Pink Moon

A solo exhibition by Carla Kreuser at Field Office (in association with Salon Ninety One)

A collection of monotypes, drawings and watercolours that nod to Nick Drake’s paired-down folk album, ‘Pink Moon’, and to the first full moonafter the pink moss flowers start to bloom. To the colourful Victorian houses and to the characters that dot the streets of Woodstock. To the Zonne-, the Lelie- and the Roodebloem. To the wildflowers sneaking through cracks in old Papendorp’s sidewalks. To the human and the human-made. After a long winter, we are all waiting for spring to arrive. Pink moon is on its way.

ABOUT THE ARTIST | Carla Kreuser is an illustrator and graphic designer, with a penchant for horror movies and hand-binding her own illustrated books. Raised in Pretoria, she currently lives closer to the sea in Cape Town, where she works as a Creative Director at The Jupiter Drawing Room. In her spare time, she fills her sketchbooks by exploring the city on foot and people-watching.





A solo photographic exhibition by Naima Sebe presented by SALON NINETY ONE in association with Field Office.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born to a Venda father and a German mother, my name is Naima Maleika Sebe. I entered life in the heart of Berlin, yet learnt about it in Woodstock, studied at the University of Cape Town and in NYC at Barnard College of Columbia University. A few years ago I discovered my father’s forgotten Olympus OM camera in the attic and immediately fell in love with this slow form of photography. Since then my analog camera has accompanied me on many trips around the world. I have found myself being more engaged in the present moment as I catch sight of all beautiful images around me and have gained more confidence about which of these frames in life I would like to immortalise.

“The Secret Lies Within” is based on my explorations through Turkey in 2015 which lead to many unexpected discoveries. A special thanks to Fadime Erdem for accompanying me on my trip through Turkey and showing me many places I would not have been able to see without her.



25.02 – 05.2016

08Mareli Esterhuizen

A solo exhibition of photography by Mareli Esterhuizen at Field Office, The Neighbourhood Edition, Woodstock in association with Salon Ninety One.

Artist statement:
‘Waiting for’ is a personal journey embracing the themes of trust, expectancy and timing. Waiting is an active process that relies on perfect timing, as well as having faith and a sense of expectancy in those seasons that may seem dead or best forgotten. Cultivating hope and perseverance in uncertain circumstances, without striving – is what makes one come alive.

I work quite intuitively, always trying to be truthful and sensitive to the subject matter. I enjoy juxtaposing elements which are out of their context together; and the tension that this creates. I also love the awkwardness that springs out of the imposed relationship between these objects. My style changes often and am a firm believer of spontaneity and following your intuition.

In the words of Li Hui: ‘Always experiment’.

Artist Profile:
Mareli was born in Cape Town and moved to the Eastern Cape at the age of 8. She studied photography at the NMMU and graduated with a B-Tech Degree in 2003. Her first solo show was held at Dirt Contemporary in Cape Town in 2004 as part of a residency programme. Since then she has been part of numerous group-exhibitions in Cape Town and abroad, including Sasol New Signatures and a digital display at the Louvre, Paris. The artist is currently living and working in Cape Town, working as Visual Manager at Chapel, running a part-time photographic school called School of Light while working on her personal body of work.



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