Pink Moon

A solo exhibition by Carla Kreuser at Field Office (in association with Salon Ninety One)

A collection of monotypes, drawings and watercolours that nod to Nick Drake’s paired-down folk album, ‘Pink Moon’, and to the first full moonafter the pink moss flowers start to bloom. To the colourful Victorian houses and to the characters that dot the streets of Woodstock. To the Zonne-, the Lelie- and the Roodebloem. To the wildflowers sneaking through cracks in old Papendorp’s sidewalks. To the human and the human-made. After a long winter, we are all waiting for spring to arrive. Pink moon is on its way.

ABOUT THE ARTIST | Carla Kreuser is an illustrator and graphic designer, with a penchant for horror movies and hand-binding her own illustrated books. Raised in Pretoria, she currently lives closer to the sea in Cape Town, where she works as a Creative Director at The Jupiter Drawing Room. In her spare time, she fills her sketchbooks by exploring the city on foot and people-watching.


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