01.07 - 01.08.2020

A Solo exhibition by Paul Senyol

Memorial, a solo exhibition by Paul Senyol, is a contemplation on the nature of remembrance and how we mark the passing of important events. Memorials function in two spaces. Memorials can occupy physical spaces and serve to focus collective memories with regard to an important event or persons. However, memorials can also live in the collective consciousness and the act of remembering becomes a memorial in and of itself. For this exhibition, Senyol was inspired by the idea of creating works which reflect memorials that are somewhat permanent in nature; something which is used to mark a period in time, a point of departure for exploring how the past influences the present, a way to focus reflections, and that memories are always influenced by historical context. The artist has used each piece as a memorial, which reflects events and people both obscure and commonplace. Each new work created has its roots in the work that came before; thus creating an unbroken lineage flowing into the past. The works invite the viewer to contemplate the significance of what is being memorialized in spray-paint, crayon, ink, marker, and acrylic. And thus, in turn creating a subconscious memorial in our shared memories.



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