending’ sees Frank van Reenen return to Salon91 for his second solo show at the gallery to date. Expect to see a fresh collection of all-new sculptures & paintings rendered in his signature style – iconic, wacky, inventive, humorous, cute & twisted as ever, but on a whole other level. Frank van Reenen at his best!

Frank van Reenen is a renowned contemporary South African artist specializing in the fields of animation, painting and sculpture. His work draws inspiration from a multitude of subjects ranging from toys, pop culture, anime, suburbia, everyday life in SA, to his loyal sidekick Truman, a French Bulldog, who accompanies the artist to his studio and pretty much everywhere else. Van Reenen’s art is characterized by its playfulness, subtle dark humour, candy-coloured appearance, consistently slick presentation & skillful depiction. He works predominantly in enamel on resin and oil on canvas, producing works that range from the diminutive to the gigantic. Frank has exhibited extensively both locally and internationally, therefore earning his works a place in some major local and foreign contemporary art collections. His exhibitions at Salon91 include Lucky Packet (Solo exhibition; November 2009), The Cute Show (Group exhibition; February 2010), Coppertone (Group exhibition; December 2010), & If you let yourself love a wild thing (Group exhibition; December 2011), to mention but a few. The artist is currently based in Cape Town, and works from his studio in Observatory.


Preview: Artworks



“Being Frank” – blog post by Jacki Curates:




Article: Die Burger – Frank van Reenen
Friday, 2 November 2012



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